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Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker

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Password: *************


Checking Corruption...

Checking Corruption...
VIEWING FILE [data.004-F808-N65]








Current Faceclaim


"No one Lives Forever, But we make a living while we do until we die."



Full Quote



“No one lives forever, But we make a living while we do. Whatever you do. Do it with pride, honor and commitment. Never Dishonor yourself, your family or your friends. Never back down from a fight, but do not instigate them. Remember you have warriors blood in your veins. The code that me who I was is the same code that will make you a man and woman that I would admire. Put your pain in a box, lock it down. We are soldiers made up of boxes, chambers of loss. And Triumph with hurt and hope, and love. No one is stronger than a soldier who can harness his emotions, his past. Use it as fuel as ammunition as ink to write the most important letter of your life. Live your life that the fear of death can enter your heart. Trouble no one about his religion. Respect others and their views. And demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life. Beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and of service to your people. To the Federation. So that when your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home. Before my father died, he said the worst thing about growing old was the other men stopped seeing you as dangerous. I’ve always remembered that, how being dangerous was sacred, a badge of honor. You live your life by a code, an ethos. Every man does. It’s your shoreline. It’s what guides you home. And trust me, you’re always trying to get home."

Voice Claim



Thacker Laughing









Related image

Annabelle After getting married



(Edited by Witty: Stop stealing chars from Hell on Wheels u niglet) Bohannon- I DID NO SUCH THINGS only stole the hot blonde actor







General Information


First Name: Annabelle

Middle Name: Karissa

Maiden Name: Edelweiss

Adoption Name: Bohannon

Surname: Thacker

Nickname: Hard Knoxxx

Alias: Thack Attack, Iron Ovaries, Chinese Knock off Terminator

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Date of Birth: August 27th

Homeworld: Genevia

Place of Birth: New Carentan, Genevia(Lost file), Lauderdale County, Meridian, Mississippi

Known Languages: German and French, Genevian

Relationship Status: Not single

Martial Status: Married


[Thacker leading a Charge in the sands on Gense in the Genevian Militia to capture a fuel plant]





Physical Information

Height: 5'7

Weight: 160

Blood Type: O

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair color: Blonde

Hair Type: Curly

Hair Style: Bun

Hair Length: Kept at exact regulation

Hair Texture: Silky Smooth

Eye color: Blue

Eye Scarring: Right eye is veiny, red and bloodshot.

Breast Size(if applicable): DD

Muscle Build: Athletic Mesomorphic

Body Build: Pear (http://shopyourshape.com/body-shapes/)

Draw/Accent: Genevian Accent with a Southern Twang

Dominant Hand: Left



Scars: Fourth degree burn on the right side of face. Missing Right Eyelid and Cheek revealing metal teeth and some tendons. Nose is missing. Bullet graze on the left side of the skull with shrapnel lines. Scar on the forehead running diagonally down to the chin. Glasglow smile. Scar going across the throat.204 whip lines. Bear claw scar on the right shoulder. Gator bites on the back. Missing finger nails.






She has a sleeve tattoo.

