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Naomi M. Hawthorne - The Federation's Big Wizuh'd

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[Hawthorne's ID Photo, taken February 22nd, 2294]




Basic Information


Name: Naomi M. Hawthorne

Place of Birth: Tel-Aviv, Israel - Terra

Date of Birth: April 21st, 2277

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 5'11"



Physical Description:


Weight: 152.5 lbs. 

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown



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[LCpl. Naomi Hawthorne, shown above investigating a perimeter breach at Fort Hillarsson, Cordelia.] 

"Bonnie. Get the fort on full alert. I've got a -REAL- bad feeling about this."


Military Information


Rank: Lieutenant

Branch: MIPOD

Date of Enlistment: 04/22/2295

Years of Service: 4

Service Record:

05/11/2294: Arrived at Camp Leiberman.

01/12/2295: Completed Boot Camp at Camp Leiberman.

01/21/2295: Assigned to 142nd Morita Rifles, 8th PsiOps Detachment. Rank of Private First Class, Third Specialist.

02/04/2295: Deployed into Ursa Centauri, based in Kerrig Station (Orbiting Cordelia).

02/11/2295: Promoted to Lance Corporal.

03/01/2295: Partook in Operation Simmering Steel.

05/09/2295: Promoted to Corporal at the end of Operation Simmering Steel.

05/10/2295: Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

05/24/2295: Promoted to Second Specialist (MIPOD).

06/03/2295: Promoted to Specialist (MIPOD).

06/29/2295: Partook in Operation Stormbreaker.

09/16/2295: Operation Stormbreaker deemed a failure, 142nd Morita Rifles merged with the 184th Morita Rifles due to heavy losses.

10/15/2295: Tested for Psychic Handler program. Passed.

11/01/2295: Awarded the Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon.

01/18/2296: Reassigned to 87th Morita Rifles.

02/22/2296: Partook in Operation Iron Scythe.

05/28/2296: Awarded the Citizenship Ribbon.

06/14/2296: Field promoted to Sergeant at the closing of Operation Iron Scythe.


07/08/2296: [DATA EXPUNGED]


02/12/2297: Full recovery achieved. Reinstated into 87th Morita Rifles.

05/17/2297: Partook in Operation Burning Falcon.

12/26/2297: Invasion of Terra by Progenitors forces begins. 87th Morita Rifles stranded on Terra.

08/02/2298: Remaining members of 87th rescued from Terra. Awarded the Meritorious Unit Medal.


08/30/2298: [DATA EXPUNGED]


09/20/2298: Reassigned into the 112th Mobile Infantry, 3rd MIPOD Detachment. Placed in as a Private First Class at request.

09/22/2298: Cleared for Psychic Handler program. Ranked at Master Specialist.

09/23/2298: Lost right leg, knee down in combat due to medical malpractice. BT replacement administered.

10/01/2298: Promoted to Lance Corporal.

10/20/2298: Promoted to Corporal.

10/30/2298: Promoted to Technical Sergeant of the 3rd MIPOD Detachment.

11/12/2298: Awarded the Meritorious Unit Medal.

12/02/2298: Promoted to Lieutenant.



Related image

[Sgt. Naomi Hawthorne, shown above wearing the Israeli flag after returning to her home with her unit, 12/10/2297.] 


All Awards and Commendations





General Specialization Ribbon



Purple Heart xAlot



Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon



Citizenship Ribbon


Theater Ribbons:



Operation Meggido




Combat Action Medal




Veteran Combat Medal




Meritorious Unit Medal




Meritorious Service Medal



Personal Items


1x Sefer Torah

1x Torah (Fed. Standard - Pocket Size)

1x Torah (Hebrew, Aviv Dialect - Handwritten)

'Reaper' Sidearm - Engraved letters on the back of the grip read 'BE', under that 'AR', and under that 'EB'

That Random Fucking Balloon from the Marauder Bay


Psychic Therapy Logs



Personal Information



Awful<██████|██████|██████>Not Awful



Lt. Pierre-Antoine Hawthorne, Father, 50. [DECEASED]

Dr. Eliza Hawthorne, Mother, 48. [DECEASED]

Lt. Ayda Hawthorne, Sister, 26. [MIA as of Dec. 26th, 2296]

LCpl. Colin Hawthorne, Brother, 18. [DECEASED]

Carolina Hawthorne, Sister, 18. [DECEASED]





Data Requisition in progress....








