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Pte. Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili

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ნესტან-დარეჯან ფირცხალაიშვილი










Basic Information


Name: Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili.

Place of Birth: Stepantsminda, Georgia, Earth.

Date of Birth: 6th February 2277 g.

Age: 21.

Gender: Female.

Height: 5'4".



Physical Description:


Weight: 9st 7lbs.

Hair colour: Black.

Eye colour: Dark Brown.

Physical Features: Strong Caucasus and Slavic mix features; Tanned skin; Angular jaw; Short cut hair; Slim and small build.




Military Information


Rank: Private - Pte.

Branch: Mobile Infantry; Rifle Company.

Role: Section gunner; Light Support Weapon.

Date of Enlistment: 25/10/98-g.

Years of Service: 0.

Service Record: N/A.

Training Record: Selection Process - Passed;

                           Phase 1 (Basic) Training - Passed;

                           Phase 2 Training (Trade and Battalion) - Passed.


Personal Information


-Giorgi Pirtskhalaishvili - Father - Alive.

-Malkhazni (Née Murtazalieva) Pirtskhalaishvili - Mother - Dead (as of 6/02/77-g).

Characteristics: Calm, old fashioned (Victorian mindset), aloof, loyal, factual and head strong.

Strengths: Small frame - Able to fit in smaller places than most people; Non-Stranger to the cold - Can mentally withstand colder temperatures; Trilingual - English, Georgian & Russian; Night owl - Can stay up late and works more efficiently in the late hours.

Weaknesses: Pes Planus (flat feet) - insoles are needed and pain in the feet can be caused; Chronic sinustis - Enlarged sinuses, blocked nose for hours and days at a time, can cause headaches and pain in nose cavities; Awful in the heat - Cannot withstand the heat and tends to be nippy when overheated.

Other Information: N/A.



Personal Relationships


Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated


Sebastian Bently - "An officer who is quite laid back and is seeming eagre to gain the knowledge of the people who he is commanding; He reminds me of a British officer, laid back, soft voice but the difference is he doesn't seem to be toffy nosed but that attribute may be hidden - I don't know. But overall, he's alright and I like him."

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