It starts at her shoulder and is detailed with torn flesh with a Terran Federation Flag. A coffin rests below the flag and has the 112th Insignia on it. The name reads ‘ Pvt. Cullen L. Bohannon’ and under it lies a Mobile Infantry Silver Cross. Below that a poem rests. “Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on the ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning’s hush. I am the swift uplifting rush. Of quiet birds in circled  flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die.” A black Corvette with large orbital bombardment guns on the belly lies below the Coffin. it then moves down to her bicep where it reads ‘No Mission too difficult, No Sacrifice to Great. Retreat Hell” Where it has a figure whose face is horrifically burn scarred, he has no eyelids, no lips, no cheeks and the tendons are visible, its quite clear his teeth are metallic and have fangs. A eyepatch rests over his right eye and has a Federal Eagle on it. He is in a black uniform which has a black tie with a silver tie clasp with the federal eagle on it. Bar tabs on his collar and a jacket that goes over it, with ribbons, badges and pins on his left chest with medals on his right chest and a medal on a necklet around his neck. With a black  cuff band with white stripes that reads ‘New Carentan’ A black sam browne belt with a strap that goes diagonally through his epaulette. A black peaked cap that is tilted for swagger rests on the figure’s head. Along with a black great coat resting on the shoulders. The figure wears black leather gloves with wrist snaps and back hand straps and holds what looks like a luger that has been modified and a Triangle folded flag. Below the figure is another figure wearing a black MI uniform. The figure’s face is covered by a mask which looks armored and has a hose connected to the right with a black visor that has a reddish glow to it. The helmet is the fleet variant with the MI helmet lamp on it. A lamp rests on the back of the shoulder and the figure holds a Mark IV with a suppressor and a laser light. A large modified luger rest in the holster on the figure’s left thigh with another holster on the chest that has a 1911. The figure holds a chain in its left hand which has heads connected to the chain. The heads are decapitated, the eyes rolled and white, the faces pale and the lips purple. Each one has a different symbol carved into the forehead. One has a swastika, and a Stahlhelm on it. another has a Hammer and Sickle with a garrison cap on its head. Another has a red circle with beams coming out of it. Another has the Than’Sol symbol carved into the forehead. A couple more heads are there one with the Sanctuary symbol, the Draconian Hegemony, The Colonial Confederation, the Centaruian Empire and the Federal Unionist symbol. another head is a Skinny head. Another is a Protenginer head. A warrior talon is also connected to the chains. Flags are also gripped into the hand. Each one belonging to each of the factions with the heads. To the left of the figure a black marauder suit with large pauldron’s with the Federal eagle on it stands their. the helmet has a hose and a wire connected to it with two headlamps on the head. A eyepiece over the right eye. A Red Kama around the waist and a red cape being held to the shoulders with two gold circle seals with the federal eagle. Holding a Large bloody battle axe. Below the figure are Mobile Infantrymen. A engineer who has a face shield up with a respirator over his face. A yellow vest, a toolkit at his hip, a backpack on his back with a M55 launcher. And Anti-Material rifle in his hands. A medic with a red vest, a medical armband on the left arm. A medical satchel at the hip, a medical rucksack on the back along with a stretcher and a surgical mask covering the face with nitrile gloves on the hands with a Carbine in hand. A figure in a black marauder suit(power armor) Stands to the left of the medic, the helmet has a hose and a wire connected to it with two headlamps on the head. A eyepiece over the right eye. A rocket launcher attachment connected to the back of the left shoulder. Large shoulder plates. A flame thrower attachment connected to the left forearm. A new Mark II Machine gun in hand. Though on the inner bicep it reads "I will Always place the mission first,I Will never accept defeat,I will never quit,I will never leave a fallen comrade". Turning back over leading to the forearm a couple figure’s reside. One wearing a black uniform. Black armor. The sleeves are ripped off revealing cybernetic arms, the combat belt packed with gear, a large rucksack on the back and a satchel at the hip. The female holds a pole with a battle damaged flag waving. In the other hand a Mark IV firing. And a Crusher cap on her head. Below her is another figure with the same equipment only with a garrison cap. Holding a Peacemaker. Another wearing a purple beret with a Mark IV and another with a black beret holding a old Mark II. Then a figure with a marauder suits frame would be lying on the ground holding a grenade. A quote reads ‘Death Before Dishonor.’ Below that there is a bull whip lashing a female who is chained up to poles with a bloody back. A Than’Sol colonel clutching the bull whip finally it reads ‘Camp Richiff - 4859 Never Forgotten.’ 

A black snake with its jaw wide open has what looks like liquid spraying from its mouth, and venom dripping from its long fangs. Its neck flaps expanded and its eyes bright red. Black veins are around two bite marks. And finally on the back of her hand the POW-MIA picture rests.





