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Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker

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Current Faceclaim


"No one Lives forever, But we make a living while we do."


Portrait of Thacker on her new homeworld of Genevia. Wearing her business suit and her beloved Military Great Coat painted by a Genevian Painter

Voice Claim



Thacker Laughing









Passive Theme


Passive Theme #2





Combat Theme




Combat  Theme #2


Old Face Claims


Related image

Annabelle After getting married



(Edited by Witty: Stop stealing chars from Hell on Wheels u niglet) Bohannon- I DID NO SUCH THINGS only stole the hot blonde actor







If you truly believe that to be your best option, without burning bridges. And Treat everyone with respect, even if they didn't do the same for you and your friends. Just be happy. Too much dram in such a small place. Names will alwayys come back. And you don't want to keep making enemies when time heals most wounds. Just be happy with yourself. - Unknown ( @Tonic Thanks for the inspiration T)


Cowards hide behind masks, don't hide behind that balaclava cause it wont protect you at all. Oh really? Well I'd prefer my enemy to see the blood lust in my eyes when I bash his brains in with a rock or pierce him with my bayonet. Also pink is fucking bitch gay color to bring into combat you fucking idiot, you stand out like a sore thumb up in a orgy. ---- To Some Recruit

The fuck do you mean I can't put a bayonet on my morita? Chesty Puller would be ashamed of you, This is why duct tape was fucking invented, BOOM! See 16 inch bayonet duct taped on. Fine then I'll just pick up a weapon and beat the bitch to death with his own weapon. ---- To a MI 2nd Lieutenant

So you gave us orders to burn a field but get pissy when I dropped a incendiary grenade in the field? Oh a couple of farm animals were there? Oh I see, acceptable casualties, don't send MI down if you don't want un-needed casualties, in fact the animals should have gotten out of the way. Bring a lighter next. Fuck you! You bring a lighter. Learn how to dress yerself so it doesn't looke like you got a erection for trooper you see!  ---- About a Engineering Lieutenant.

Retreat? Attack? Bitch make up your fucking mind! Staff Sergeant why do you promote fucking retards? That is some dumb shit!  --- To a Staff Sergeant about a Corporal who gave six different conflicting orders in one sentence. 

Urah? What the fuck? We aren't communist Soviet Union. Dah urah vodka da da da da. Bitch its Ooah or if you're in the Marine Corps is Orah. Dumbass. - To some private

I'm gonna get my ass kicked? Oh really? Watch this. How many wins is that? 3 oh five? Shit, Sergeant Major Matene can I get my trophy now? The fuck? He is never around though, fuck. I still won, give me that five grand bitch. - (I'll insert that name later)


General Information

First Name: Annabelle

Middle Name: Karissa

Maiden Name: Bohannon

Surname: Thacker
Nickname: Hard Knoxx

Alias: Thack Attack

Date of Birth: August 27th


Place of Birth: Lauderdale Country, Meridian, Mississippi

Known Languages: German and French, Genevian

Relationship Status: Not single

Martial Status: Married


Physical Information 

Weight: 160

Blood Type: O

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair color:Blonde

Hair Type: Curly

Hair Style: Bun

Hair Length: Kept at exact regulation

Hair Texture:
Eye color:Blue

Eye Scarring: Right eye is veiny, red and bloodshot.

Breast Size(if applicable): DD

Muscle Build: Athletic Mesomorphic

Body Build: Pear

Draw/Accent: Thick Southern Twang

Dominant Hand: Left

Scent/Body Smell: smells of gunpowder and sulfur though sometimes the smell of burnt flesh lingers.

Muscle Build: Mesomorphic
Build: Pear (http://shopyourshape.com/body-shapes/)

Drawl/Accent: Southern Twang with a Mississippian dialect 

Scars: Fourth degree burn scarring on the right side of face.scar on the right side of her forehead that runs diagonal down to her nose past lips stopping at her chin. 204 lashing scars on back.



Right Inner Bicep

"I will Always place the mission first,I Will never accept defeat,I will never quit,I will never leave a fallen comrade".


Back of Right Hand

On the back of her right hand has the POW-MIA picture.


Mental Information 


|--Psychological Status--|

Insane<|---------|---------|---------|> Sane

Psychological Directive:


Physical Directive:

Mental Illnesses: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Phobias: None

Physical Disabilities: quadruple amputee. Artificial Limbs

Habits: Grinding her Teeth, Gritting her Teeth

Favorite Color: Black and White

Favorite Item: Bible, Rosary Beads, Engagement ring, wedding band

Favorite Beverage: Coca cola

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Whiskey


Favorite Taste:

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Place: The germanic hills of Genevia

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Plant/Flower: Edelweiss

Favorite Book: Art of War

Favorite Rifle:

Favorite Sidearm: 

Favorite Knife: Bowie Knife

Favorite Animal(s): Freesian Horse

Favorite Movie Genre: War

Favorite Music Genre: Country, Rap

Favorite Sport: Jump Ball



Preferred Learning Method: Hands on

Academic Interests:

Artistic Interests: Drawing and writing

Athletic Interests: Jump ball

Key Personality Traits:






Pre-enlistment Background/BackStory


High School Education: High School Deploma EMT and Firefighter Certifications
High School GPA: 3.0
College Education (if applicable):N/A
Extracurricular: Local Career Center-EMT,Firefighter
Criminal Record:Drunk in Public-Fine PAID

Summary of Pre-enlistment Life:


Annabelle was born in Lauderdale County, Meridian Mississippi she grew up with her four brothers and one sister, they struggled in there younger years. Her mother was a politician, her father a Colonel in the Mobile infantry. there farm wasn't producing enough Milk, Pork, Eggs Cotton and Tobacco and farm help was expensive. Annabelle,her brothers and sister stepped up to the plate she learned the ropes and eventually they got the farm back up and going and once there father returned home and retired the farm was doing extremely well. She met her friends Missy, Keith Rebel, Kyle White, And Jaquon Neely when they were in elementary school and remained close friends through out there civilian life.


