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Federal Jumpball League - Week 4 Podcast

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Federal Jumpball League


As you browse FedNet, you stumble across the FSN video podcast service...


Hello and welcome to the interactive FJL podcast service delivered to you by FSN! I'm your host, Holly Andersen and with me in this podcast is FSN-residential Jumpball expert Duncan McConnel. Before the week 4 matchups, we'll present you a short breakdown of the season so far, and what is up ahead.

Duncan McConnel looks away from Holly. As you rewind the scene repeatedly, you'd catch his gaze being stuck on her huge rack for a short second. She's really showing some cleavage today. He speaks into the camera: It might be early in the season, but we're getting a clearer and clearer picture by every day passing.

In order to proceed, scroll through the contents and play the recorded content you'd like!




Wiaria Argonauts - chances for title?

When will the bubble burst?


▶ Play: 10:32


H: Duncan, we're going to have to start off this podcast by talking about one of the fan favourites here. New to the league but successful, the emerging Argonauts. Your take on them?

McC: I'm going to have some Morita Regiment come break down my door, Holly, but I'm still not sold on them. They're a small, new team and I am a believer in tradition. You'll only get so far without being a true championship-caliber team.

H: So you're counting them out simply because they haven't won anything yet?

McC: That sounds harsh when you say it like that, Holly, but that's the breakdown of it. If we look further down the road, you're lacking experience. Sure, their passing game is cohesive. Sprostanov and his main target Damjanovski have really built some chemistry in the locker room, but you cannot forget all the other guys on the team! Your two offensive stars are worth nothing when they're never on the field.

H: You're hinting their bad defence?

McC: Absolutely, Holly. If we dig numbers here, we have their tackling machine in the defensive backfield, number 35, Hunter Majka. In just three games he's amassed 16 tackles. That's not bad for a safety, someone who is usually just way back from all the big people and only trying to defend passes.

H: But there certainly is more to it?

McC: Absolutely, Holly. If you look at the tackle number itself, you'd think you'd be happy to have him. But I've watched countless hours of video material, I've ran through the numbers. We're not trying to shame him here, by any means, but he has allowed 12 catches already from all the balls thrown at him. Let me back that up with another number: He's only defended 67.5% of all the passes in his direction!

H: You're certainly unsatisfied with that number, Duncan, I get that. Have any comparative numbers?

Duncan McConnel shuffles around the paper on the desk infront of them

McC: Way ahead of you, Holly. Let's look at the Faraway Fighting Falcons, or their safety to be exact. Six foot two, 232 pound safety Da'rion Joseph, number 21. He used to be mediocre, came from the Arcadia Bandits and is now evolving into an elite defender. He's been on the field for 123 passing plays - allowed six catches of our beloved eggball. In total, he's defended 83.9 percent of all the passes thrown at him - and, to top it off - one interception. Add to that the 12 tackles he's made, you have yourself a solid defender.


H: I understand now, Duncan. You're not sold on the Argonauts because you think an elite offense is going to pick their defense apart?

McC: I don't just think so Holly, I know it. Let's look at their schedule really quick. Who are they even playing, why are they 3-0 [[Three wins Zero losses]]

H: If you'd like me to read the gameplan at this point, which subscribers of this Podcast can find below, the Argonauts have the obligatory matches against their division rivals, then they'll play the western division with the teams from the Trio, one team from the other two divisions within their conference aswell as the southern division from the rival conference..

McC: Exactly, Holly, thanks for that. Now, what I read from this, is: trash. That schedule could've only been easier if they changed Hathor to Percival. They're playing the worst division this year, they are playing in one of the baddest divisions and they are playing the easiest division in the rival conference.

H: Aren't you being a bit harsh on these teams now?

McC: I'm absolutely not. They're playing Castus next, who are 0-3. Castillo is 0-3. Both Pizarro and Roku San are 1-2. The Trio division, or officially the NC-West? They're choking badly. The Raiders from Venad-4, scored 50 points while conceding 58.

H: On the flip side, easy schedule means the planning gods must have taken a liking in Wiaria?

McC: They absolutely did. I wouldn't even be surprised to see Wiaria in the playoffs. After all, every division sends atleast one team to the playoffs - it has to be someone from that division.

H: Are you absolutely sure it'll be Wiaria to win the division?

McC: If I had to bet, yes, but of course you're hinting at the fact that their rival is also standing at 3-0. The Trappist Titans somehow recovered from their... stumbly? preseason. They're  definitely a sleeper this year, absolutely under the radar. I don't think they pose a major threat, though. Maybe a nuisance, but the Argonauts definitely need to have them on their sheets. You get past the Titans, you should be fine.


H: Anything about their personnel you'd like to add as sort of closing words?

McC: Let me sift through my stat papers, Holly.

Duncan McConnel shuffles around the paper on the desk infront of them

H: I'm sure Sprostanov, their Quarterback, would like an honourable mention at this point?