Right Wrist



Back Tattoo



On her shoulders it has ‘Sons of Federation’ with a Federal Eagle on it. A figure with missing eyelids that have eyes that are blood red with orange veins, missing cheeks that show tendons and metal teeth and a pair of sharp metal fangs. The uniform is tattered and drapes a hood over its peaked cap. It holds a Mark IV with a pole holding a Federation Flag.A black snake with inflated neck flaps, long fangs and red eyes has its mouth open a rattler on its tale and spits. Crossed Rifles with Bayonets are behind it. Below the symbol it rest ‘Genevia’ and just above and to the right of the symbol is tatted ‘MC’




Right hand Fingers



Pinky - 'S'

Ring Finge - 'O'

Middle Finger - 'T'

Trigger Finger - 'F'

Which spells out ‘SOTF’



Wedding Band

Engagement Ring

Bike Rings


Remembrance Bands



Mental Information

|--Psychological Status--|

Insane<|---------|---------|---------|> Sane

Psychological Directive:


Physical Directive:

Mental Illnesses: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Phobias: None

Old Phobias:

Physical Disabilities: Triple amputee. Biotech Limbs

Habits: Grinding her Teeth, Gritting her Teeth

Favorite Color: Black and White

Favorite Item: Bible, Rosary Beads, Engagement ring, wedding band

Favorite Beverage: Root Beer

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Whiskey

Food/dish: Steak, Mashed Potatoes with gravy with corn and cornbread.

Favorite Taste: Sour

Favorite Season: Spring/ Winter

Favorite Place: The germanic hills of Genevia

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Plant/Flower: Edelweiss

Favorite Book: Art of War

Favorite Civilian Rifle: M1 Garand

Favorite War Rifle: Mark IV

Favorite Sidearm: M1911

Favorite Knife: Bowie Knife

Favorite Animal(s): Freesian Horse

Favorite Movie Genre: War

Favorite Music Genre: Country, Rap

Favorite Sport: Jump Ball


Other Information





Footlocker contents:



The Manuals, notebooks and books are nicely stacked


TW-201 Morita Mark I Rifle Manual

XW-110-G1 Underslung Grenade Launcher Manual

XW-103-S7 Morita Underslung Shotgun Manual

TW-201 Morita Mark I Carbine Manual

TW-202 Morita Mark 2 SAW Manual

TW-201 Morita Mark I DMR Manual

Designated Marksman Scope Manual

TW-99-S ‘Belcher’ Shotgun Manual

SW-226-F ‘Hel’ Infantry Flamer Manual

TW-201-L Morita Long Sniper RIfle Manual

Morita X Sniper Rifle Manual

Morita Mark IV Manual

Morita Mark III SAW Manual

Brunham TW-109-E “Emancipator’ Heavy Pistol Manual

Brunham TW-102-S ‘Peacemaker’ Pistol Manual

TW-111-P ‘Reaper’ Pistol Manual

Combat Knife Manual

Machete Manual

CC-176-ER Shock Stick Manual

Uniform Manual

Armor and Helmet Manual

Ground Ordnance Manual

Medical Notebook

Contents: Notes for CLS, AED,CPR, Triage, ACLS, Surgery, Biotechnology, Biotech Surgery, Psychology.

