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El Excellente

Fantasy jumpball league??

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I was wondering how i'd further the passive rp on the ship. at some point, i started the jumpball stuff, but now i'm thinking it's somewhat onesided. I'm either posting stuff or making some (sometimes great, sometimes half-assed) fednet broadcasts. Now I was thinking how to get the players involved and that would be with a fantasy league.


for those unaware how fantasy sports work: essentially you pick from a huge pool of players to build your team. you then take this team to face off against other humans. If those players you picked scored in the jumpball game, they get fantasy points. if you have more points than your opponent, you will win.


I would essentially do this with an excel spreadsheet which everyone would have access to. roster moves would have made to be via forum PM or something, and i'll have the excel auto-calculate stuff. As i've moved to a very good simulation engine, all I'd have to do is enter the numbers after each gameday and whoop, you're done.


I think this would be cool because it a) further dwelves you into the federation's most favorite sport and b) could cause some really bad blood on the ship. Imagine how satisfying it would be winning a fantasy match against that asshole Sergeant


Let me know how many of you guys are interested, ideally you'd also just post some kind of fantasy team name or simply your characters name (the one that will ICly play fantasyjumpball), if we get like 6 people or so to play, i'll do work magic.

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