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James Wilkins

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Face Claim:


[3Spc. Wilkins in the back of an APC during a Bug Drop]

"Ya know, you guys sound like you're having a real blast out there."






Basic Information


Name: James Wilkins

Place of Birth: Scarvis

Date of Birth: December 12th, 2279

Age: 19 

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11" 



Physical Description:


Weight: 148lbs 

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Blue



Military Information


Rank: MSpc. 

Branch: Engineering

Date of Enlistment: January 2nd, 2297 

Years of Service: 1 Year, 10 Months. 

Service Record:

  • March, 2297: Finished Boot-camp, deployed as a Recruit.
  • March, 2297: Promoted to Private on his first drop.
  • April, 2297: Promoted to Private First Class after his third drop.
  • May, 2297: Joined Engineering as a Third Specialist.
  • July, 2297: Promoted to Second Specialist.
  • September, 2297: Promoted to Specialist.
  • February, 2298: Court Martial for Gross Negligence. Outcome: 5 Lashes and a Demotion to Second Specialist.
  • June, 2298: Promotion to Specialist.
  • November, 2298: Transferred to 112th as a Master Specialist. 




[Spc. Wilkins in the Driver's seat of a Jeep]

"If one more person shoots at my fucking tires, so help me GOD!"

Personal Information


Michael Wilkins (Father. 47. ALIVE

Claire Wilkins (Mother. 43. ALIVE)

Chris Wilkins (Brother. 12. ALIVE)


Backstory: Born to a small family on Scarvis, James had a fairly quiet life. Coming from a Military family, James was always eager to do his part when he reached 18. So, the month after his Birthday, after spending his finally Christmas with his parents and Brother, he went off to enlist. 


After doing his time in Bootcamp James was sent off to the 202nd Morita Battalion where he quickly found an interest in explosives and technical work. So, naturally, he became an Engineer. He'd spent over a year and a half working his way up to Specialist, getting a Court Martial along the way for his own Negligence in the field. However, eventually, James was offered a position as a Master Specialist for the 112th and took it, being transferred over at the start of November, 2298. 



  • Charismatic. 
  • Eager
  • "Funny." [Subject's own words.]



  1. Reliable
  2. Level headed



  1. Outspoken
  2. Rash





[Spc. Wilkins sitting with an injured Sgt. J. Tanner in the APC]

"Admit it, I look pretty cool with my little setup in here."

"You look gay."

"Ow... what the fuck, dude?"

Personal Relationships


Loved | Close Friend | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated



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