Personal Relationships


Interested | Respected Close Friend | Friend Noticed | Neutral | Mixed Hated

 = Sanity |  = Deceased |  = Retired/Transferred


Lowell Hartwick



Lt. Naomi M. Hawthorne


Session 1




Lt. 0000Good evening, Lieutenant Hawthorne.


Lt. Hawthorne: Good evening, Lieutenant 0000Congratulations on the promotion.


Lt. 0000Thank you. Now, I'm sure you already know why you are here. As I've done with your Technical Sergeant, I will be checking in with you regarding your relations, be it MI, Engineers, what not.


 Lt. Hawthorne: Of course. Where shall we begin?


Lt. 0000Sergeant Lowell Hartwick.


Lt. Hawthorne: Hartwick. Yes. He's grown quite a bit over the last two months. Had you asked me then, I wouldn't have many positive things to say. He was quite immature, be it how talks to his superiors over the radio, or how he spoke to myself. He also had an infatuation with myself for a time.


Lt. 0000And did these last?


Hawthorne: They did not. He quickly grew out of his hormonal-driven mindset after reaching the rank of Sergeant, and I'm pleased to see this.'


Lt. 0000Would you consider your current relation with the man to be positive?


Lt. Hawthorne: Yes. It's a professional relationship I can rely on.


Lt. 0000That is all, then, Lieutenant. Thank you for your time.






Shane Emmett



Lt. Naomi M. Hawthorne


Session 1




Lt. 0000Good afternoon, Lieutenant Hawthorne. I hope your meeting went well?


Lt. Hawthorne: It did. I will be sending you the results soon enough. Now, who is on the agenda today?


Lt. 0000Private First Class Shane Emmett. Or, Second Specialist. Whichever you prefer.


Lt. Hawthorne: Emmett. He... He really is something. It's a miracle he hasn't been shot in the field yet.


Lt. 0000And what makes you say this?


Lt. Hawthorne: The way he speaks to his superiors. It's either he takes everything as if it is a joke, or he really is just that dense. Either way, this will lead to his demise, be it by the enemy, or by one of our own.


Lt. 0000Do you think this can be avoided?


Lt. Hawthorne: Yes. But there is only so much myself, or the NCO's can do to help him. He's in a war. If he doesn't grow up, the war will either make him grow up, or it will break him. It's up to him whether or not he makes it out alive.


Lt. 0000Do you have anything else to add, Lieutenant?


Lt. Hawthorne: Negative. I've got nothing else.






Arryn Falco



Lt. Naomi M. Hawthorne


Session 1




Lt. 0000Warrant Officer Arryn Falco.


Lt. Hawthorne: Falco is quite the unforgettable person. She's quite the person, and if anything, she's the most predictably unpredictable person I know. Some might be afraid of her 'strange' ways, habits, whatever you may consider it. But, in a way, she seems to make this hellish job -that- much more bearable. A veteran of the unit, and something I really... can't put a finger on.


Lt. 0000And what makes you say this?


Lt. Hawthorne: She is looked up to by the people around her, no doubt, and she masks what war has done to her young adulthood years incredibly well. She's something I fear I might one day turn into, and with her, there are simply things I cannot explain with words.


Lt. 0000I see. Is there anything else you would like to add to this, Lieutenant?


Lt. Hawthorne: Yes. I'm going to pursue psychic therapy for her. We have had one 'dive' so far, and I will be speaking to her first, and if no fruit bears, her CO in order to try and get this set in stone. Something tells me she may not appreciate this notion, but I don't too much care. I feel this would be best for her, no?


Lt. 0000Time will tell then, Lieutenant. If that is all, you are free to go.






Aaron Holtz



Lt. Naomi M. Hawthorne


Session 1




Lt. 0000Staff Sergeant Aaron Holtz.


Lt. Hawthorne: Holtz is one of the oldest in the one twelfth, if I am not mistaken. He's also one of the few people aboard this ship I can respect. At least, shipside.


Lt. 0000And why is this, Hawthorne?


Lt. Hawthorne: From a relaxed position, the man acts as a father to a number of the infantry. Always looking out for them, always wanting them to succeed. But once he gets into action, he seems to lose this. For the better, or for the worse, I do believe it is the latter.


Lt. 0000What gives you this feeling, then?