Engineering Notebook

Contents: Notes for Sapping, Munitions, Systems and MEC

Book of Federation Regulations

Book of the Federal Articles


Hygiene Kit

Contents:  2 washcloths, 9 individual clean wipes

toothbrush, toothpaste,floss

razors, straight razor, shaving cream

Shampoo, body wash, conditioner, Antiperspirant, deodorant, bar soap,

nail clippers, nail file, hand repair balm, lip balm, chap stick, comb, hairbrush


Uniform kit

Contents: extra plastic buttons, extra silver buttons for jacker, thread, sewing needles, patchers, Shoe polish, Boot polish, Brushes


Metal tin

Contents: Epaulette sliders: Pvt,Pfc,3Spc,2Spc,LCpl

Division Patches: 4th MID, 7th SMID

Battalion Patches: 243rd, 244th, 94th, 22nd,

Secondary Patches: 1st Medical Brigade, 182nd Detachment patch, 1st Engineer Corps. 182nd Detachment patch

Locker Contents:



Pair of black shined and polished combat boots



Pair of Black Tipped oxfords


Pair of Black Square tipped Polished and shined oxfords

Pair of Combat boots with sabatons



Extra boot laces

Extra dress shoe laces

Extra ties


Black Turtleneck sweater


Custom Great Coat

Her great coat is black with a red liner. It has silver anodized butons with the Federal Eagle on them. On the collar their is a Federal Eagle with a globe, an anchor and rope that has UCF under it, there is also a pair of crossed Morita rifles. There is a tab on the collar that is white with black tailored stripes on the edges. It has a skull and crossbones pin on it.  Under one of the buttons there is another tab that is black with a single red and a single white stripe on the edges. On the right sleeve near the shoulder a ‘11th MEU’ Patch is sewn on. Below it a Battalion patch is sewn on. This patch is a diamond shape that has a black tailored edge. The part is white. Their is a black band going diagonally across and has ‘292nd Legion’ on it. It has a black snake with neck flaps. Its fangs are long and its eyes red. It has a rattle on its tail. Their is also a skull and crossbones on the patch. Their is a quote that says ‘Retreat Hell!’ and also ‘Danger’s Deathshead's’. There are two cuff bands on the sleeve. They are white with black tailored stripes on the edges. One reads ‘POW Death Camp Richiff 2297’ the other reads ‘Heroes of New Karentan 2297’ in white letters. On the left sleeve near the shoulder there is a Bloodhound Company patch. On the shoulders there are epaulette holders with black sliders that have metal Warrant Officer lighting bolts. On the left chest their are ribbons such as operation, weapon and occupation ribbons. Below the ribbons are a Rifle Expert and Pistol Expert Badge. Above the ribbons is a Parachutist badge, Engineer pin and Medic Pin. On the right chest there are medals. Their is a purple heart with a golden star. A prisoner of war medal. Meritorious Unit Medal, Valorous Unit Medal and a Distinguished Service medal. Under the right epaulette there's a white Aiguillette


Great Coat with cape



Armory Locker contents:



M-1 Neckring


M-1F2 Tactical Combat armor with a vest integrated harness


Grey Fleet Helmet with a plate on the front and plate caps over the ears. The microphone is located on the outside. It has a helmet band under the plate and has a pull down visor.



Combat belt with suspenders



Magazine Pouches

Grenade Pouches

Combat Knife sheath


Bayonet scabbard


Canteen holder


Phanny pouch



Machete sheath


Radio pouch







Combat gloves


Fingerless combat gloves


Winter gloves




Sand goggles


Snowblinder Goggles




Winter Scarf





Knife Belt

Two chemlight pouches

One throwing knife pouch





Combat Knife


Than’Sol Bayonet which is 20 inches with a 16 inch spear point blade [Approved]


CC-176-ER Shock stick.



Mess Mug with lid ‘RIP Lyndsey Carter’







Outfit #1 - BDUs

She wears a black T-Shirt that is tucked into her trousers which has its belt. She also wears the suspenders. Her trousers are bloused over her black shined and polish combat boots. She’ll wear her tunic most of the time, It's always zipped up. However Sometimes she’ll have the sleeves rolled up tightly to her biceps.


