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Naomi Pierce

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Name: Naomi Pierce
Age: 23
D.O.B: July 23, 2275
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Mobile Infantry
Specialty: Rifleman


Mother: Selene Pierce

Father: Gregory Pierce

BrotherSedric Pierce

SisterLiliana Pierce 

Homeworld: Karrus
Alignment: Neutral
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Build: Mesomorphic
Rank: Private



Backstory: Naomi was born and raised on the colony of Karrus where her family resided with heavy Federation based loyalty and ties, many relatives in Fleet or Intelligence out of the branches. During her youth and further, Naomi was always a confident and ambitious person from, engaging with others physically and such in sports, however half of the time she was sheltered by her family from the 'harsh reality' which she already was very aware of, even through her awareness their sheltering still affected her, giving her a nervous yet confident personality. Due to this nature she took into reading, becoming a bit of a book-worm as she grew, extremely interested in the activity and will do it in her free time constantly; with poetry, short stories, and novels being examples of her readings. Later on in her life she grew tiredsome of her family's constant shielding, and she would test for service however scored too low for either Fleet or intel, leaving her with MI which at the time she immediately takes up in order to "escape" her family, going through basic then stationed on the Grant with a mostly positive view of the people she's met.


Physical, Mental, and Skill based abilities:

Strength: 10/20

Dexterity: 14/20

Constitution: 15/20

Intelligence: 17/20

Wisdom: 13/20

Charisma: 13/20

Combat Rating: 11/20

Sanity: 10/10

Health: 10/10



Character Description:  A shorter figure standing at 5'6" | Looks to be in her Early-Mid 20s | Well kept Blonde hair tied in a ponytail | Clean uniform which looks and smells new |


Personality: Nervous/confident, Bookworm, Loyal(ty)


Personal Relationships:

Relations: Love/Romantic Attraction | Admiration | Like Family, Brethren | Good friends | Friends | Acquaintance | Neutral | Mixed | Dislikes | Hates | Fears | 


--[[ Active Mobile Infantry Personnel Of The Grant ]]--


Deblowski: "He doesn't seem to be the luckiest guy does he?"


Sebastian Bently: "He seems like a pretty cool CO, not overly 'oh look at me I'm the captain myeh listen to me myeh' speel which I respect really, he can converse pretty well and seems pretty decent as a person overall really."


--[[ Military Intelligence Active Personnel ]]--

(None known)


--[[ Active Fleet Personnel ]]--

(None known)


--[[ Active Marauder Personnel ]]--


Joshua Edwards: "He's really nice guy! Like when I picture Lieutenants I pictured they'll make you eat dirt and a rifle butt a few times over. He's also..Uhm quite attractive to say, charming, well built, he understands me, enjoys poetry, charming...oh I repeated myself. Well I'm just going to say he is definitely something so I guess we see where it goes? Yeah.. oh right what I was saying, he's a very nice guy and I feel really comfortable least when I'm around him, and hope we can spend a bit more time together.


--[[ Deceased Personnel ]]--

(None known)



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