Early Adult Life


High School Graduation


"Before we begin calling names. The staff at Meridian high school would like to take a moment to recognize some young men and women who have enlisted in Federal Service. Those whose names are called please remain standing. In the Mobile Infantry Annabelle Bohannon as a combat medic, her brother Cullen Bohannon as a rifleman, Roger Williams as a Designated Marksman, Caroline Dixie as Radio Telephone operator, Kyle White as a flame trooper. Jack Rogers,Military Police. Jack Harlock, Fleet Marine Corps. We'd also like to welcome graduates from years prior, Senior chief Petty Officer Jon Paul Bohannon and his co-Pilot Chief Petty officer Willie Williams, Gunnery Sergeant Keith Rebel. And two graudates whom are our special guest today; Retired MI Colonel, Ambrose Bohannon and his wife retired Fleet Captain turned councilwoman, Dixie Bohannon."


*A picture of Annabelle in her cap and gown with the tassle turned to the left. A white cloth ribbon around her neck, and some rope tassles, she stand next inbetween her father and mother with her friends and family around her.* 


high school Anna was more of the volunteer type she didn't want to create art or play sports though she did play Jump ball in high school, but she was in a program for troubled youth called Five Star which she helped troubled Middle school students, during high school she also went to the MACC Meridian Area Carreer Center where she studied and became an EMT and Firefighter with her siblings. soon the Federation came a calling to them and they heard there brother Jon Paul convinced them to join up. Anna and her siblings thought they would fight and die together but they were all sent there seperate ways. Anna was sent to the 243rd Alpha company for a while before the death of her brother Cullen when he fell atop of a grenade. She was transfered to a couple more units like the 88th before she ended up in the 112th, where she met her loving husband Ethan Thacker who she married happily.


Next Of Kin



Relation: Mother

Name: Dixie Bohannon

Age: 67

Occupation: Retired Fleet Captain,Council Member

Status: Deceased


Relation: Father

Name: Ambrose Bohannon

Age: 68

Occupation: Mobile Infantry Colonel

Status: Alive



Relation: Twin Brother

Name: Cullen

Age: 34

Occupation: Infantry man

Status: Deceased


Relation: Older Brother

Name: Jon Paul

Age: 36

Occupation: Unknown

Status: Alive


Relation: Youngest Brother

Name:  Ulysses

Age: 23

Occupation: Pathfinder

Status: Alive


Relation: Older Brother

Name: Johnny C.

Age: 25

Occupation: Fleet Marine Corps.

Status: Deceased


Relation: Older Sister

Name: Patty Mae

Age: 25

Occupation: Fleet Marine Corps.

Status: Deceased


Relation: Sister in-law

Name: Katie Bohannon

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Retired Fleet Captain

Status: Alive


Relation: Husband

Name: Ethan Thacker

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Mobile Infantry

Status: Alive


Relation: Adopted son

Name: Frankie Thacker

Age: 10

Occupation: N/a

Status: Alive


Relation: Adopted son

Name: Graham Thacker


Occupation: N/A

Status: Alive


Relation: Adopted daughter

Name: Annabella Thacker

Age: 14

Occupation: N/A

Status: Alive


Relation: Adopted Daughter

Name: Sabine Thacker

Age: 8

Occupation: N/A

Status: Alive



Armed Services Career

Serial Number: MI 48-59

Branches Served in: Mobile Infantry, Fleet

Current Unit/Assignment: A. Company, 112th Battalion UCF-ACF-BC-291 'Ulysses S. Grant' 

Previous Unit(s):

Alpha Company,112th Battalion,34th Morita Rifles,4th Mobile Infantry Division

243rd Battalion, Alpha company, 64th Heavy Weapons Infantry Regiment,7th Mechanized Mobile Infantry Division 

Current Detachment: N/A

Previous Detachment(s): 1st Medical Brigade 182nd Detachment,1st Combat Engineer Corps. 182nd Detachment

Promotion/Demotion Record: Rct>Pvt>Pfc>3Spc>Pfc>Pvt>3Spc>2Spc>3Spc>2Spc>Pfc>Cdt>Cm>Pfc>Spc

Criminal Record: Drunkeness - Punished (Article 134), Insurbodination

Age of Enlistment: 17

Total Drops: 100+

Total Deployments: Unknown

Wounds Recieved in Duty: Unknown

Military Education



Boot Camp - Passed
Combat Medic School - Passed
Combat Engineer School - Passed
Sapper Course - Passed Munitions Course - Passed 

