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F.F.R.L. Roster



Site Manager

Maj. Hannah Q. Zhao - @Coleision


Assistant Site Manager




-- Sub-Division Lead --



Rsr. Aletheia Croft - @Lilith

TRsr. Atticus Myers - @AaronIsntHere



Weapons and Defense

-- Sub-Division Lead --

Prof. Ivanovna Von Degurechaff - @Litcoins



SRsr. Justin Trench - @Cipher

ARsr. Connor Caerson - @Latias

Rsr. Axel Karter - @Gazza

TRsr. Steffan Wainright - @Scoutis



-- Sub-Division Lead --



TRsr. Sam Pritchard - @Sting


Liaison/Advisory Staff

WO. Arryn Falco - Medical - @LoFiSuicide

Dr. Vaylin Qov - PsiOps - @Coleision

Dr. Avacyn Moon - FFRL - @Valkrae


**Comment below with character name and rank after messaging the lead for character approval into the F.F.R.L**


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Name: Avacyn Moon

Rank: Warrant Officer

Field of Study: Xenobiology, Mobile Infantry Medical Detachment Liaison.

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21 hours ago, Lilith said:

Name: Dr. Aletheia Croft
Division Request: Weapons & Defense
Area of Specialization: Psycho-Physics.


i already chatted with you about this shizzz

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