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Robert Smyth

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Name: Robert Smyth

Station(s): Engineering, Helms, Relay, Weapons, Science.

Biography: Robert was born to Family of Engineers, his Father was  Techincal Sergeant in the Infantry Engineers where he fixed machines and worked as a Mechanic. His Mother was a Fleet Pilot, running TAC runs. He however too more after his father. He was always fascinated with mechanics and engineering even from a young age. As he grew up he grew up on Ships, be they Carriers to Troop Transports to Massive Dreadnaughts. When he came of age he enlisted into the Federation Fleet under the Previso of a Fleet Auxillary Engineer, this is where he served for a few months years on many different ships as a reservist. He was drafted into the Grant as the Rank of Crewman where he served for a few months in turn. When he heard about the new staff call for officers to fulfill new jobs after the civil war he jumped at the chance and applies almost immediately.

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