Armorer Training - Passed

Survival Training - Passed

Explosives Training - Passed

Camouflage Training - Passed 

Hand to Hand Combat Training - Passed

Land Navigation Training - Passed

CT Training - Passed

Breach and Clear Training - Passed



Specializations and Certifications 





TW-201 Mark I Rifle

TW-201 Mark I Carbine

TW-201 Mark I SAW

TW-201 Mark I Grenade Launcher

XW-110-G1 Morita Underslung Grenade Launcher

TW-201 Mark I Designated Marksman Rifle

TW-99-S 'Belcher' AutoShotgun

SW-226-F 'Hel' Flamer





Mobile Infantry Veteran Ribbon


Good Conduct Ribbon


Purple Heart one Gold Star


Combat Medic


Engineering Ribbon


Communications Ribbon


Citizenship Ribbon


General Specialization Ribbon


Federal Defense Medal


Colony Protectorate Ribbon


Reservist Ribbon


Prisoner of War POW Ribbon




Joint Service 










Operation Breadbasket


Operation Moros


Operation Restoring Hope


Operation Omega









Distinguished Service Medal









Medical History

Mental Illnesses: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Under control

Phobias: Atychiphobia (The fear of messing up), Thanatophobia (Fear of losing loved ones)Rigarcphobia (Fear of Colonel Rigarc)

Psychical Disabilities: Biotech BV Leg, CV Arm. 

Medical file


Right shoulder|GSW|AAR:7.62x56MM 
Right shoulder|GSW|AAR:Shotgun slug at close range-Was working on a wounded trooper when a Seperatist walked up, she charged him, and he shot her she tried to continue to work on the trooper before an engineer gave her morphine.
Died and was brought back to life by the medical team.
Right Shoulder|Stab Wound|Knife|AAR:Sep ran crazy through the forest looking for medics to stab this one was unlucky.
Torso: left side of ribcage bruised in three places in the same approximate area 
Right thigh large gash down it
Left Leg- Large Slash down it
Left Wrist Bone|Broken|Date:May 7th 2297|AAR:Sparring with another trooper
Left Hand|Bones behind the knuckles|Broken|Date:May 7th 2297|Treatment:Biogel Cast|AAR:Sparring with another trooper
Left Leg|Bone|Femur|Fractured|Date of wound: May 7th 2297| Treatment:Biogel Cast |AAR:Was punted by a royal about nine or ten meters.
Right Leg|Bone|Femur|Fractured|Date of wound May 7th 2297 |Treatment: Biogel Cast|AAR:Was punted by a royal about nine or ten meters.
Stomach|Shrapnel|Date of wound:May 10th 2297|AAR:Chunk of shrapnel in her stomach gut area she was putting a metal rod down a AA gun when the ammunition cooked-off the gun exploding shrapnel every where sending one big piece into her gut.
May 17th 2297 shot by a sniper in the lower back it went through an blew out her gut.
May 21st 2297 bug talon to her face right cheek an ripped it off 
May 21st 2297 left hand middle and pinky finger sliced off

August Trench Foot on left foot

August Trench foot turned into Gangrene

September Plasma shot from Protenginer weapon hit in the face

 October 1st Knife to lower thigh dragged to pelvis

October 1st 2297 GSW to left arm bicep mangled

October 1st 2297 Flatlined revived in boat

October 1st 2297 Left arm amputated to save Patient 

October 21st Right Lung - Hemothorax

Surgery File


May 17th 2297 surgery on her intestines and gut and lower back
May 21st 2297 Skin graft on her right cheek

August Left leg amputated due to Trench Foot that turned into Gangrene

Septemeber Skin graft on right side of face to cover burns from plasma

October 22nd Lung lobe removed new lobe inserted.



Relations: Loved/Love|Admired/Respect|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquintence|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

Ethan Thacker



I helped save his life after he took a bullet to the lung, I won't let this get between my duties. I love this man he proposed to me in England after saving me and getting hit by a car I can't wait till we can start a family The Love of my life I'm glad I married you but until I get out we cannot be together

My love, I'm sorry I couldn't bear children, I know you and Michelle have been fucking and she is pregnant but that is fine, You've made your choice and soon I will be making mine, I hope you and her have a good life together, I'll be fighting till my last breath until I can't no more. I love you Ethan but I've already signed the divorce papers, I've made my choice, I' mgoing to be transfering to Military Intel or Mobile Infantry soon and that won't leave room for us to repair our broken marriage. Goodbye, love.

I Don't even know where my own husband is anymore.


Franco Sorrentino 



A man who I've been through hell and back, one I'd gladly lay my life down for, as my brother did. You've been everywhere man and I admire you for that.





Jackie Knoxx


You've changed and maybe not for the better, grow up already. You made a promise to me and Redbrick, Redbrick is gone now and you've broken both promises, now its up to you. I won't be there to help you anymore, its clear that you don't want to help yourself, never blame anyone else ever again in my presense, you have no one to blame but yerself, someone pisses you off? Big fucking whoop welcome to the MI -Trooper- you control your own actions not them stop being childish and don't be joking about killing yerself. I almost did when I returned home, because I refused to get help so I drank and became a alcoholic and almost began a druggy, before I actually got help. So either get help or fix yourself stop moping around you look like shit.


