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Leena Stokes, the Insomniac

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“Lenna pictured during boot camp.”


"WOW! We have radios!? Never knew that.."

-Pvt. Leena Stokes





Basic Information


Name:  Stokes, Leena

Place of Birth: New York, US.

Date of Birth: 17-09-2276

Age: 23

Gender: Female


Physical Description:


Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 150




Military Information


Rank: Pfc.

Branch: Mobile Infantry

Date of Enlistment: February 21, 2298

Years of Service: 0 Years 1 Month(s)

Service Record:

-- Promoted to Pvt.

-- Promoted to Pfc.





Personal Information



- Mother: Hollie Stokes [Alive] -- House Wife

- Father: Adam Stokes [Alive] -- Politician 

- Brother: David Stokes [Alive] -- Mobile Infantry, 82nd Morita Rifles.


Address: [REDACTED]

Social Security #: [REDACTED]

Bank Account: [REDACTED..]




                          Medical Information:


Allergies: Penicillin, Cats.

Known Ailments: Altitude-Sickness

Known Issues: Tiredness, Weakness, shortness of breath.



Personal Relationships


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