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F.F.R.L. Roster



Chief Military Observer - (C.M.O)

Maj. Artemisia Harley - @TheLynch



-- Sub-Division Lead --

2Lt. Hannah Zhao - @Coleision




2Lt. Ben Paulus - @StevieJr

CPo. Anri Yves - @Jinny

CPo. Aeliya Laufer @Minyari




Weapons and Defense


-- Sub-Division Lead --

2Lt. Ivanovna Degurechaff - @Litcoins




3Lt. Connor Caerson - @Latias


Dr. Axel Karter - @Gazza



-- Sub-Division Lead --

2Lt.  @Admyral Joe










**Comment below with character name and rank after messaging the lead for character approval into the F.F.R.L**


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