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Jun Nagase

Weapons - The 40mm Grenade

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The 40mm Launched Grenade

The 40mm GL-Launched Grenade has long been an important support tool for the standard infantryman, allowing even standard infantry to accurately saturate an area with explosives well beyond the thrown grenade's range, and accurately place explosives through doorways and windows from a safe distance without the need for heavy special equipment.

All 40mm Grenades with explosive potential has an arming range set so the round will not detonate if it's within the danger zone of the operator.






'Mercury' Extended Range HEDP Round


The 'Mercury' 40mm Round is the modern choice of high-explosive fragmentation anti-personnel grenades. Compared to the older M433 Round, the Mercury round boasts better range and marginally increased explosive capability, as well as a more preferable fragmentation pattern.

Range: 600m

Penetration: 65mm Hardened Steel



'Hellhound' 40mm HEDP Round


The 'Hellhound' 40mm Round is the modern choice of urban-warfare breaching rounds. Specially designed to be able to penetrate doors and thin walls, the Hellhound round is the round of choice for infantry placed in urban environments while retaining the range of the 'Mercury' round with only marginally decreased explosive and fragmentation capability. It is possible to enable a fusing mechanism on the Hellhound round so it will detonate 1-1.5m after penetrating a wall. It also features a system to detect if it has penetrated a surface, so it wont detonate in the users face if it fails to penetrate.

Range: 600m

Penetration: 90mm Hardened Steel



M430A1 High-Velocity HEDP Round


The M430A1 High-Velocity HEDP Round is the round of choice for armored targets. Designed specifically to penetrate thin armor, the M430A1 is commonly used to disable armored vehicles such as APCs, MRAPs, trucks and other light vehicles. Boasting an increased velocity at the expense of increased recoil, the M430A1 is the round of choice for longer engagements as well as for use as breaching rounds through thicker walls and doors, at the expense of a significantly reduced explosive and fragmentation capability compared to the Hellhound round. Should the grenade itself fail to penetrate, the HEAT-like aspect of the penetration will likely still cause minor damage.

Range: 850m

Penetration: 100mm(Grenade) 125-135mm(Superheated Jet) Hardened Steel



M433 HEDP Round


The M433 is an older, cheaper HEDP round. It boasts shorter range and a lesser explosive and fragmentation capability compared to the modern Mercury and Hellhound rounds. It is often found in the hands of Separatists and other self-defense forces that can't afford fully modern equipment. They are frequently also used by the Mobile Infantry in live-fire training sessions to spare on the modern rounds.

Range: 400-450m

Penetration: 50mm Hardened Steel



M918 Practice Round


The M918 Practice Round is, as named, a practice round designed to mimic the characteristics of the modern Hellhound and Mercury rounds. Upon impact, the round will emit a visible flash and puff a small amount of blue paint around the impact site, allowing for accuracy training. M918A1 and A2 variants exists that mimic the breaching capabilities of the Hellhound and M430A1 rounds, puffing larger amounts of paint to demonstrate the fragmentation patterns.

Range: 600-850m

Penetration: 4mm(A0) - 65mm(A1) - 90mm(A2) Hardened Steel



M295 Buckshot Round


The M295 Buckshot round is a round designed for CQC operations, allowing the 40mm Grenade Launcher to effectively turn into an overpowered shotgun. The increased size of the pellets and increased charge load allows it to penetrate the chitin of warrior arachnids at relatively close range.

Range: 20m

Penetration: 21-34mm Hardened Steel



M713-717 Smoke Shell


The M713-717 rounds are standard colored smoke shells for use in marking an area or providing concealment in the form of smoke screens. It is also usable as signal shells if fired directly up into the sky, upon which the shell will begin emitting smoke prior to reaching it's peak and thusly providing a visible tower of smoke in the sky up to 300m. It will then fall to the ground and mark the ground as normal.

M713 = Red Smoke
M714 = White Smoke
M715 = Green Smoke
M716 = Yellow Smoke

M717 = Blue Smoke

Range: 400m

Penetration: 4mm Hardened Steel



M583A1 Illumination Shell


The M583A1 is a parachuted illumination shell used to light up a significant area at night, or alternatively for use in ground marking, providing a minimum of 70,000 candle power. It comes in white, red, green, blue and yellow coloring. It is known to also be used in flare tripwire traps to illuminate the target that trips the wire, commonly split up into color-coded areas so the defending side knows the general area of the flare based on the color of the flare.

Range: 400m

Penetration: 2mm Hardened Steel




The 'ORACLE' parachuted IR Illumination shell is a rarer shell to see being used, generally used during campaigns or during night-operations. The 'ORACLE' IR shell provides 26 watts/steridan minimum with less than 300 candle power of visible light. This provides with Infra-Red illumination, allowing the user to illuminate an area in night-vision without immediately alerting an unsuspecting force, and denying any force lacking night-vision the illumination. It can also be used to discretely mark areas or as a more discrete signalling flare.

Range: 450m

Penetration: 2mm Hardened Steel



(RP Section)

If you are using a specific round such as breaching or illumination etc., /report which round you are using and await admin response.

Breaching rounds that penetrate will detonate as a standard 40mm grenade on the other side, ones that fail to penetrate will simply 'thud' into the surface and harmlessly drop to the ground.

The M430A1 can penetrate some parts of marauder armor, however it's most likely that only the superheated jet will penetrate rather than the entire grenade itself, thus only relatively minor damage may occur to the user inside, depending on where it hits. If the grenade hits a weak or unarmored part of the marauder, it may penetrate and detonate, removing a limb if it's a limb that's hit.

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On 10/8/2018 at 7:42 PM, Coleision said:

This post obviously went more in depth with the 10 different kinds of rounds, compared to just the 2 listed in yours. Both are fine, and I see nothing to 😐 at here.

Funny thing is I sent him alot more Than two rounds

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