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Robert Shaw

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Robert Shaw
General Information & Appearance
Birthplace: New Portsmouth, Pallas, Enyo System [[ http://starshiptroopersrp.wikia.com/wiki/Pallas ]]
Sex: Male
Age: 34
DOB: January 14th, 2264
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'1"
Body Build: Mesomorphic
Markings: Minimal scarring around neck, heavy scarring on his abdomen, chest and back
Demeanor: Calm, humoristic, vigilant
"Can never forget those faces."
Service Record
Age of Enlistment: 18
Years of Service: 16
Current Rank: Colonel
Promotion Record: Recruit < Private < Private First Class < Lance Corporal < Corporal < Sergeant < Staff Sergeant < Second Lieutenant < Lieutenant <  Captain < Major < Lieutenant Colonel < Colonel
Units: 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion, Commanding Officer
Combat Wounds: Twenty-three
Campaign Record:
Operation Firestorm
UMN Uprising
Operation Faxx
Operation Blue Eagle
Operation Poison Arrow
Edenwell Campaign
Epsilon Eridani Campaign
New Wellington Campaign
Operation Restoring Hope
Battle of Terra Neue
Battle of Terra
Federal Civil War
"I demoted them to Retard."
Fedbook Relationships:
Lieutenant Lux Archer: I've talked to lieutenant Archer on two occasions, one being more in depth than the other. She's seemingly a talented officer who's taken the slot of Captain Bailey who recently passed before my return to the 112th. During our conversation which pertained to a fundraiser, turns out that she was a calendar girl for one of the calendars I had. Thought she looked familiar.
Lieutenant William Saint-Claire: I've never had high opinions of those who conduct shady business or had even an ounce of Intelligence matters gleaming off of them. Saint Claire was a Trooper before going into FFRL and though we've never had much interaction, the sparring match between us leads me to believe he's a good man who doesn't take much shit.
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decided to open up relationships instead of doing a journal


journals are harder to maintain

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