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[CCG] 03: Colonies & their traits

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Part 3: Colonial traits


Part three. You've all heard about the tons of colonies, you've all been to a drop on some planet which happens to be a colony of the Federation. You know there's many places "to be from"- yet many just choose to have a character from Terra. So let's find out what's behind all those fancy names of our colonies!



People from Arne are often characterized as rustic and uncomplaining. However, they are often considered guileless, vague and therefore often mistaken. The majority of colonists are from former french-speaking countries.
The people of Arcadia are hardy and pessimistic. Hunting is their favorite pastime due to the dangerous wildlife on the planet. The above average consumption of fresh wildlife meat, paired with the strong gravity (1.18G) have brought up many strong, but a little shorter people.
People from Castillo are often considered high-minded and methodical, but are also very companionly. Due to the nature of their planet they're often ascetic and are rather submissive people. Colonists were primarily North-african, with the majority from Egypt.
The people of Cassandra know of their little value to the Federation and as such have grown meek and subdued, without any spark of assurance and confidence. They are nervous and jumpy about proving their loyalty to the Federation which makes SICON suspicious of them in a vicious cycle. Enlistment rates are rather low because of this.


The freak weathers on Cordelia left the people to be nothing but caring. They're usually an exciting folk with lots of stories to tell and they always strive to be self-sufficient. They're very modern people, not to say avantgardistic. However, they are often also described as graceless. The initial wave of colonists were, infact, slovenian.


Home to scandinavian-descendant people, Elixaeberna has many clashing cultures depending on which continent you look at.


Epsilon Prime

Business world with strong emphasis on profit and productivity with almost a mercenary-esque mentality. Very high gravity (1.7x Earth) means that people from Epsilon Prime are shorter but usually stronger. Origins are scattered from all across europe; pre-dominantly western europeans such as people from the BeNeLux, northern France, Switzerland, Austria as well as their colonial offspring who have european heritage, such as South Africans (Dutch) or North Africans (French).



A colony that through isolation has become hostile and xenophobic. Low gravity (0.56x Earth) causes Farawayans to be huge. Original colonists were african and as such, Faraway is more of a melting pot of african cultures.



The people of Faxx are many-sided. While often said they are well-read and gentle, others describe them as authoritarian, prejudiced and miserly. The initial wave of colonists stems from central asia, specifically Mongolia.


Colonists are primarily of western european descent, but Hathor attracts many people. Recently, Hathor has experienced a lot of migration from chinese people. Rural life on Hathor is more austere and slow-paced, but also defined by poverty. Life in the urban regions is fast paced. Fishing is key on this colony.

The people of Hathor are known to be friendly and enthusiastic.



Extremely work-oriented people who work longer and harder than the rest of the Federation. Original colonists come from southern Europe. Religion is somewhat important. Hesperans take great pride in their work - rightly so, because their shipyards produce the best ships. This planet is constantly exposed to ships due to its shipyards and therefore a lot of civilians rather join the Fleet.



Not very much different from Hesperus as that's the neighbouring planet. The colony of Hod was founded to feed Hesperus, so there's a rivalry due to standing in their shadows.



Very relaxed and comfortable population living a rural life. Soft-spoken but stubborn demeanor. They are a tremendously patient people who rarely show any strong emotion. However, once they are roused, they can be an implacable and surprisingly dangerous enemy due to their strength (a result of living on a planet with a gravitational field approximately 20% stronger than Earth’s). This quality makes Iskanders valuable recruits for Federal Service, particularly the Mobile Infantry. 



The people of Karrus tend to be proud, optimistic and confident. Ambition is also a defining trait of the Karrus culture. The people of Karrus are extraordinarily loyal to the Federation.


The people of Leda are meticulous, stable and responsive. However, people from other colonies have often described them as whimsical.


The people of Pallas are Appreciative but also very alert and realistic. They're said to be preoccupied often and somewhat zany. They take great pride in their shipyard. A lot of people come from the former USA.



The colony of Qetesh has had their colonization efforts abandoned and therefore there is a split of cultures there. Either you're loyal and clinging to what little is left of the Federation or you push them away in its entirety. The people of Qetesh have their lives revolve around the thick jungles and, over the years, have estabilished a religion around it. They are loyal survivalists who are open minded but also very traditional. They stick to their families and their values. Initial colonists were south-east-asian and polynesian.



