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[IC] Trainings and You

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So you've noticed people are shit. You want to make them less shit.

Congratulations, you've taken personal responsibility for something.


Now don't fuck it up.


  1.  EDGE. Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable. Explain what you're teaching. Demonstrate how it works. Guide troopers through it step by step, then enable them to do it themselves. Congratulations, you've taught a skill.
  2. A skill is important. Don't teach fifteen things at once. Teaching 'CQB' is teaching fifteen things at once. Teach one, maybe two. How to take corners. How to identify a safe shot. How to avoid skylining. Something that can be grasped quickly and retained.
  3. Engage. Don't lecture. Have them do it, in the hangar, or in a sim. Give them a taste of it for real.
  4. Keep soft skills in mind. Troopers will never have to form a human pyramid in the field, but they will have to communicate, coordinate, and carry their squads.
  5. Never ever ever tell people to do something without any briefing or prep, watch them do it badly, then tell them why they fucked up. This isn't training. This is punishment. If you're going to do this, give them the instruction that makes them fuck up. Make it a demonstration of why doing something the wrong way is stupid. Don't just push them into it and call them idiots.
  6. Keep it short and to the point. MI aren't known for long attention spans. You won't get anything in after half an hour or so.
  7. When someone does something right, encourage them, even if it isn't the thing you're teaching, never ignore someone doing something right.








And some OOC ones:

1) Pre-type. If you're waiting for a slow typer to answer a question, or anything that means you'd otherwise be doing nothing, pre-type what comes next. Use notepad, or a googledoc, or anything. Don't use mass paragraphs. Split it into shorter lines and paste them in sequence to keep it easy to parse.
2) Know it. Have a list of what you're covering and work through it, or you'll meander and it'll be less snappy. Don't get side-tracked or bogged down. Offer to answer questions after you're done if someone has a specific line of enquiry you don't want to go down in detail.
3) Allow characterisation. Don't punish people for roleplaying their characters. This isn't a competition to be the best starship trooper. Ultimately the reason we do these trainings is so people will have more fun during drops. Less friendly fire and deader enemies makes for happier players.


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