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Maple Leaf Moosefucker

In regards to the NCO Roster

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Hey guys.


We have a lot of really active players coming up, of which will hopefully be shuffling into the NCO-slots in these coming days, provide they do well enough IC.


That being said, anybody who is on an LOA of two-weeks or more will be removed from the roster -- To return, merely reapply. If the position is open, we will slot you back in. If it's not, you'll take a demotion or something. We're not waiting two-to-three weeks on you, because that's absurd and unfair.


This will not affect Lance Corporals.


Note: This won't affect people on LOA right now.

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Also: If you have an NCO, but it isn't your main, you may keep it -- However, they will most likely be limited to the rank of Corporal and will not be given the privileges of promoting, issuing NJPs, etc... You will solely have this NCO for deploying on drops (should there be no NCOs, and you want to lend a hand).

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