Valerie Faust



You must hate me and thats okay I would hate me too for just up and leaving like that and for it I'm sorry, please find it in your heart to forgive me.




Haleem bint al-Attar



This one, Muslim decent from what I can tell via her accent. Shes a Medic, The few and crimson, too literate, attempted to correct me and say that Crimson wasn't a red but a type of red, should think back at that for a second, no difference between it being a red and a type. nonetheless I do not know her very well  could probably teach her some things about medical, some medics are slow and I hope she is not one of them.




Daniel Saiphan


Specialist Saiphan, I do not know if its pronounced Sai-pan or Sai-fin, either way this one has a strong head on his shoulders, always treats others with respect always kind. He seems to be the one breaking up fights. He says he is a chief, thinks he is the ships chief which I wont even bother telling him we do have cooks, he found something he really enjoys and I won't deny him that. I do hope to try his spegehtti.


Sean 'Dumbcunt' Richardson


They say murder is a sin and you shouldn't do it. But with you exceptions can be made. Can't wait for the day you go on a drop give me the chance to frag your ass or maybe just leave you to bleed to death. Cowards don't belong in the Mobile Infanty. And neither do you.


Ji Park


I don't really know her at all. Talked to her right before I had a Psychic attack. English isn't great but she is competent and a good pilot. Saved our asses a couple times and saved her ass once.







June 1st 2298

I've been finding myself, a little roboty today since I was put in the medical bay. I don't think this is a bad thing but I feel more like I have a purpose when I am roboty. For example I've been finding myself placing my arms behind my back. Or keeping my legs shoulder width apart with my hands behind my back standing at parade rest, or standing at attention, perfectly. Maybe I'm having a mid-life crisis? After what happened yesterday I thought I was one, psychic. two; I was being messed with by a psychic or like Master Sergeant Verbeck said "A mental health issue." I don't believe that for one second. They haven't told me what was wrong. I feel content where I'm at in life right now.  Before I wanted so badly to become a NCO, maybe get a commission and become an officer, then when I was discharged I just wanted to settle down and have a life with Ethan and run my company Edelweiss. Then I re-uped and became fleet and I hated it, being the ship maid, cooking and cleaning and bartending. I prayed every day that I would see Major Tomic and or Colonel Zaiger and maybe join military Intelligence, god knows why. R and D, I always found interesting and I have ideas and blueprints for things that I know will never be bothered to be even thought about taking a look at but still. Then when I finally saw Colonel Zaiger I didn't even have the gull to ask her how I could become military Intelligence. Now I'm Lieutenant Sorrentino's secretary  and I feel at peace, I don't want anything anymore I just kinda feel, at peace? I kind of like just sitting at this desk and talking to Sorrentino one to one, not crewman to officer but human to human, I wish our talks could be longer but I know he is a very busy man and his job is exhausting, but still I don't know, I don't even feel like bothering to see if I can get back into the Mobile Infantry. Well the infantry have been called to the briefing room and the alarms are sounding so I will try to write later.


June 3rd 2298


Well today we had rest and relaxation and it was quite fun. Me and Ethan finally got to talk, husband to wife. We talked about Charlie his war horse he rode into battle. We talked about teaching Frankie and Graham how to camp and survive off the land when we got home from this war. We talked about me giving Mason to Frankie and Graham to protect them since I have Chunk, He told me about how Max had gotten sick and he had to take care of him. Oh boy and me and Sigrun had a spar today but we did it the  way the Genevian Marine Corp.s does it, hard core you fight until one comes out the victor and the other is knocked out, I think Sigrun finally met her match today because she retreated and sort of lost it and said "Thats it I'm done. I win." But the rules would say I'd win because she forfeited. Of course Ethan just had to step in.





Personal Logs




The camera fades in to reveal a blonde woman laying in a bed. Wearing a medical gown with a wrist band on her right wrist, the ones people get when they are hospitalized. She would look up at the camera "So I have been discharged. Honorably discharged under medical conditions, medically discharged pretty much." The camera cuts to reveal the blonde woman wearing a formal uniform the right pant leg tied up. She would fold the last shirt before she would put the folded clothing in the seabag along with a sheathed combat knife. She would zip the bag up and would pick it up before picking the camera up where she would walk out of the empty barracks and down the halls where she would head down to the hangar. She would limp up the ramp of a drop ship and drop the seabag down before placing the crutch next to the seat, she then would take a seat and would buckle up. "I have no idea h'what I'm gonna do h'when I get home." Some pilots wearing flight suits would climb up to the cockpit and would sit down and strap themselves up putting some headsets one and would press a button, the engine would roar to life as they began to flick some switches which made the retro thrusters turn on, the clamps would lower onto the woman's shoulders and the ramp would whir as it raised, the lights turned on and the dropship would soon shake as it took off. The camera would cut once more. The ramp would whir and hiss as it lowered, steam emitting out as the retro thrusters power off following behind it the engines, the clamps would come up and Thacker would unbuckle herself and stand up grabbing her crutch and

Returning Home




The camera fuzzily fades in to reveal a airport setting. It turns down to show to little kids, twins wearing flannel shirts, blue jeans and small little cowboy boots "You ready to see mommy?" A man with a british accent inquired and in returns he got small smiles and giggles from the boys with blond hair "Yes! When is she going to get here!?" They shouted with excitement "Soon...I hope." The camera pans back up just as the doors open letting people 














Personal Relationships

Relations: Loved/Love|Admired/Respect|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquintence|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears
Cullen Bohannon- He was a great man I wish i had gotten on the Audie Murphy sooner so I could have been there to sacrifice myself with you it is hard living with out my brother.

