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[IC] A Message to the 112th.

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Sup. On orders of Captain Bently I have been requested to remind all members of the unit that the Mark Three and Mark Four Moritas are NOT to be used by general Infantry. Only a select few are exempt from these rules for personal reasons. From now on the Mark Three and Four will not be handed out to any Standard Infantry unless that Infantryman has a note signed by Captain Bently permitting the use of that rifle. 


This will take effect immediately. 


Signed, GySgt. Leana Wells. 


[OOC Note: The Mark Three and Four are not to be used through PAC. You would not have these weapons ICly. Anyone seen using these weapons via PAC that are reported to me will be taken as ICly as STEALING the weapon from the Armoury/Using it with out permission and WILL be punished severely. Any questions or complaints regarding these changes should be sent to me.] 

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