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Carl Rocks

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Basic Information


Name: Carl Rocks

Place of Birth: Terra, South America

Date of Birth: 1.1.2285

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 1.98



Physical Description:


Pvt. Carl 'Retard' Rocks, Pfc. Jimmy 'The Kid' Russels, Pfc. Arnold 'Dutch' van Ruyter, Pfc. Adrian 'Edgelord' Marshal

                                                                                 Pfc. Eric 'Asshole' Shepard

Weight: 110kg

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Brown



Military Information


Rank: Lance Corporal

Branch: MI

Years of Service: 2

Service Record: Joined 82nd Morita Rifles. Changed to 112th Morita Rifles



Personal Information


Family: Father Anton Rocks, 52 and Mother Luise Rocks, 50. Sister Jenny Rocks, 19.

Backstory: Rocks was born in Guyana, near Georgetown. He has a little sister and his parents. His father is a foreman and his mother works in a store.  His parents kicked him out on his 18th birthday and his sister as soon she turned 18th. Both had a apartment far out Georgetown and worked in multiple minijobs. A year later, Rocks recognized the MI and took his chance. His sister went to Alpha Centauri when earth has fallen. Now she came back to earth.

Other Information: Rocks has lost three fingers on his right hand. Indexfinger and thumb are left.


Personal Relationships


Eric Shepard. We had alot of buttheads going through and through our platoon. That butthead stayed. He's fearless and kills alot of bugs. I can work with that. Everything else beside, he's a friend.

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