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Maple Leaf Moosefucker

PFO - Operation Benedict

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~ The Office ~

The secretive office space is quiet, safe for the subtle 'hum' of the Grant and the continuous key-pressing of the secretary. Along with the seemingly ever-present aroma of freshly brewed coffee, this room would have an almost calming effect on all those who ever-laid eyes on it.


Flags occupy the flanks of her desk with the company of potted-plants. To their rear, a table that proudly holds a map with props, of which are various items such as plastic army-men, blocks of various colours and simple coloured washers. Note-pads litter the map, too, covering insignificant portions and details of the map.


Pushed against the interior-side of the walls within the office are newly-placed desks, each of which holds a console and generic-office supplies. Each desk looks as if it lacks tampering of men and women, each-yet to to customize their provided space.


The office is spacious and clean.


--- NOTICES ---

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