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Operation Lost Colony -- Oct 26-28

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-- Tango Urilla, Altair System --

1400 CST Friday/Sat/Sun


Pushed back due to Admins being away on a personal trip.




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The Federal News logo is seen on your screen before it kicks over to an anchor man in a grey suit.


"Tango Urilla, a back water Planet with a serious attitude! The Arachnid attitude. Federal announcers have indicated that the 6th Fleet will be deployed to the Altair System in order to combat the threat. Governor Johnathan Grachlin had this to say."


The Camera pans to a man with salt and pepper hair and a black suit with a red tie.


"Today marks a momentus occasion! The Federation will work with the 3rd Tango Urillian Militia to route out and destroy the Arachnid presence on our planet. Even as we speak mobilization has begun and ships are being readied for the operation being dubbed "Operation Lost Colony"


The Camera pans back to the Anchor


"We have confirmed reports of ship mobilization from Terra. Units such as the 34th Terran Rifles, the 3rd Tango Urillian Militia, and the 112th Morita Rifles are just a small number of units being deployed to the planet. 


The Federation goes to war against its known enemy, now is the time! Will you do your part and help to protect humanity? See your local recruiters today and become part of something bigger!



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Hi all,


We need to delay this campaign due to unforeseen circumstances - we'll keep you informed as to what's happening in the near future. In the interim, it'll be business as usual on server.



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