Outfit #2 -  Service Charlies

She’ll wear dark grey dress slacks with a black belt. With a long-sleeve button-up grey dress shirt that is tucked in. The cuffs are buttoned up, however the collar uis unbuttoned. Her rank sliders are slipped onto the epaulettes which are buttoned. The 4th MID patch is sew onto the right sleeve near the shoulder and below it is the 112th Battalion patch. On her left sleeve near the shoulder she has the Alpha Company patch and her rank chevrons under that. Finally she wears a pair of black tipped Oxfords which are clean. Not polished and shined however. Sometimes. Sometimes a sweater is worn over the dress shirt


Outfit #3 - Service Bravos

She’ll wear dark grey dress slacks with a black belt. With a long-sleeve button-up grey dress shirt that is tucked in. The cuffs are buttoned up as well as the collar buttoned. A black tie is nicely tied under the collar and has a silver tie clasp. Her rank sliders are slipped onto the epaulettes which are buttoned. The 4th MID patch is sew onto the right sleeve near the shoulder and below it is the 112th Battalion patch. On her left sleeve near the shoulder she has the Alpha Company patch and her rank chevrons under that. Finally she wears a pair of black tipped Oxfords which are clean. Not polished and shined however. Her ribbons are worn on the left chest.


Outfit #4 - Service Alphas

She’ll wear dark grey dress slacks with a black belt. With a long-sleeve button-up grey dress shirt that is tucked in. The cuffs are buttoned up as well as the collar buttoned. A black tie is nicely tied under the collar and has a silver tie clasp. Her rank sliders are slipped onto the epaulettes which are buttoned. The 4th MID patch is sew onto the right sleeve near the shoulder and below it is the 112th Battalion patch. On her left sleeve near the shoulder she has the Alpha Company patch and her rank chevrons under that. Finally she wears a pair of black tipped Oxfords which are clean. Not polished and shined however. Her ribbons are worn on the left chest. Her rifle and pistol badges are pinned under her ribbon.


Outift #5 - Dress Bravos

She’ll wear pristine condition dress uniform that is starch pressed and finely ironed. It consists of dark grey dress slacks with a black shined belt. A long-sleeve button-up grey dress shirt that is tucked in. The cuffs are buttoned up as well as the collar. A black tie is nicely tied to the collar with a silver tie clasp.  Her rank sliders are slipped onto the epaulettes which are buttoned. The 4th MID patch is sew onto the right sleeve near the shoulder and below it is the 112th Battalion patch. On her left sleeve near the shoulder she has the Alpha Company patch and her rank chevrons under that. She wears a pair of black square tipped polished and shined Oxfords. Her ribbons are worn on her left chest, specifically her operation, weapon and occupation ribbons, with her rifle and pistol badges below them. Her Parachutist, Engineer, Medic pins are above her ribbons. On her right chest she has her medals pinned to her chest.


Outfit #6  - Dress Alphas

She’ll wear a pristine condition dress uniform that is starch pressed and finely ironed. It consists of dark grey dress slacks with a black shined belt. A long-sleeve button-up grey dress shirt that is tucked in, with the cuffs and collar buttoned up with a black tie tied tightly against her neck with a silver tie clasp is worn under a dark grey semi-form fitting coat. This coat has The 4th MID patch sewn nicely onto the right sleeve near the shoulder and below it is the 112th Battalion patch. A black cuffband that is black with a single white stripe on each edge of it is present on the right sleeve. It has the words ‘POW Death Camp Richiff 2297’ tailored on it. On the left sleeve near the shoulder the Alpha Company patch and her rank chevrons under that. The rank sliders on slipped on the epaulette holders which are buttoned. On the left chest lays her ribbons, specifically her operation, weapon and occupation ribbons. Her rifle and pistol badges are below them. Her parachutist badge, Engineer pin and medic pin are above her ribbons. On her right chest she has her medals pinned to her chest. She wears a pair of black squar tipped oxfords which are shined and polished. To finish it all off she wears her beret.