//If You havent talked to her dont ask to be added once yer added and you get to know her ask to be updated and I will up date her first thoughts to what she thinks now If I put your rank that means I respect the rank and not the person as of yet//
Aaron Holtz He has been helping me get used to being back. He has made it so much easier. I really like him. I miss him I haven't seen him anywhere I'm worried

Jackie Knoxx She has been my best friend since Norse and Flex left,  She keeps calling me hot...I think she wants to fuck me....I wanna find out if thats true...


 Flex StudwellHe was great friends with Cullen even family to him I'm glad he served with my brother till Cullens end,Kinda cute, I like him, I would like to get to know him 
Lieutenant Franco Sorrentino- I havent really gotten to know him I hardly see him I have been told he would interact with troopers more I think good Officers are the ones that get to know there troopers and sometimes act like they are one of the enlisted like my father who is a Colonel 
Ethan Thacker -I helped save his life after he took a bullet to the lung, I won't let this get between my duties. I love this man he proposed to me in England after saving me and getting hit by a car I can't wait till we can start a family The Love of my life I'm glad I married you but until I get out we cannot be together
Jaden Sutton-Where did you go I miss you its been so lonely without my friend.

Kitten- She is like a little sister, poor girl cant control her bladder I took the blame during operation moros h'ewen she had an accident,Vond still hasnt talked to her yet. Her and Tidbitty are like little sisters shit they are my little sisters I just hope that when they are both on a drop together that them and me are in the same squad so I can protect them even if that means I lay down my life so they live on.
Noemi 'Tidbitty' Rosangela - She is just like a little sister to me She is too young to be out here I just hope when her and kitten are on a drop together that I can be with them both to protect there lives even if that means I lay down my own. Where did you go?
Claire Oyvind /Hernandez -You served with my brother he saved you and you told me how I like you already.........I get back from England to find out you got Married I'm happy fer you .gonna miss Ezra I liked him was a great Sergeant better then every other NCO.  I cant beleive your gone too.
Aphelion 'Aff' Dominica - At first I didn't like her because she told everybody on the radio that me and Thacker were fucking when we werent which got Thacker demoted then gave us condoms lube and other shit, but after seeing her freak out when her fuel tank got shot it made me realize she is only human and that she may not understand everything. She is real handy with the Flame kit tho.
Vert-I thought he was just some asshole who joined to look cool but he is a good man and a good leader Your one of my best friends.  Where did you go?
Annebeth Norse-Was the first person I met on the Audie Murphy came right up to me smiled and hugged me and said “You don't happen to be a Bohannon" apparently I reminded her of my brother Cullen. Kinda nerdy and funny but she has heart. on RNR she had an incident I thought it was funny because I was drunk off my ass, but I feel bad.  She was medically discharged, I really wish she had stayed
Erthara Casernovia- She is very kind for one of them Psi-Ops people not stuck up.
Namoi Vond - like her her moral is higher then a pot head on pot, and she has excillent taste in music Where did you go?

Connie Anderson-I have only met her once and that was when were prepping a Pathfinder to get him up to the medical bay to prep him further for surgery I can't believe your dead, I-I just don't think I should try to get to know people.
Kristina "Skadi" Sigrun- rescued me when Red Hand medicknapped me and carried me back all the way to the FOB she is a nice gal Shes my best friend.
Daisy Bailey- Technical Sergeant and leader of the 13th Marauder detachment callsign 'Ceres' I don't know her too well I never really see her becides on the field I don't really know how I feel about her I respect her rank but no the person
Nathan Steele - Only met him once in a drop was a bad 2IC I was squad lead I put him as 2IC I was doing my job and his micromanaging I need to talk'ta him tell'em H'Wat he did wrong and H'Wat he didn't do then help him'ta be a better 2IC
Ryan Cooper- Nice kid, he REALLY likes my singing, I think it turns him on ahaha, Hope he doesn't go too soon God dammit not you too. I heard your sister made it ashore, I'll try to keep her alive as long as I can do so.

Michelle Cooper- She reminds me of Ryan so much.   Me and my husband adopted her....I guess....Love her to death though.

Travis Young- He made sergeant while I was gone.

Redbrick - She was nice to me when I first got back from Camp Rechiff a POW camp, She became a marauder now, I don't see her much but she was better as a bare MI.

Josev 'Bitch Face' Lynch - I owe him my life saved me when I was dying on the floor, heard he wanted to become a medic, don't know for sure. I smacked him on the helmet and he got pissed off until he saw who it was.

Dimove - I keep calling him Dimove, He makes a killer drink, he is probably one of the nicest Master Sergeants I have had....Well unless you piss him off, but I hope to get to know him better apparently was the old Master Sergeant before I arrived?

