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Wendell Cheslock ~ Ka-Boom

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Wendell Cheslock





The Sweet Tunes



General Information

:: Full Name: Wendell Hyon Cheslock
:: Nickname(s): Wendy, Ches
:: Age: 23
:: Date of Birth: June 24th, 2275
:: Federation Service Initiated: October 23rd, 2297
:: Home World/Colony: Earth
:: Nationality: Korean-American
:: Military Role: Combat Engineer
:: Military Rank: Specialist Second Class
:: Status: Active
:: Relationship Status: Single
:: Previous Relationships of Notice: None



:: Hair Style: Medium length. Parted
:: Hair Color: Black
:: Eye Color: Hazel
:: Height: 5'11" (180cm)
:: Weight: 162 lb (73.4kg)
:: Facial Features: Angular features. Clean-shaven appearance. Often seen with 'eye black' markings
:: Body Features: Pale skin tone and clear complexion. Occasionally scratches or red marks along forearms



Tarot Reading



"He carries nothing with him except a small sack, caring nothing for the possible dangers that lie in his path. Indeed, he is soon to encounter the first of these possible dangers, for if he takes just a step more, he he topple over the cliff that he is reaching. But this doesn't seem to concern him - we are unsure whether he is just naive or simply unaware. The dog at his heels barks at him in warning, and if he does not become more aware of his surroundings soon, he may never see all the adventures that he dreams of encountering."

Psyche Report

"Early sessions have developed a rather odd, if interesting report. Subject Cheslock, is, by all accounts, a completely sane and competent figure, so much so he has been accepted into the often hazardous engineering field, yet displays a zeal for explosives munitions that far exceed typical Human interest. Subject Cheslock was more than willing to recount a plethoral of stories and experiences with various explosives, detonations, and general destruction (Even offering to demonstrate the creation of thermite via a tinfoil wrap and knife). While this level of interest might draw red flags for maniac behavior, Subject Cheslock was quite calm and collected in other sections of questioning, quick to joke and provide honest through response, even acknowledging his enthusiasm with a level of self awareness.


Beyond his appetite for destruction and subsequent creation, socially, Subject Cheslock again raises brows. Despite being fully capable at holding conversations and following social cues, Subject was more than willing to admit his friend group prior to military service was abnormally small, consisting of only a handful of close acquaintances. Subject Cheslock was quick to justify his decision, claiming that 'a social life is a rather big distraction'. This same ideology applied to both alcoholic intake and romantic, and even sexual, encounters. In layman's terms, Subject Cheslock is quick to hyper-focus on fields of interest, with little concern for outside distractions."




Personal History





Wendell Cheslock was born on June 24th, within the Oregon region of Terra, in the year 2275. Born to a pair of Federation Citizens, Cheslock had a privileged, comfortable life for the duration of his childhood. Mother a pharmacist and Father mangar to a private construction firm, Cheslock was afforded a hefty early education, receiving in-depth tutoring into various fields, including mathematics and science. Although unappealing in athletic fields, Cheslock more than compensated with involvement into various technical extracurricular activities, ranging from robotics and cyber security, to STEM and, yes, even the Anime Club. Despite a heavy involvement within his school’s programs, Cheslock was noticeably reserved, even antisocial during select periods. His friend group, all though close, remained considerably small throughout his education, and it was rare for Cheslock to leave home on weekends, preferring instead to carry on various side projects. Despite these behaviors, Cheslock displayed no outright debilitating conditions, and regularly acknowledged his tendency to isolate himself in his work.


Graduating Cum Laude in 2293, Cheslock initially struggled in pursuing follow-on education. Despite high GPA and standardized testing scores, Cheslock possessed no drive to enlist for Federal Service, limiting his scholarship opportunities. Unsure of his future in life, Cheslock found employment within his Father’s construction firm. The work, while tiring, was rather interesting to the young man, who found great enjoyment in physically altering and changing his environment. He developed an especially penchant liking for the destruction factor in the work, finding a thrill in the rush and shock wave of TNT. Two years after his graduation, Cheslock choose to attend the local (and rather humbling) education of his community college, with a drive to pursue an eventual degree in Chemical Engineering.


