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Lydia Schmidt Valentine [Bridge Operations]

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Name: Lydia Schmidt Valentine

Station(s): Weapons Systems.

Biography: Brought up on Terra, her parents seemed of rich caucasian descent, she had need for very little, yet because of the family ties and the incredible wealth there was reason for her not to be spoiled. The Father was an Admiral, once in his life, and the notion that someone who had never been there for her had become an Admiral sparked a thought-process of endless competition. Whilst her physicalities leaves something to be desired, she blasted through most of the her tests through school, College, and is at this moment in time pushing herself further to try and join the Bridge Operations Crew of the Federations fleet.


Albeit, here we get to the pompous parts of her personality. Of course she has more pride than to know what to do with, both wishing to represent the Federations Fleet to the best, but also represent herself and her lineage. Striving for competition with most because of this pride can lead to small hints of anger but, if one remembers to use logical reasoning she won't give you the worst of the stinky-eyes. Psychologically pristine and resilient because of her life as a 'superior' to most.

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Accepted into Weapons as Officer Cadet. 


Please write up a tech document regarding something about the Grant technologically that has yet to be written about.


Examples of mine and Jun's are below. Yours does not need to be flashy, so feel free to dig through the wiki and see what interests you in fleshing out. Send it to me by pm here on the website on completion. A technical document is required in order to progress up the ranks.


Mine: http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Morita_MPAC_Mk._II_(CIWS)


Jun's: http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Experimental_Mark_VII_Alcubierre_Drive


Also be sure to reply to the Fleet Roster being run by Jun (not X-Ray's / Medic) with your character name, username and timezone. 


My personal Steam if you wish to add me is here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mannulus


We will work out a schedule for me to teach you more about the Weapons Division at the next available time.

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