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Jun Nagase

Weapons - The 3GL

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FedCom SW-420 'Triple GL'

The dedicated 3GL launcher is a handheld 3-shot grenade launcher created to improve a standard trooper's ability to rain light explosives on enemies at range.

It can fit all standard 40mm Grenades, minus the buckshot shells, and fires them by sending an electric charge to the front-most grenade currently loaded, allowing it to fire the 3 grenades individually.

It functions as a Secondary for explosives specialists to work alongside a Morita Carbine or SMG.

It also features an extendable stock with a soft buttpad to soften the felt recoil.


How to Use

To use the 3GL, simply flick off the safety and check the small light on the top of the weapon, on the small cutout between the stock and the weapon itself. If the light is on, it is charged and ready to fire. If it is off, take hand of the charging handle on the left-hand side of the weapon and pull back fully. This will charge the small battery in the weapon and allow it to send an electric current to the 40mm Grenade, readying it to fire.

The 3GL performs identically to any standard 40mm Grenade Launcher, such as the UGL found on the Morita Mark 1, in terms of grenade characteristics.

Reloading consists of unlocking the tube and rotating it so that the back of the tube is accessible and sliding up to three 40mm Grenades into the tube, then closing it,



The 3GL was initially developed by FedCom to be a replacement for the standard Morita UGL, however it proved to be too bulky and difficult to effectively integrate into the rifle and was subsequently redesigned as a stand-alone compact multiple-grenade launcher for use as a secondary to increase the explosive capability of a squad. It was designed to be able to swiftly fire three standard 40mm Grenades to saturate an area and break up and stun groups of arachnids to increase the survival chances in unfavorable scenarios.

It was decided that the weapon should be completely battery-less in the sense that batteries would never be a necessary carry equipment for the trooper, instead a charging handle on the left-hand side of the weapon was connected to a small electricity generator and a very small battery, capable of holding enough charge to discharge a single 40mm Grenade. After each shot, it is required to charge the charging handle, however it was placed so that the user could quickly charge the handle after each shot to maximize the firerate.

After initial testing as a stand-alone dedicated 3GL secondary, the Mobile Infantry looked favorably upon it and took it into official adoption.

However, the effectiveness against groups of arachnids in the field was found to be less than satisfactory by front-line troopers and it fell out of favor. Popularity has since increased in its use against less well-armored targets, such as humanoid targets or weaker arachnid castes, or for use against single arachnids such as Tankers or smaller Royals.



Action: Electric-pulse operated.
Weight: 3.27 Kilograms (7.2 lb) unloaded.
Length: 485mm - 590mm (19.09 Inches - 23.22 Inches)
Barrel Length: 420mm (16.53 Inches)
Cartridge: 40mm Grenade
Feed System: 3 Round electrically fired tube.

Accuracy: 25m spread at 400m
Muzzle Velocity: Grenade Type Dependant
Effective Range: 400m - 850m


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