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Naomi M. Hawthorne - The Federation's Brain Toucher

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Face Claim


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Naomi, before enlistment.

Dated January 8th, 2294.



Basic Information:


Name: Naomi Matilda Hawthorne

Age: 22

D.O.B: April 21st

Gender: Female

Role(s): Psychic Operative

Kin: None

Homeworld: Terra

Homecountry: Tel Aviv, Israel

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Build: Mesomorphic

Weight: 142.5 Lbs.

Height: 5ft. 11in.

Race: Caucasian

Status: Alive


Lt. Pierre-Antoine Hawthorne - Father - 50 - [Retired] UNKNOWN

Dr. Eliza Hawthorne - Mother - 48 - UNKNOWN

Lt. Marie Hawthorne - Sister - 26 - MIA as of Dec. 24th, 2296

LCpl. Colin Hawthorne - Brother - 18 - UNKNOWN

Carolina Hawthorne - Sister - 18 - UNKNOWN


Current Rank:

Technical Sergeant of M.I.P.O.D.


Rank Progression:

Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. > Cpl. > TRANSFER > Pfc. > LCpl. > Cpl. > TSgt.







General Specialization Ribbon



Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon



Purple Heart xAlot



Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon


Theater Ribbons:



Operation Meggido




Combat Action Medal




Veteran Combat Medal




Meritorious Unit Medal




Meritorious Service Medal







Misc. Attributes:

Has a big brain. Is a bitch. Also ain't that bad at music. Also Jewish. Well, somewhat. War does weird shit to you, man.


Character Description:
The woman before you is a tall and rather thin woman. She stands at about 5ft. 11in., and could be guessed to weigh about 140 pounds, as well as seeming to look rather young, perhaps in her late teens, early twenties. She had soft brown eyes, and wavy, sleek black hair that came down to her chin. Her skin was a rather pale white as well. She donned a scar on her face, traveling from her upper lip, down her left cheek. The woman's voice was not at all a harsh tone, and she seemed to don a rather strange accent, sounding something of Israeli and French. She had a biotech on her right leg from the knee down. It was hidden by the pants she wore.



Rabbi Goldberg's Sefer Torah

Eliza's Silver Hamsa Necklace - Given to Corporal Bellic as a parting gift

Naomi's Mendini 4/4 Violin, a gift from her father




Nearly mastering piano and violin by the age of 10.

Surviving on Terra for a year after the invasion.

Becoming Technical Sergeant in her division.



Literally everything.



Probably the shit she won't talk to you about.


Personal Relationships

Relations: Loved|Respected|Trusted|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears


--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--


Sebastian Bently -

The CO of the Mobile Infantry. A Captain worth his salt, and not a total spastic with his rank. He might come off as unnecessarily harsh sometimes, but we all have our reasons for what we do. Other than that, it seems he is far better than our previous Lead.

The man has quite the office as well. Quite good for socializing. Something I don't think he does often.


Leana Wells -

I haven't met a fighting spirit like this in quite some time. They fought through injury after injury, and still fought until the moment we EVAC'd. There aren't many troopers like her around. Honestly, I'm just happy she's on our side.


Chiyuki Asahi -

A rather new trooper who has a problem with effort. I know he's fully capable of not being so.... Lazy. He just needs to learn to try. He will, in due time, though. War changes people. Especially those unwilling to change.


Jodie Cutter -

A rather competent Corporal. I haven't spoken to her much, as our paths haven't crossed too often. Perhaps in the future we might come to know each other better.


- Lily Parker -

A rather strange, yet strong individual. In the times I've seen them in combat, not only can they hold their own weight, but they seem to pull others out of the bad situations. Now that I've spoken to her more recently about certain events that unfolded on the field, I feel that I have a better understanding of the woman, and how she functions. On a more personal note, yes, she may have asked me to dinner, but I plan on using this opportunity to get her therapy set in place. Not only will this be good for her, but I feel it will benefit Blaise greatly. Experience is the best teacher, after all.


They're also from similar circumstances as I am, being on Terra for the invasion and all, and it isn't exactly something I wish to talk about. But, if the therapy requires it, I will do whatever it is I need to.



--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--









- Delilah Blaise

My 'student' of sorts. I have high hopes for her, as she seems quite interested in Psychic Therapy. Perhaps she can help Medical and PsyOps work closer together? Either way, I plan on taking good care of my operative.


--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--


- Reo Ito -
Incompetent medic. Can't take orders, either. I would hope you learned from your mistakes, but I'm going to assume you don't.

I haven't seen him in some time, and I'm pleased.


Reuben Charles -

Perverted abomination of a 'medic'.



--[[Federation Marauders]]--


Sarah Redbrick -

Spoke with me after the strange encounter on the base, and I was placed into the med-bay for my injuries. A rather interesting woman with an unbreakable spirit. It's something I can admire. As for her leadership, it seems people do not like how 'blunt', or honest she is. I personally think we can all learn to be a little more honest with our enlisted.

I do hope we can retrieve her. I still feel guilty for allowing her to be captured.


- Joshua Edwards -

A rather strange man, for being a Lieutenant. Competent CO of his division, but I feel as if he's a little too "friendly" with the woman aboard the ship. Like I said. Odd man, but he does his job.


Patrick Stevenson -

The once Staff Sergeant, now Third Specialist. I believe him hanging up the NCO coat was a good idea, not because he was a bad NCO, but because he was so closed minded, and stuck in his ways. I see change, and I am glad.


--[[Federation Fleet]]--


- Jee-un Choi

An... Interesting individual. Not exactly the most socially adept, it seems.




--[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--











--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--


- ✞ Erae Bellic ✞ -

Apparently a once-powerful psychic who was imprisoned. I don't too much care for why, as I can already see the reason just from her training. On another note, a long time without practice can seriously deteriorate one's abilities, but for Bellic, she is re-learning quite well. I have high hopes in her. I hope that one day soon she can assist me with helping untrained psychics learn their abilities.

Half of me feels as if I did everything I could for you, and your final words to me are comforting. The other half reminds me of Rex and Emeliah.

I won't ever forget you.




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