Valerie Faust - Is the only one who hasn't left me, when I am still recovering, this woman has saved me a bunch and I saved her. I'm glad we are friends.
--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
-Cullen L.Bohannon  [Deceased]- Brother- I miss you brother ,I miss you a lot not a day goes by that I don't think about you ,and what you did for the men and women you served by I see why you did what you did. Rest in peace brother. 
-Alyssa Mélodie  [Deceased]- I'm Sorry that there was nothing that I could do it hurts me to see you go so soon before I could get to know you better
-3rd Specialist Samantha Brooks  - had to give her an STD test, she accidentally spilt her piss on me but I was to tired to be pissed- needs to learn to control her need to make everything explode or 'Boom boom' as she says. I'm going to miss our funny and stupid conversations I will never forget that day when you said you needed and STD test I was pretty pissed that day but when I think back on it I laugh and then cry seeing as I won't ever see you again, I guess you'll finally meet my brother Cullen.
Lance Corporal Villano † fff I'm going to miss you brother I wish we had more time to get to know each other on a personal level rather then just a battle buddy level I will make sure that the next time we face what ever the hell those creatures are that they will not take another trooper like they did you and I will burn them all.

Alfred Smith- He was a fucking asshole. Dead

Cody Howard- I just got back and I still ain't seen him He done and got hisself killed saving two people god bless yer soul buddy.

Frank Esposito - He hated me because of my brother.I didn't like him at first, specially when I wanted to become an armorer, I reallyed loved my armorer job before but now I'm Chief Armorer and I'm glad to have Espo as my Senior Armorer.Frankie is back! 





On the spine it says in gold lettering Annabelle K. Bohannon
Has a flattened bullet in the center of it some tear stains on some of the pages the leather soft cover has a tear at the top right where its curved the middle has a little circular cigarette burn,has a scratch one on the spine going acrossed the O in her last name // looks like this Bøhannon//
On the first page there are names written down under the title 'Those I couldn't save'
Third Specialist Alyssa Melodie April 2nd,2297
Recruit David Webb April 2nd,2297
Private First Class Tommy Parsniski April 2nd,2297
Private Jim Peterson April 2nd,2297
Private First Class Miesha Golovkin April 2nd, 2297
Lance Corporal Noah Clyde April 6th, 2297
Lance Corporal Clyde Harper April 6th,2297
Lance Corporal Lauritz Villano May 14th 2297
A couple pages later more names are written down this time the title labels 'Those I did Save'
Lance Corporal Ethan Thacker
Sergeant Eva Sentis
Private Cooper
fifteen more names before one name lies
Corporal Westfield

Can be found out IC if her journal is read.

