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El Excellente

Earthquake strikes major broadcasting facility

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It has been silent the past few days when Troopers looked through the FedNet programme. Right in the middle of the season, the galaxy's favorite pastime seems unavailable. Reason for this has just been uncovered: recent tectonic movements on Sanctuary caused a major earthquake to strike the outskirts of Spiritu Santo, where the FSN had their broadcasting facilities. The board is currently considering scrapping the site on Sanctuary and moving closer to the core of Federal space, per insider sources. One of these targets could be newly appointed capital and multi-million colony Iskander. Reports from FSN officials indicate that the majority of the damage has been repaired to the point of functionality, FSN will be able to proceed covering week 4 of the FSJ, officials indicate. The broadcasts are expected to be picked up on Wednessday or Friday night.


The Wiaria Argonauts are 3-0, by the way. But so are the Trappist Titans.


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