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Face Claim:


[3Spc. Wilkins in the back of an APC during a Bug Drop]

"Ya know, you guys sound like you're having a real blast out there."






Basic Information


Name: James Wilkins

Place of Birth: Jeshia, Scarvis

Date of Birth: December 12th, 2279

Age: 19 

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11" 



Physical Description:


Weight: 148lbs 

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Blue



Military Information


Rank: MSpc. 

Branch: Engineering

Date of Enlistment: January 2nd, 2297 

Years of Service: 1 Year, 10 Months. 

Service Record:

  • March, 2297: Finished Boot-camp, deployed as a Recruit.
  • March, 2297: Promoted to Private on his first drop.
  • April, 2297: Promoted to Private First Class after his third drop.
  • May, 2297: Joined Engineering as a Third Specialist.
  • July, 2297: Promoted to Second Specialist.
  • September, 2297: Promoted to Specialist.
  • February, 2298: Court Martial for Gross Negligence. Outcome: 5 Lashes and a Demotion to Second Specialist.
  • June, 2298: Promotion to Specialist.
  • November, 2298: Transferred to 112th as a Master Specialist. 




[Spc. Wilkins in the Driver's seat of a Jeep]

"If one more person shoots at my fucking tires, so help me GOD!"


KN-1 APC, Nicknamed 'Tiger' Camera Footage. Terra, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 26/12/2297


Interior Camera One, displaying MSgt. P. Andrews and Spc. J. Wilkins.



Interior Camera 2, showing the rest of Magpie 1-3.



Exterior Camera 3 & 4, offering the following Cones of vision around the APC Exterior.




Camera One:

"Wilkins, pull a left here."

"Got it, Top." 

The Master Sergeant is seen keying his radio. 

"Listen up, 1-3, we're being tasked with sweeping the South West sector of Rio. About 2 clicks from our position is an extraction point. We're being deployed there to establish an Outpost. We'll be meeting up with Bravo and Delta Company once we arrive. Any questions?" 


Camera Two:

The Female Mark Two Gunner (Identified as a Pfc. J. Perkins.) spoke into her radio.

"Yeah, Top, what the fuck are we fighting exactly? Bugs manage to hit Terra or something?" 


Camera One:

"Unclear, Perkins. About 3 hours ago unidentified Alien forces were reported assaulting the major cities of Terra. That's all they told me."


Camera Two: The group in the back looked between each other before the Medic on the right spoke. 


The man across from him would shrug. 

"Might be some Skinnie shit, I don't trust it." 


Camera Four:

A sudden bolt of light would zip towards the APC, slamming into the side in a glorious explosion of bright lights. The APC slammed to a halt.


Camera One:

"Wilkins! What the fuck was that?" 

Wilkins looked to his left, shifting his head around as he looked out the window. 

"I can't see shit through all this smoke, Top."

The Master Sergeant keyed his radio. 

"MOBCOMM we're taking unidentified fire on the ground, any word on what the fuck is going on?" 


Camera Three:

A flurry of plasma bolts whiz out of the thick smoke, slamming into the APC. 


Camera Two: 

The Troopers in the back begin to load their weapons, all looking anxious. 

"Wilkins, what the fuck's going on out there, buddy?" 

Wilkins can be heard yelling out of frame. 

"I don't know! Motion tracker ain't picking up shit!" 

Suddenly, a glowing flechette would rip through the side of the APC, slamming into Pfc. Perkins' face, blood splattering across the Kevlar of the woman across from her as she screamed in horror. 

"Man down! Man down! Perkins is-- holy fuck- Doc she's fucked up!" 

The woman's limp corpse would slip from their seat, Mark Two slamming onto the floor moments after her body slumped down, dead.


Camera One:

The Master Sergeant is seen grabbing Wilkins by the collar. 

"We're sitting ducks out here, Wilkins. Fucking DRIVE!" 

"Where to? Which way?!" 