The people of Rhohan are very individualistic and self-confident. They are very proud and prefer to be self-reliant and remain an individual by any means possible. If you've grown up on Rhohan, you've probably experienced the harshest weather known to man and frankly, you'll be just fine on any other planet. Scorching summers, frigid winters and terrifying storms forge one of the most hardy people in the Federation when it comes to outside effects. Weapons play a big role on Rhohan. Being the home of the Morita, Rhohan hosts many marksmen challenges and as such provides many marksmen for the Mobile Infantry. Rhohan is the only planet in the galaxy where civilians are allowed to bear arms. Essentially, this planet is like Space-Texas.


A melting pot of a planet, the Federation sent everyone they could spare to Roku San in order to maximize food output of this farming world. Needless to say, tensions arised.



If SICON had colonized a planet, it would be Sanctuary. In Sanctuary, or Spiritu Santo, everything revolves around SICON. Every Trooper is meeted with respect and politesse. Only the most loyal of UCF are considered to be living here. But rumor has it that some are even still loyal to O'Brien's cause up to this day...



Samsonians or Samsonites are people hardened by naval tradition. They are flexible and adaptive. It is a beautiful colony with a rich naval culture based around fishing and seafaring.


Sarns III

The colony is to young to have formed any kind of stereotypes for its people.



Many of the original settlers hailed from Scandinavia, particularly Norway. They are a hardy people for surviving the harsh weather conditions outside of official Federal colonies.


Shoreridge III

While not technophobic, the people of Shoreridge III resist change and will not embrace anything innovative or different. They live a prosaic, bucolic life which they value greatly and do not wish to see altered. There is very little strife or ambition to be found on this colony. Essentially, all they have are the Mightycocks. Shoreridge III is home to a lot of what you'd call amish people.



Soloveians are dishonest and zany people. They do anything for quick profit or short-term gains. Very dark minds say Solovei is the Federation's looney-house, with the moon's instable orbit marking Solovei's certain doom.



Strelitzia is a colony sported from Mobile Infantry encampments. When founded, it was primarily home to SICON transfers stationed there, as Strelitzia makes a great ground for wargames and drill- and bootcamps. When the servicemen brought their families over because they were to serve an extended period, Strelitzia became a melting pot of cultures and now houses minor civilian encampments.


A mix of Cassandra and Faraway, the isolation of Tango Urilla and the big distance between the 'core' of the UCF make people from Tango Urilla tend to seem desperate and nervous. Tango Urilla houses a huge mormon community.

The Trio

The Trio is an unofficial colony and consists of the planets of Venad 4, Boot Hill and Caralon. People from the Trio are highly religious and are followers of the 'New Faith', a religious institution highly complex to outsiders. The people from the Trio are generally very open and friendly to outsiders, aslong as their [religious] culture remains respected. Labour, rewards and possessions are shared among collectives. However, the New Faith prohibits any colonial (not from SICON) from venturing beyond the spaceports of their colonies.



The initial colonists of Ulm were of Irish and scandinavian descent. The surface of the planet is low level irradiated, as such the vast majority of the population have to live underground. Ulm is therefore home to elements used to spending time isolated with their own Cult-like religion.



Colony with South African colonists who are chronically underfed and have difficulty breathing due to the thick atmosphere.

In other words, a shithole.


The people of Zegama Beach are shallow and superficial. Very connected with the water on this beautiful vacation world. If you're from Zegama Beach, you're either filthy rich or very very poor (most likely poor). Essentially, if Rhohan is Space-Texas, Zegama Beach would be the equivalent of Los Angeles in space.



Effect on character creation:

So, what does the colony have to do with my character? Easy. Just as on Earth, every part of the world has its own culture and traditions. Say you wanted to have a scandinavian character, you'd probably look into swedish culture and roleplay bits of that. But then you stumble across something cool about finnish culture, on the other hand...

This is one of the parts where colonies could come in! Scarvis, just as Elixaeberna have many scandinavian colonists! That means they are more likely to be a cultural melting  pot than any country on the Earth. Add to that the specific planetary conditions (high gravity cause shorter but stronger characters, low gravity means taller characters with more brittle bones) and the traits the colonists have developed over the years (to overcome these conditions) and you have yourself a character!


Of course, there's always room to break out of the digma. There'll always be exceptions and why not break through all of this? Maybe your parents were attracted to the Elixaebernan climate, even though your familiy originates from Angola? Unlikely, but acceptable, if not weird. Remember that if you go down this path, your character would have been exposed to this weirdness all-life-long.



Would you like to know more?



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