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Jodie Cutter

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"Jodie Cutter"



Personal Information

  • Name: Cutter, Jodie
  • Age: 22
  • Sex: Female
  • Origin: Achilles, Epsilon Prime, Epsilon Eridani
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Build: Mesomorphic
  • Markings: Small black ribbon tattoo on right wrist
  • Family:
    • Father - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown
    • Mother - Melissa Jane Cutter - Ex-Medic (Alive)
    • Step-Father - Adam Markson - Ex-Mobile Infantry (Alive)
    • Sister (Older) - Paula Cutter - Mobile Infantry (Deceased)
    • Sister (Younger) - Emily Markson - High School (Alive)
  • Description:
    • [On Duty]She wears a standard issue MI Uniform and combat boots, often having various small pouches on her belt, or just a backpack. Her uniform is clean and well kept, being rather freshly distributed.
    • [Off Duty]She wears her MI Jumpsuit rolled down to her waist and a black tanktop underneath. She sometimes switches between wearing her suspenders up over her shoulders or rolled down with the rest of the jumpsuit, and differs between wearing a standard MI Cap, or tying her hair into a loose ponytail.


Military Information

  • Division: Mobile Infantry
  • Rank: Lance Corporal (LCpl.)
  • Length Of Service: 1 Week
  • Service Record: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl.
  • Known Injuries: Bruising on arms and legs



  • N/A


Photo Album



(A photo taken by Jodie whilst working at her local bar of graduates, a year before her own graduation.)


(A bootcamp squadmate's helmet footage of Rct. Jodie Cutter and Rct. Oscar Martin during war games.)


(Rct. Jodie Cutter's helmet footage the day she finished bootcamp, immediately being shipped to the Grant.)



Video Journal Entries


Entry #1: New Blood



The screen flickers as the camera begins recording, Jodie's face incredibly close to the lens, her tongue sticking out a bit as she messes with it. She takes a second before realising it's recording, setting it down after and sitting back down, on a stool within the bar. "Oh, there we go. Alright, well.. I'm here. One of my friends gave me this idea before I got shipped off, some way to keep all my thoughts and stories to either look back on or show my family, or to just argue with myself from time to time. But yeah, so.. I made it. I landed on the ship just yesterday, got settled into the barracks, then straight back out, no messing around. Literally, within an hour, and the tannoy was calling us all to a briefing.. It was, uh.. scary, I guess?" She plays with her long dark hair idly as she talks, often glancing behind her to see if anyone had walked in. "I mean, Dad did say that the Mobile Infantry was dangerous, but you honestly don't see it until bullets land a foot from your.. well, foot." She sighs, folding her arms and leans on the counter that the camera sits on. "And for such a big ship, I've barely met anyone... Just a few folks at the bar, drowning their sorrows, but.. Too depressing for me, I think. We'll wait and see how the rest of the week goes." She shrugs, before giving a mock two fingered salute along with a slight smirk. "Private Cutter, out."

**End Recording.**

 Entry #2: The Swing of Things



The camera turns on, sitting across from Jodie as she sits cross legged on her bed, the barracks lights dim. She looks tired, her eyes dark and her long hair let loose and messy. She sighs heavily, running a hand through it. "Well.. Still my first week here, so far so good.. Had a few training sessions, done some cover manouvers under Staff Sergeant Vickers. She seems nice, knows what she's doing and isn't an asshole to everyone. Then we done a simulation later on under the Captain, can't remember his name... God, it was awful." She shakes her head, rubbing her eyes after. "I've never seen the Bugs firsthand yet, but in the Sim-Room, it all feels so.. real, but so fake.. It's weird..." She frowns, one hand moving to hold her side. She lifts her tanktop slightly, bruising seen up her right side of her waist. "And on my second drop, some asshole in a big suit smashed me into a wall... Hurt like a bitch, but Vickers and a Private, Baxter I think, they helped me." She yawns quietly, covering her mouth. "Alright, shut-eye time.." She reaches forwards to turn the camera off, a blank expression on her face, before the screen cuts out.

**End Recording.**

Entry #3: The Longest Day Ever



The camera turns on, facing a blank wall while movement is heard behind it. After a moment it is turned back, Jodie holding it in one hand, the other fixing the bottom of her black t-shirt. Her eyes are dark once more, a small red paper-thin scan above her eyebrow with small white strips of tape across it seen. Her voice is tired and slightly raspy, like she's losing her voice. "So, uh... It's been a, uh.. a really odd day. Yeah, I, uh.. Today was my third drop, and my first against the Bugs. Adam always told me stories about them, which didn't make it any less scary when I saw them up close and personal. I'd have probably been even more scared, had I not been in command of my own squad, which the Captain was also part of. I was more scared in case I fucked up and he took over for me." She gives a slight smirk, crossing her legs, fidgetting idly with her fingers. "Who'd have thought it? I only made it to Private a day or two ago, barely even here a week. On the dropship, the Captain made me Private First Class so there was no confusion, and I guess he and Staff Sergeant Vickers saw something in me, so.. Now I'm a Lance Corporal. Heh.. Less than a week, not even trying to prove myself.. I guess it just comes naturally. I just got down there, blocked out the bugs and focused on my team. Guess that's what any good leader would do, right? My men before me.." She sighs softly, running a hand through her long messy hair. Her bare arms would be covered in bruises, which she glances at and addresses. "Yeah.. turns out, bugs are heavy sons of bitches.. Like, real heavy. Still, could have been worse.. Though I gotta go now, I'm shattered.. I'll keep you guys posted." The screen cuts out as she reaches over, turning the camera off.

**End Recording.**



Loved | Friends | Liked Trusted | NeutralDisliked | Hated | Despised


Captain Sebastian Bently"Captain Bently's our Cee-Oh. I met him on the same drop I first got squad lead, and he was put into my squad, so.. No pressure then. He seems really dependable, cool under pressure, and knows exactly what he's doing. I've only briefly seen him mingling on the ship, so I'm not too sure yet what he'll be like with others. All I've really learnt from him so far is if you've got a cold, coffee and double scotch is the answer."


Private First Class Eric Shepard: "Shepard's a bit of a puzzle. I've been on a few drops with him, our first one I asked him to be my second and he seemed a bit annoyed by the notion. Most times I see him he's either talking back to NCO's, or just.. being a pain. Who knows if he's always like this, though?"


Warrant Officer Valarie Faust: "I don't really think I've met the Warrant Officer to know much about her. We've spoke in the bar maybe once or twice, I think, but I think she was decent. Don't see her becoming a problem, and judging by her rank, she at least knows what she's doing and has respect for her people."


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