Duncan McConnel scoffed as he lightly shook his head

McC: We've seen flashes of potential but he's far from his ceiling. Two times player of the game, two mentions in player of the week. Three games, 105 pass attempts, 73 of that completed. He's thrown for 660 yards, 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The ratio is okay, but that sums it about up. He's doing okay, definitely being held back by something. We're waiting on a breakout game of him, but if he doesn't deliver it with this schedule he has ahead of him, he'll feed the skeptics.

H: How is his target faring?

McC: Damjanovski? It's poor. Let me just read out the stats to you: He's been targetted 32 times, caught only 21 but dropped only one single pass.

H: You're going to have to break that down to the audience.

McC: Damjanovski has a name to him and everybody knows about it. You have number 83 on the field, he's gonna get the ball for sure. You cover him, you stop the Argonauts. It's simple as that. On the flipside, when he's getting ahold of the ball, he is deadly. He's caught 235 yards already and is averaging at 11.05 yards per completion. He only caught 2 touchdowns, but he's a workhorse for this team.

H: You're saying Damjanovski is drawing the attention of the defenders. How are the receivers around him faring?

McC: Duško Suleski is doing okay. 177 yards, 2 touchdowns. He's averaging at 9.32 per completion.

H: So even when covered, Sprostanov hits his targets most of the time. How about their ground game?

McC: Thanks for the question, Holly, I love this synergy we're having, I was just going to get to that, it's as if we were one person!

Currently, there seems to be some kind of dispute between Koprov, the planned starter and their headcoach. We don't know whats going on, but thanks to that Zhivko Simovski has earned himself the start spot at runningback. He's getting most of the workload, but he's no real innovation. Who I do like to point out, however, is Kirili Ilieva. 29 years old, 5'11, 208 pound man. Everyone thought he was going to be a roster filler this year, signed the contract in Wiaria to mentor the young ones. This is still true, but he regardless of that finds his use on the field. I just thought I'd point out his numbers at this point because they seemed impressive. He attempted to run the ball 13 times only and scored 112 yards. That's an average of 8.62.


H: Outlook for the game tomorrow?

McC: Castus is coming over to play in Wiaria, home field advantage for the Argonauts. Castus is 27th only in points scored per game, Wiaria is 4th in points allowed. Castus is almost dead-last in total yards allowed per game. It'll be interesting to see Sprostanov put up the numbers here.

H: Lastly, we've had incoming reports from the Wiaria coach. Todor Sinadinovski is listed as questionable for tomorrow, suffering a concussion. He'll be back in two weeks. Cornerback Andrew Raynor is also listed as questionable with a hyperextended knee, also two weeks. Castus will be without receiver Lorenzo Dymkoski who has had his vision impaired.




Alpha Centauri Centurions - Under Pressure

Merger for the better??


▶ Play: 23:06


H: Let's talk about the Centurions next - if you've been sleeping under a rock for the past weeks, yes, the Centurions! The product of the merger of the Hesperus Habs and the Hod Redhawks.

McC: The bastard child of this league, really.

H: While the Trio Revolution have split up into three seperate teams each home to their own planetary systems, the bitter rivals from Alpha Centauri have actually merged to stay competetive - and caused a major controversy doing so.

McC: Absolutely, Holly. The controversy not only stems from the rivalry between the teams, but this merger has been criticized all throughout the galaxy. Because the merger of the FJL itself was a huge deal financially. You see, the FJL didn't want to cause too big of a shake-up. Good teams were meant to stay good and the league will level over the years as a natural progress.

H: There has been lots of talks about the financial changes. The FJL will be a lot more centralized now, they'll distribute the money evenly among the teams - every team will have a set amount of money they can spend on player salaries, but there will also be a cap on how much you can spend. Teams going above will be penalized. What caused these changes, Duncan?

McC: It's simple, the FJL is looking to up their revenue. When you have more competetive teams, you have more exciting games. You need exciting games for ratings and ratings bring the money.

H: Talk about money - why is it strictly controlled by the FJL now?

McC: It's simple. Even we at the FSN pay our license to the FJL now, same as every civilian and citizen out there. They have the additional pleasure of variety actually. Not only will they have access to their team's stream but they get to enjoy the entirety of the FJL. Anyway, what previously happened and caused this upset was that the FJL was more of a hobby to a select few.

H: Professional sport as a hobby?

McC: Sadly so, Holly. Select colonies with huge income of course had a few pounds of taxes to spend. It's only natural their governor decides to get involved. Hey, you might be a farmer on Iskander with a boring life - but here's a crazy good jumpball team!

H: Now, of course, external funding has been cut. What effect does this have on the league's structure?

McC: As you already said it, teams who were good before were meant to stay good. The league ensured that. Superstars had their contracts renewed - each got a five year deal to a lump sum paid directly by the FJL. After that, they're free - unless their current team offers them another deal.

