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M.I.P.O.D. Handler Roster

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Psychic Handlers



What are ‘Psychic Handlers’?


Handlers are members of M.I.P.O.D. who are assigned a member from the field psychics. Their purpose is to keep their assigned psychic ‘on a leash’, and to also keep the psychic in both good mental health, and good physical health. A handler is to keep an eye on their psychic, and make sure no concerns or signs of a compromised psychic come about. In most cases, they double as a personal trainer for the assigned psychic. It is usually required that the handler, and the psychic are the same classification (I.E., Memory Man and Memory Man, Telepath and Telepath, etc. etc.). Also, not all handlers are technically required to be psychic. Men and women who have a well-educated understanding of Psychics can request to be a handler, although this isn’t as common as simply having veteran psychics fill this role.






TSgt. Naomi Hawthorne is assigned to Pfc. Erae Bellic



Sgt. Quinn Caffrey is assigned to Pfc. Hayden Gallagher





Memory Man


Lt. Liliana Verbeck is assigned to LCpl. Scott Daby








Lucky Man


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