Spoiler: Entry 1 Date Unkown
journal entry 1 It has been a rough week,three troopers were killed on a single drop another two yesterday and one more today.Third Specialist Alyssa Melodie , Recruit Jason Webb , Pfc Tommy Parstniski couldn't save y'all I'm sorry. It hurts me to see them go, But it hurts me the most knowing there was nothing I could do to save them I don't know if I'll ever finish this letter I'm so busy I have passed out once already there are so many sick and wounded, some times it makes me wonder why I continue with my Specialty, but then I think about Cullen and what he wants me to continue to do
*A very detailed Sketch of Alyssa Melodie,Jason Webb,and Tommy Parstniski* 
Spoiler: Entry 2 Date Unknown
Journal entry 2 Jim Peterson I will never forget that name not when he was in my hands and the bugs ripped him right from my grasps.that dumb physic Cazernovia walked right into the bugs JUST right into them they didn't even touch her they went around her like she was being protected by something or someone, I don't understand why we don't keep them on leashes they are a risk to units sometimes but sometimes they help.
*A very Detailed Sketch of Jim Peterson*
Spoiler: April 7th 2297
Entry 3 April 7th 2297 I met someone a few days ago I think I'm in love, His name is Ethan Thacker he is very handsome I don't know what turns me on more his beard or his british draw. he has lost so much, family,friends he is broken or thats what he says I think I'm starting to become broken but since I met him I have fixed the brokenness, He doesn't know it yet but I'm going to fix him, I just hope that nothing tears us apart. I might be getting trained with the DMR and the automatic shotgun, I really hope that I can atleast get trained to use the automatic shotgun I'm getting sick and tired of being charged by a sep with a machete or sword I've almost lost my arm and my life thanks to one boots getting lazy.
*A VERY detailed Sketch of Ethan Thacker*
Spoiler: April 8th 2297
Entry 4 April 8th 2297 Thacker had some sort of break down he took a sip of whiskey went to set it down and it shattered in his hand he may have been gripping it to tight but they demoted him from Corporal to Lance after that, we went to the storage closet to talk and then Domnicia fuckin walks in looking for some god damned hydrogen peroxide and some acetone, then when we got to obs she proceeded to tell the whole fucking unit that we were fornicating az I sometimes wonder how she made it in boot with out dieing or getting her ass whooped.
Spoiler: April 9th 2297
April 9th 2297 Two more troopers were killed today Pfc. Zal Sash, and Recruit Mack Miller by that stupid sniper that we cant just seem to kill Sunflower. Miller was lucky the round exploded his chest killing him instantly,Sash on the other hand was not so lucky he took a round to his shoulder he was told to stay in triage I had to risk my ass getting shot to make sure he stayed there Blacksworth was about to get sash into triage before sash was shot and killed by the sniper, if he WOULD HAVE LISTENED HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE. Wordekemper got shot in the gut,Blacksworth jumped on a grenade so no one would die he got lucky,I had to work on him he reminded me of Cullen so when a man with a shotgun cam up I jumped at the man he shot me with his shotgun luckly the idiot was using slugs and he only hit my shoulder he was gunned down before he did anything else but if that stupid engineer brooks would have done her fucking job I wouldn't have been shot its not that hard to follow simple directs if they don't do it for me the medic then they should fucking do it for the trooper I'm trying to save, she gave me fuckin morphine which made me crash on the ship. I was dead I got to see Cullen I was happy but he didn't look happy to see me he said why are you giving up look at all the people you saved look at the man who is crying for you to comeback that man loves you and you are just going to throw all of that away I made my choice and I couldn't survive but you you can survive and -you- will. I didn't get a chance to tell him anything as he pushed me back to the land of the living presumably it was Vonds handy work, I just miss him so much. I don't know what is wrong with me I want to live but I want to be with my brothers and sisters, I hope I can see my father before he is killed on some god foresaken planet. Flex has gone missing and Neels is dead blew his brains out, I got my shoulder fucked up again stabbed this time. I had gotten Corporal Volker on his feet and we started taking fire so I pushed Volker down into cover just as my vest took three pistol rounds thank god they didn't penetrate my vest.
*A Very detailed sketch of Flex Studwell*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Annabeth Norse*
*Another page of a detailed Sketch of Jauon Neels*
Another Page of a detailed sketch of Sash*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Miller*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Wordekemper*
Another Page of a detailed sketch of Naomi Vond*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Tidbit*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Anton Volker*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Brooks*
Spoiler: April 11th 2297
April 11th,2297 Brooks got lashed because of me, I never wanted her to get whipped I just wanted her to learn what problems she can cause when you don't know what your doing. Thacker's mother died.I worry for him I feel like he wants to die(sentence has a line through it) I can feel it sometimes I wish I wasnt a psychic or wish I couldn't feel connect to peoples emotions. Damn bug got me as I was the last one on the boat damn it hurts I have to be on a crutch for a couple days but with this bio-gel I think I'll be able to get in the fight sooner. Hopefully
Spoiler: April 16th
April 16th 2297 it's been a while since I have written. I finally fought against the ThanSol my father warned me about them.,I got shot in the calf. They blew up the planet with a Q-bomb I felt all of them die in one split second it was horrible I cryed all night long. *Would be written sloppy*Brooks was shot today and Thacker nor Sutton stood up for her, I lost my temper because I was soon angry and I took it out on Thacker. *some tear stains would be on the words: Brooks,shot,sutton and the second Thacker*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Jaden Sutton*
Spoiler: April 17th 2297
April 17th 2297 me and Thacker read each others journals his was really sweet but it has made me sad seeing that he wrote what he was feeling down he knows that I can feel his emotions but It still got to me he really cares I hope nothing tears us apart that is anybody on the Audie Murphy or in the Federation death is unavoidable. we got to dance tonight it was very romantic, anytime we try to talk we are always inturpted by other troopers or a mission, or Staff Sergeant Matene but its cool when Matene does it because he is funny but the other NCOs I don't know.
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Wauri Matene with bloody teeth and a bloody spear*
Spoiler: April 24th 2297