H: Okay, I understand. Superstars got very cheap contracts to make them stay at their current location so that the league hasn't been entirely shaken up. Let's get to Alpha Centauri though, why this crazy headliner?

McC: Hesperus has always been a wealthy colony with a golden sports programme, but they've taken it over the top now.

H: You're saying they have too much talent on their roster? Is the FJL going to intervene?

McC: The FJL isn't going to intervene, it will be a very natural process infact. Let me break this down, easily. The Hesperus Habs have had their solid roster - then they've brought in the best players from the Redhawks from Hod.

H: We're on the same page so far.

McC: Now, what's going to happen in five years?

H: Their contracts run out.

McC: Exactly, their contracts will expire. What's going to happen? Superstars will ask for superstar money. The Centurions will need to find a way to fit all these contracts under their salary cap, that's an impossible task ahead of them. You just don't know what players you'll be able to retain.

H: You're saying the Alpha Centurions traded their long-term competetiveness for temporary success?

McC: I'm saying the governor of Alpha Centauri and the head coaches pressed the huge WIN NOW button on their desks. This comes with a huge price though. You have five years of time, starting NOW, to win championships or even the grand bowl. You don't come up big and rack up titles, the people are going to be unhappy with their team.

H: That's an absolutely interesting take on things, Duncan. I didn't know you were into economics.

McC: I'm not, but I care about the game!


H: Let's turn away from economics though and go back to the sports; the Centurions are 2-1, how come?

McC: Bad slip up against the Leda Lakemonsters. I don't know what - because I didn't look at the numbers - but something happened there that caught the Centurions offguard.

H: They should've won that?

McC: Absolutely. The Lakemonsters pulled an upset, good job on that, secured a win against this year's top contender.

H: Next up the Centurions are sticking to that division - they're facing the Barracudas.

McC: This will be hella interesting. I believe we will have this matchup again. In the championship game. This matchup will happen again in the playoffs. The winner will win the bowl, I guarantee.

H: Thats one exclamation coming from you, Duncan. We all know you dislike looking into the future like that.

McC: Thank you. The producer told me I had to make a controverse statement.

H: Not starting a controversy there, but you're putting a lot of faith into those teams. Does this weeks matchup have any significance, though?

McC: Of course.

H: What's gonna happen?

McC: The winner will have another win on their account.




H: Riiiiiight.




H: Let's have a breakdown of their roster to complete the ACC podcast, shall we?

McC: Absolutely. Kevin Trudeau, terrific QB. Thrown 654 yards, 5 touchdowns and one interception. Next up, Redhawk import Rivers. He's not very popular in Hesperus for obvious reasons, but cut this man some slack! He's been an incredible workhorse for the Centurions. LaDorian racked up 368 yards already in the running game in only 72 attempts. He's found the paydirt a whopping 5 times - he has as many rushing touchdowns as his quarterback has passed for them! However, they share a stat, and that's where his nickname come in. LaDorian, also known as "Big Black" - a 6'4 running back, that's an incredible threat in the passing game, too. He's racked up 79 yards over the air and caught a touchdown already.

H: Sounds impressive. I'm sure the Hesperans will grow to love him soon enough. Atleast they'll give him a thumps up when he raises that bowl up in the sky. What's in it defensively?

McC: Another former Redhawk, Maury Bowman, Safety. Six foot, 205 pounds, often called Longbow by his teammates. He's a superstar, but he hasn't quite arrived at the Centurion's playstyle yet. Only 9 tackles and a pass defense percentage of 78.3 - that's pretty good, but it's not Bowman-good.

H: Some teams would die to have someone with that percentage.

McC: They would - but Bowman would die to have a higher percentage. He makes his colleague shine, though. Another Redhawk, David Tilghman, also known as "The Eagle" - 81.8 percent, enough said.

H: Now you're riding the Redhawk-train. The Habs were no good?

McC: It's getting worse and worse - for their opponents. Hesperus Habs veteran Dale Coleman. Let me tell you about this man, he's a cannonball. Five foot nine only, 229 pounds, but he's quick.

H: Metrics sound like some sort of linebacker?

McC: He's a cornerback - 95.3 percent - Ain't nobody throwing his way by choice.

H: Let's finish up with a big guy.

McC: You want big? I'll give you big: Tangaroa Keretene. 5'8, 344 pounds. He's plugging holes and makes the running back regret touching the ball. Needless to say, Qeteshian-bred. Imported at a young age to Hesperus. Five tackles and one sack, that's pretty okay for three games, given that his role is to simply stay in the way and be an immovable object for the enemies offensive line. He fills that role extremely well.


H: Let's finish the podcast with an outlook on the game against the 'Cudas.

McC: I'm not gonna say much about this. It's my personal game of the week. It'll be on channel 3. Number one scoring offense against number two. Enough said.








Zegama Beach Barracudas - In the spotlight

Everything's fine in the sunshine


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