Drop Gear:



Every Drop

Her armor and Helmet. She wears her combat belt with suspenders. She has her bayonet in its scabbard and her combat knife in its sheath on her left. Her magazine and grenade pouches are in the front. She has her canteen in the back left. A phanny pouch in the back. Her IFAK on the right. She also has her E-Tool



1x Frag Grenade

1x HE Grenade

1x Incendiary Grenade

1x White Phosphorus grenade

1x Fog Grenade


And her Black Grenade that has a Skull and cross bones painted on it that reads ‘Suicide Grenade’



Fanny Pouch Contents:

1x red, green, blue and purple signal smoke

1x IR strobe

1x Signal Flare

1x Handheld electrical lamp.

1x Roll of Duct Tape

1x Binoculars w/ clip on zoom attachment

1x Thermal Binoculars


Gasmask bag located on her right thigh

Contains her Rebreather, Respirator and gasmask.


Winter Variant

Wears her winter boots. Wears her winter gloves under her combat gloves. She also wears a ski mask and a winter scarf. She also has her Snowblinder Goggles on her helmet


Desert Variant

She wears her fingerless combat gloves and her shemagh



Light Campaign Gear

Has a bedroll that is rolled up with a rolled up blanket on top of it. Her Poncho is also rolled up and connected to the bedroll and blanket. Its connected to the back of her webgear just above her canteen and fanny pouch. She also wears a satchel that contains her Mess kit, Hygiene Kit and Search and rescue kit.


Heavy Campaign Kit

Wears her Standard drop gear. Has a bedroll that is rolled up with a rolled up blanket on top of it. Her Poncho is also rolled up and connected to the bedroll and blanket. Its connected to the back of her webgear just above her canteen and fanny pouch. She also wears a satchel. She also wears a rucksack


Satchel Contents:

Search and Rescue Kit

Climbing Gear

Peronal Lizard Line Launcher


Rucksack Contents:

Hygiene Kit

Weapon cleaning Kit

Mess Kit

Extra socks and wool gloves




[ Annabelle Thacker with her two daughters Annabella(Miltia Unifrom) and Sabine (School uniform) Painted by a Genevian Painter]


Armed Services Career

Serial Number: MI 48-59

Branches Served in: Mobile Infantry, Fleet

Current Unit/Assignment: A. Company, 112th Battalion UCF-ACF-BC-291 'Ulysses S. Grant'

Previous Unit(s): Alpha Company,112th Battalion,34th Morita Rifles,4th Mobile Infantry Division

243rd Battalion, Alpha company, 64th Mechanized Infantry Regiment,7th Specialized Mobile Infantry Division

Delta Company, 244th Battalion, 65th Motorized Infantry Regiment, 7th Specialized Mobile Infantry Division


Charlie Company, 94th Paratroopers Regiment, 7th Specialized Mobile Infantry Division


Echo Company, 22nd Cavalry, 7th Specialized Mobile Infantry Division


Current Detachment: None

Previous Detachment(s): 1st Medical Brigade 182nd Detachment,1st Combat Engineer Corps. 182nd Detachment

Promotion/Demotion Record: Rct>Pvt>Pfc>3Spc>Pfc>Pvt>3Spc>2Spc>3Spc>2Spc>Pfc>Cdt>Cm>Pfc>3Spc>2Spc>3Spc>Pfc(Resigned)

Criminal Record: 

Insubordination - Guilty - 4 Lashes

Manslaughter - Not Guilty

Negligence - Found Guilty - Punishment: Demotion from Second Specialist to Third Specialist, Bread and Water for a week.