The Master Sergeant shoved the man. 



The APC would slam into acceleration, cutting through the streets as Camera Three and Four pick up streaks of blue tracers flying through the air, some colliding with the APC, some barely missing the armor. 


Camera Four:

A large ball is seen flying straight for the side of the APC. It collides with the side of the Truck before the feed cuts to static. 


Camera Two: 

An explosion of blue light is seen flashing through the back of the APC, the vehicle slamming to a stop. The masked man to the left, Cpl. Russell is blown apart by the explosion, chunks of his fleshy remains being littered around the APC and those around him. 

"Jesus fuck! Russell is down! Top, what the fuck do we do?!"

The Infantry would be panicking, some ducking down and hiding on the floor between the rows of seats. 


Camera One: 

"Top, Second and Fourth wheel are fucked, we're not going anywhere!" 

The Master Sergeant kicks at the dashboard, raising his Mark Two. 

"Get the ramp open, we're ditching this thing. Infantry! Prepare to load out!"


Camera Two: 

The ramp lowers, the Infantry scrambling to get up. Suddenly, a barrage of glowing rounds fly into the back of the APC from outside, two rounds embedding into the other woman in the APC, the pair of rounds exploding inside of her armor, sending red mist spraying all over the inside of the APC. The Infantry return fire, a mixture of Morita and Shotgun fire being sent out of the backdoor of the APC as more glowing rounds whiz inside.

"Out, out, out! Get the fuck out, move!" 

One of the Infantry cry out, another Plasma round slamming into the back of the APC, exploding and covering a trooper's back in Plasma as he collapses, crying out. 

"Medic! Get Johnson moving!"


Camera Three:

Master Sergeant Andrews is seen crouching down behind a bench, setting up his Mark Two and opening fire towards something off screen, Wilkins running to hide beside him, Carbine in hands. 

"Wilkins, suppressing fire bearing 217, main firepower seems to be coming from that way!"

"I can't see shit through the smoke, Top!"

"None of us can fucking see, just shoot!" 

The two use the bench as cover, blindly firing as the same bright blue rounds whiz by them, some slamming into the concrete beside them both. Two more Infantry run over, diving behind a nearby dumpster for cover. 


Camera Two: 

The inside of the APC is a bloodbath. Four corpses lay inside, chunks of flesh blown from their bodies, blood and guts pooling along the floor and walls. 

Through the thick smoke, a large projectile is seen heading straight for the APC, slamming into the back and exploding. The camera cuts to static.


Camera One:



Camera Three:



Personal Information


Michael Wilkins (Father. 47. ALIVE

Claire Wilkins (Mother. 43. ALIVE)

Chris Wilkins (Brother. 12. ALIVE)


Backstory: Born to a small family on Scarvis, James had a fairly quiet life. Coming from a Military family, James was always eager to do his part when he reached 18. So, the month after his Birthday, after spending his finally Christmas with his parents and Brother, he went off to enlist. 


After doing his time in Bootcamp James was sent off to the 202nd Morita Battalion where he quickly found an interest in explosives and technical work. So, naturally, he became an Engineer. He'd spent over a year and a half working his way up to Specialist, getting a Court Martial along the way for his own Negligence in the field. However, eventually, James was offered a position as a Master Specialist for the 112th and took it, being transferred over at the start of November, 2298. 



  • Charismatic. 
  • Eager
  • "Funny." [Subject's own words.]



  1. Reliable
  2. Level headed



  1. Outspoken
  2. Rash





[Spc. Wilkins sitting with an injured Sgt. J. Tanner in the APC]

"Admit it, I look pretty cool with my little setup in here."

"You look gay."

"Ow... what the fuck, dude?"

Personal Relationships


Loved | Close Friend | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated


Patrick Stevenson: Seems like a pretty solid guy. Ignored me when I first tried to chat with him but he complimented by shots with an M55 so there's worse people out there. Was a pretty fucking good shot though. 

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