Lt. Hawthorne: Simply from what I've witnessed, and what my most trusted operatives have told me, this man is more jarhead than pathfinder when it comes to field work. It seems he feels, be it from past experiences or what not, that the life of a trooper drops in value once in the field. Now, compare this to his attitude shipside, where he cares for each soldier. Is he right? That isn't for me to decide. One may be willing to die for the Federation in a heartbeat; as I would; and there is nothing wrong with this. What is wrong is when you have no issue forcing others to die. I do hope he doesn't curdle, and go down the wrong path.


Lt. 0000I see. Is there anything else you'd wish to add?


Lt. Hawthorne: If he isn't already going under some sort of therapy at the moment, I would advise he does. That is all.






Sebastian Bently



Lt. Naomi M. Hawthorne


Session 1




Lt. 0000Good afternoon, Lieutenant. Now, I'm sorry to tell you this, but we were unable to recover your old PR logs. So, this'll be a sort of refresher. From the start. Make sense?


Lt. Hawthorne: Of course, Lieutenant. Who exactly is this one for, now?


Lt. 0000Lieutenant Colonel Sebastian Bently.


Lt. Hawthorne: -- Yes. The MI CO.


Lt. 0000Yes. Start from the beginning with him.


** Silence filled the room for a brief moment, save for the shuffling of Lieutenant Hawthorne in her seat.


Lt. Hawthorne: I had met the man after my first deployment with the one-twelfth. He came in to question about what had happened in the field, and why my leg was missing. He was the first of the members of this platoon to show any sort of concern for his troopers. From my perspective, at least. He was a Captain at the time. He issued me my Biotech limb, and kept me with the platoon. I do owe him for this.


Lt. 0000And what about past this point?


Lt. Hawthorne: As much as he may have made 'negative' jokes about Psychics and such things, he's one of the few officers who still sees us as human. I can't appreciate anything more than that. A number of officers I won't name treat us members of MIPOD as disposable assets. Simply worth only their gift's extent. Once they are burnt out, they are no longer of any worth, and tossed away. It is comforting to know there are some still here who see us as human.


Lt. 0000Of course. It appears you have quite some respect for the Lieutenant Colonel. And, it seems to have been earned.


Lt. Hawthorne: It is. Once Lieutenant Vickers had taken command, I felt the break between Intel and the MI widen, therefore stressing MIPOD and MI once more. Thus, we returned to the same paranoid looks, and general fear used to describe us. It was a pleasant surprise to have him return. There are few people here I would trust. He is one of those few. Well, somewhat.


Lt. 0000Care to digress, Hawthorne?


** Silence filled the room for yet another moment as the young woman tapped her boot against the floor, presumably thinking of a response.


Lt. Hawthorne: We've all done questionable things at some point or another. I have. He has. Every single person on this floor has. I assure you have as well. But, it still puts me off. I know how he feels, and I've done what he's done. I, personally wish for him to get help. I've been able to pry one single Psychic Therapy session, but I feel I could do more. I fear that if he continues going the route he is, his people may follow him, for worse. They need him, and he needs them. I hope to keep this tie together for as long as I can.


Lt. 0000You're being quite vague, Hawthorne. I assume there is a reason behind this?


Lt. Hawthorne: One I am not willing to discuss at this time, Lieutenant.






† Leana Wells 



Lt. Naomi M. Hawthorne


Session 1




Lt. 0000As with the last entry, this will be about the same. We're simply replacing the missing files from before. This one for a Staff Sergeant Leana Wells.


Lt. Hawthorne: -- Yes. Wells. I had not truly met them until the deployment against the Communist Forces some time back. It was a rather FUBAR'd drop, and we suffered many injuries, and our droplead captured. At the time, Wells was a part of Second Platoon, and simply dropped with us to add extra 'muscle' to the unit.


Lt. 0000And what about your thoughts on the woman?


Lt. Hawthorne: I'm simply happy she was on our side. I've never seen a trooper so willing to fight till the very end than her. Injury after injury, and she still kept fighting. It's quite admirable of a trait in my eyes. In another way, it's rather scary. A soldier like her can be misguided quite easily, nor can you say they can be 'inherently good', with such a lust for violence. And when I say 'lust', I am not saying it in jest.


Lt. 0000-- Right. Anything else you'd like to add?


Lt. Hawthorne: I do hope she lives out the rest of her life pleasantly. She may not have been a good person, but she has my respect. Troopers like her are far and few between, and I will miss their 'eccentric' personality within my briefings.






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