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Maple Leaf Moosefucker

Uh, MOBCOMM this is Alpha-Actual — *CRRrRrRrrRrRrrrrr*

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the mi Troopers hit the ground with a thud slide snack like a double barreled shot gun the door ramp flies down and the Platoon. Exposed to PDF getting going down recruit leads charge: it sets in this is war, buddy, your hands shake but you don’t have hands anymore you cry out in pain but arachnids clawed that ability out so you merely call out target references but you realize you’re with a Platoon that only speaks British and one that doesn’t carry batteries for their radios you fall to you knees in defeat as you text your mother you love her and the snack that you craves her suddenly bombs lots of combs get bombed and bam the call of retreat is called but you now lack legs like where tf did he come from...


you look ol to the sky one last time, the feeling of warmth being finalized by your blood. you’re not cold and reviewing memories of hours past. the little things make you laugh, like how your brother use to chew his lasagnas and how your dog peed on your shoes everyday


youre pulled suddenly by ssgt “let’s go

he says”


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