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General notes for the division

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Starting off is the topic of PAC, rules are as follows;

-Out of your suit, aka passive around the ship, be tasteful. Don't be an idiot about it and we won't have an issue.  

-A few stickers/decals on your suit won't kill anyone, and I'm not going to bust your balls over it, but that is about the limit. There may be some super duper oh my god sure why not circumstance where I give you the go ahead for more than that, but please run those things through me ( @Keiago ) first. 


Marauder stats (HP/AP) 

All marauders, your normal stats should be 700 Health points and 300 armor points at the start of a mission. (To get this at the beginning of an event /report for an admin to set these stats.)

This point also stretches to any admin that wish to know what to put health and armor at. 


NOTE: If at any point an admin injures your suit, whether it be removing plates of your armor etc. They have every right to reset your stats to a lower value or not put them up at all. (This generally being the case if you’ve died)


To add onto the Stats point - if at any point you’re using the Titanfall weapons we have available. For example I know the sidewinder has this issue, if the infinite ammo command doesn’t work and you run out of ammo. Ask the next available admin for a refill as long as you ICly still have the ammunition on hand.



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