Age of Enlistment: 16

Total Drops: 5,000

Total Deployments: Unknown

Wounds Recieved in Duty: Unknown

Military Education


Boot Camp - Passed

Combat Medic School - Passed

Combat Engineer School - Passed

Sapper Course - Passed Munitions Course - Passed

Armorer Training - Passed

Survival Training - Passed

Explosives Training - Passed

Camouflage Training - Passed

Hand to Hand Combat Training - Passed

Land Navigation Training - Passed

CT Training - Passed

Breach and Clear Training - Passed

Combat Life Saving - Passed

Advanced Combat Life Saving - Passed

CPR Training - Passed

AED Training - Passed




CLS Certificate

ACLS Certificate

CPR Certificate

AED Certificate

TW-201 Mark I Rifle Certificate

TW-201 Mark I Carbine Certificate

TW-201 Mark II SAW Certificate

TW-201 Mark I Grenade Launcher Certificate

XW-110-G1 Morita Underslung Grenade Launcher Certificate

TW-201 Mark I Designated Marksman Rifle Certificate

TW-99-S 'Belcher' AutoShotgun Certificate

SW-226-F 'Hel' Flamer Certificate

Peacemaker Certificate

Morita X Certificate

Mark IV Certificate

Sawn Off Shotgun Certificate

Pump Shotgun Certificate

Military Education


Specializations and Certifications 




Mobile Infantry Veteran Ribbon


Good Conduct Ribbon


Purple Heart one Gold Star


Combat Medic


Engineering Ribbon


Communications Ribbon


Citizenship Ribbon


General Specialization Ribbon


Federal Defense Medal


Colony Protectorate Ribbon


Reservist Ribbon


Prisoner of War POW Ribbon



Engineering Second Specialist survived the harsh winter conditions on the Than’Sol planet with bullet fragments in her skull. While being a personal prisoner for Colonel Rigarc. She was starved of food and water. She suffered gruesome torture. She was lashed 200 times with a bull whip. Burned and branded with a cattle prod. She lost her leg after getting Gangrene from Trench Foot. She was then sent to a sex slave camp and drugged where she was to be sold off to the highest bidder. But was sent to the worst Than’Sol death camp. Camp Richiff. During this time Second Specialist Thacker refused to give up any Federation information and managed to capture intelligence for the Federation.



Joint Service 










Operation Breadbasket


Operation Moros


Operation Restoring Hope


Operation Omega









Distinguished Service Medal



Valours Unit Medal



Meritous Unit Medal






Medical History

Mental Illnesses: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Under control

Phobias: Atychiphobia (The fear of messing up), Thanatophobia (Fear of losing loved ones)Rigarcphobia (Fear of Colonel Rigarc)

Psychical Disabilities: Biotech BV Leg, CV Arm. 

Medical file


Right shoulder|GSW|AAR:7.62x56MM 
Right shoulder|GSW|AAR:Shotgun slug at close range-Was working on a wounded trooper when a Seperatist walked up, she charged him, and he shot her she tried to continue to work on the trooper before an engineer gave her morphine.
Died and was brought back to life by the medical team.
Right Shoulder|Stab Wound|Knife|AAR:Sep ran crazy through the forest looking for medics to stab this one was unlucky.
Torso: left side of ribcage bruised in three places in the same approximate area 
Right thigh large gash down it
Left Leg- Large Slash down it
Left Wrist Bone|Broken|Date:May 7th 2297|AAR:Sparring with another trooper
Left Hand|Bones behind the knuckles|Broken|Date:May 7th 2297|Treatment:Biogel Cast|AAR:Sparring with another trooper
Left Leg|Bone|Femur|Fractured|Date of wound: May 7th 2297| Treatment:Biogel Cast |AAR:Was punted by a royal about nine or ten meters.
Right Leg|Bone|Femur|Fractured|Date of wound May 7th 2297 |Treatment: Biogel Cast|AAR:Was punted by a royal about nine or ten meters.
Stomach|Shrapnel|Date of wound:May 10th 2297|AAR:Chunk of shrapnel in her stomach gut area she was putting a metal rod down a AA gun when the ammunition cooked-off the gun exploding shrapnel every where sending one big piece into her gut.
May 17th 2297 shot by a sniper in the lower back it went through an blew out her gut.
May 21st 2297 bug talon to her face right cheek an ripped it off 
May 21st 2297 left hand middle and pinky finger sliced off