Despite high performance, Cheslock found the heavy book work to be tiring and uninteresting. With a focus upon textbooks and spreadsheets, the young man found little time to pursue outside activities that satied his interest in transformation and creation. Seeking to expand into a more specialized, technical college, Cheslock found his only hope of affording tuition would be Federal Service. Ceasing his college education in the summer of 2297, Cheslock’s attempts at enlistment would be soon hampered by the invasion of Terra, by the Progenitor race. Locked in a life or death struggle, Cheslock turned his attention to assisting Federation forces in the safe evacuation of his community, aiding in construction of defenses and logistical needs. After ensuring his family’s safe evacuation, Cheslock joined them, relocating to the world of Karrus. As his sister began service as an arms designer and producer, Cheslock began his enlistment process into the Mobile Infantry, signing as a Combat Engineer.


For the next half year, Cheslock endured the grueling, tough and often humiliating entry level training of the wartime Federation, quickly turning into a developed, if somewhat awkward, soldier. His high performance in follow-on training resulted in Cheslock’s assignment to the renown 112th Rifle Battalion, known for their high versatility and success rate across the Infantry. With a soft demeanor by his side, Cheslock began his service to the Federation.







:: Emerson Lahaye Cheslock – Father - Alive
:: Esther Yeun Cheslock – Mother - Alive
:: Wendy Auvray Cheslock – Sister - Alive



Miscellaneous Information

:: Religious Views: Atheist
:: Known Languages: English (Native), Korean (Proficient)
:: Hobbies/Occupations: Reading (Westerns), Cooking, Camping
:: Highest Attained Education: Associates Degree (Incomplete)

Relationship Information

◈ Loved | ◈Idolized | ◈Close Friends | ◈Friends | ◈Liked | ◈Noticed
◈Disliked |◈Hated | ◈Enemies
Mobile Infantry
Madoc "Lewie" Llewellyn
"She's weird, heh. She speaks English, but I can't understand most of what she says. But the things I do understand, are usually nice. Seems to be a favorite among the unit, though I'm not sure why. Come to think of it, most girls are...Heh, anyways, she has some beautiful hardware. Makes me excited when I see them in action. Would kill to get my hands one them, heh. Rough them up, give them a test drive, see what they're made of. But, heh, I don't think they'll be so keen on letting me toy with them. Forty millimeters are for the Grunts, after all..."
Matthew Squires
"He's nice! At least, for the Mobile Infantry. Doesn't seem to keen on yelling (At least, at me, that is). Seems to recognize my knack for causing 'booms', heh. Think he wants me to advance, gain some weight on the rank, but it's beyond his control. I don't mind. My works fixing things. Leading is just a side bit."


Engineering Detachment

Sarah "Red" Redbrick

"A Sergeant. My Sergeant. She's...Crude, heh. Gave me the introduction and such. Quick to criticize too, even in the worst of times. Maybe that's why she was booted from the Marauder...Anyway, I suppose she has a lot to pass, or maybe she has a lot to nitpick, heh. I'm not complaining, just stating the observations. I'll have to follow her, one way or another.



Medical Detachment



Marauder Detachment
Izla "Hang" Sinthachai
"A Marauder. They're known for being a little lacking in the head, but Hang is different. He knows his job, and he's more than happy to let me do mine. Even has a big grin beneath that helmet as the TON makes fireworks, heh. He's encouraged me to widened my field of training, become something of an asset past the explosives and rockets. Likes to keep me grounded, when I get a little bit excited, heh, heh. I'm glad to have found a friend."




Naomi Hawthorne

"Apart of Intelligence. They're an odd sort. Bisecting brains and cracking open memories. Not literally, but they give me the shakes, Hawthorne being no exception. I'm sure they're fine, maybe even friendly, but something tells me we won't be speaking much, at least on pleasant terms. She was there for that...Let's call it an 'encounter' with the deer. She knows something we don't. That's fine, but, I don't feel too comfortable thinking about it."



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