April 24th 2297 Its been a while since I have written Operation Moros *Moros is blacked out with a black mark* started and we are stuck in a tunnel I got shot in the shoulder luckily it was buckshot but I froze up I fucking froze up I wanted to take him prisoner but when he raised his shotgun I wanted to shoot but its like I felt somthing inside him like he was angry but didn't want to do it.he shot me and right after that Vert blew his head open with his under slung shotgun. I got shot after opening a door a bastard by the name of Red Hand a Mercenary shot me with a shotgun both my arms were pelted with more buckshot got some bruises on my chest and gut area, Me and Sigrun the Marauder were in a dark tunnel we got separated from the rest of the squad and were lost we got ambushed by Red Hand again we pushed a little before we pulled back I picked up a lamp because it was bright so I picked it up since the bastard just left it after he ambushed us and retreated like a coward the light went off so I dropped it before I was promptly grab, a rag was put over my face my nose and mouth to be specifik it was Chloroform he pulled my carbine down as I tryed to raise it thats all I remember before blacking out, the bastard LOBBED my middle finger off I can't even flip people off with it now I asked Koala or Kowalski if she could make me a replacement the funny thing was she asked 'Biotech?' I told her no seeing as only nco's are permitted to get them I said maybe just something to replace it like a foam finger or like just a frame of a finger or somthing she ended up some how finding a 3d printer fore some reason the Militia/ Resistance had one, it was a Carbon Fiber finger light weight the funny thang was is that we had to use super glue, it fell off a when I got blasted back from an RPG other than that I had no wounds thank the lord probably would have killed me seeing as we were gonna run out of supplies before our main assault on the capital.
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of a Red Hand*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of a Black mechanical looking Finger*
Spoiler: May 6th 2297
May 6th 2297 Got back from England five days maybe I think it was three, only to get wounded on my first drop since I came back...Vert has been feeling down I really want to know who he is talking about but he wont tell me...
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Big Ben and the Ferris Wheel*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Carter Vert*
Spoiler: May 7th 2297
May 7th 2297 Me and McDowly sparred today I won,but when my final blow knocked himout it also broke the bones behind my knuckles and my wrist so there both in a Biogel Cast.....Dammit I got fucking hurt again on the same day I broke my hand and wrist this time I got punted by a Royal fractured both my Femurs that shit hurt especially when Skadi picked me up I was in tears I had to bite my knuckles to stop from screaming any fucker who says suck it up can break every bone in both there legs and then I'll step on them see if they tell me to suck it up then....
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of McDowly*
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of a Cartoon Royal punting a faceless trooper*
Another Page of a detailed sketch of Kristina Sigrun*
Spoiler: May 9th 2297
May 8th 2297 the doctors and orderlies let me out of the medbay have to sit in a wheel chair like a cripple and thats what people are calling me I ain't lettin them see that it bothers me..That BITCH Nova pushed me down the god damn stairs luckly I didn't break anything but my left bio cast started leaking.I am walking again I'm just on a crutch yay lucky me said tommarrow I'll be able to get out.
*Another Page of a detailed Cartoony sketch of Nova kicking a trooper in a wheel chair down a flight of stairs
Spoiler: May 10th 2297
May 10th 2297 We went in a drop today with NBC suits on dealing with people called D-99 the back of collar got shot I thank God that it didn't penetrate or I would have bled out and probably died if they didn't A-6 me first..Was told by Sargn't Swift to disable a AA gun with a metal rod I put it down the barrel only to have the round inside explode inside the barrel and gun it sent a chunk of metal into my gut.
*Another Page of a detailed Cartoony sketch of  a trooper holding a rod in a barrel and a explosion sending a large chunk of metal into the gut sticking out the back*
Spoiler: May 14th 2297
May 14th 2297 Its Sunday I just found out one of my friends Lance Corpoal Lauritz Villano was killed he got demoted to private don't know what he did but now im writing a letter to his family I have only written down Dear I don't know how the NCOs do this but I am going to do it for Westfield I made a homosexual joke and felt bad because I didn't know that Villano had died I already miss him I wish Thacker was here I just want someone to hold me I I can't write anymore.
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Lauritz Villano and Westfield*
Spoiler: May 15th 2297
May 15th 2297 Today was jsut another day Thacker just appeared out of no where said he had been with his old unit the 22nd I think is what he said his beard is longer so is his hair he wears an eye patch now damn 22nd abandoned him he walked wounded for miles stumbling onto what he thought was a village it turned out to be a sep camp they tortured him I don't think I can hold onto my humanity or morales much longer I didnt get to talk to him long tho.. I got slashed by a man with a machete I guess I got lucky or else I wouldnt be writing this telling the tale. got to be a second in command I hope Koala thought I did good but probably not seein as I have been a 2IC so many times and oth I was leading as a 2IC with Knoxx and Tidbitty and when we got back the El-tee promoted her but its what ever.
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Knoxx*
August 22nd 2297 Its been a long while since I have written. I became so busy and distracted getting married. I have been back for I think two weeks now. My leg my taken Its been hard being back I get uncomfortable being around alot of people I don't know why.. But Holtz god he has helped me so much....
*Another Page of a VERY detailed sketch of Aaron Holtz*
October 2nd, 2297 So I died yesterday and came back, Again I saw him, I miss him so much. They amputated my arm, to save me I barely remember anything from when I got shot, I remember McKnight doing his best to save me I can't get the image of his scared face out of my head and that recruit Burn he got shot up before a bullet struck him in the head and ripped off his helmet. I remember me laying cold and wounded in my blood. I remember Lynch patching me up I think he had tears in his eyes. and the Corporal contemplating my A6. I woke up with IVs, wires strapped to my chest, a mask over my face. I hurt so much right now. I'll write more tommarrow.
*Another Page of a detailed sketch of Cullen Bohannon with Angel wings holding out a Biotech arm*
November 3rd I stepped on a landmine, part of my leg is gone and I fear they are gonna discharge me or worse put me on desk duty, the humilty, sitting at a desk with missing limbs just to scare the young’un who don’t have the gall to fight, I hope I do not get put there, I wanna go home to Ethan, but I love my job as an Armorer, Chief Armorer in fact, If I’m discharged I’m going to complete my promise to Ethan and bear his children,That damn medic Sergeant Dalhstrom made me CRAWL FUCKING CRAWL BACK TO HIM A FULL TRAIN ENGINE LENGTH AS I’M FUCKING BLEEDING OUT DIDN’T EVEN COME TO ME,DOESN’T HAVE THE BALLS TO DO HIS JOB! I BEGGED HIM TO GRAB MY LEG THE DAMN THING WAS RIGHT THEIR BUT THE DAMN MEDIC SAID “OH YOUR LEG IS GONE!” IT WAS RIGHT THERE YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN IT! I can’t write anymore.
*Another Page of a detailed Cartoony sketch of a faceless medic with devil horns a trident and a devil tail dragging a one legged trooper away from there leg*







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cmon bohannon

you cant REALLY be thinkin' yer char is that smart

shit she's like 8/20 at most given the shit she's pulled

god dam


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