August Trench Foot on left foot

August Trench foot turned into Gangrene

September Plasma shot from Protenginer weapon hit in the face

 October 1st Knife to lower thigh dragged to pelvis

October 1st 2297 GSW to left arm bicep mangled

October 1st 2297 Flatlined revived in boat

October 1st 2297 Left arm amputated to save Patient 

October 21st Right Lung - Hemothorax

Surgery File


May 17th 2297 surgery on her intestines and gut and lower back
May 21st 2297 Skin graft on her right cheek

August Left leg amputated due to Trench Foot that turned into Gangrene

Septemeber Skin graft on right side of face to cover burns from plasma

October 22nd Lung lobe removed new lobe inserted.


Photo Album 




Custom Bike

Long exaust, hooks for saddle bags.



Harley #1


Harley #2



Painting of Isabelle her Freesian Horse



Picture of a dirt road on Genevia




Picture of Thacker’s house on Genevia




Photo taken on a walk on Genevia



Another walk on Genevia



Another walk on Genevia



Picture of a War Memorial dedicated to the Officers who lost their lives in the battle for New Karentan




Portait of Thacker




Portait of Thacker with her Militia men and company bodygaurds




Picture of a Female Genevian Marine at a firing range




Picture of the Military working Dog New Karentan War Dog memorial




A picture of a Marine War dog memorial



Picture of Genevian Marines clearing a building



Picture of Male Marines at a depot getting armor training



Picture of Genevian Marines carrying a wounded civillian out to a MEDEVAC helicopter with the husband following behind




Picture of the 244th Legion of the Genevian Marine Corps. Humping with full packs in the desert



Marines getting dropped off via Ospreys


Marines under heavy fire with alot of wounded with a blackbird coming to assist


Marnies covering a landing zone


Marines in a firefight


Marines bounding in a city under fire


A marine showing humanity to a young boy as he gives him a handshake


Another marine showing humanity to a young boy as he gives him some food


A Marine officer calling for a airstrike with his RTO next to him


Old phote of Marines clearing a town with minimal gear



Marines in a firefight waiting for orders


Marines breaking down a door


Female marine officer giving orders as they unload a shipment and come under heavy fire. Lieutenant Janet Sef


Lieutenant Janet Sef moving under artillery fire


Private First Class Robert Him running under fire to save his wounded comrade who was alone, bleeeding and dying alone. Pfc. Him takes the saying No man left behind to heart and shows it.



Marines marching down a path on Genevia


Marine assisting his fellow marine


Marine walking with a one legged boy who was crying alone


Marine crossing water


Marine crossing water as a combat reporter films



Female Marine combat reporter Pfc. Janace Turk



SSgt. Angel Arroyo holding an AK-47 and his combat camera





Relations: Loved/Love|Admired/Respect|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquintence|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

Ethan Thacker



I helped save his life after he took a bullet to the lung, I won't let this get between my duties. I love this man he proposed to me in England after saving me and getting hit by a car I can't wait till we can start a family The Love of my life I'm glad I married you but until I get out we cannot be together

My love, I'm sorry I couldn't bear children, I know you and Michelle have been fucking and she is pregnant but that is fine, You've made your choice and soon I will be making mine, I hope you and her have a good life together, I'll be fighting till my last breath until I can't no more. I love you Ethan but I've already signed the divorce papers, I've made my choice, I' mgoing to be transfering to Military Intel or Mobile Infantry soon and that won't leave room for us to repair our broken marriage. Goodbye, love.


I love you. I always will.







General Larsen - Fears


I couldn’t really tell anyone much about him, other than I’d rather bring a bayonet to a gunfight and charge to my death than have to be interrogated by him.










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cmon bohannon

you cant REALLY be thinkin' yer char is that smart

shit she's like 8/20 at most given the shit she's pulled

god dam


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