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Lachlan Dunn, One-Man Chain-gang

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- Friend   Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked Hated -


(#'d Left-to-Right)

1. Thoughts of you professionally

2. Thoughts of you in general

3. Relationship Status

4. Interest in you (Attraction, Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive)

5. Do you have a personal use to Lachlan? (Yes, No)

/ † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred



Alice Vickers:


Dunn has come to respect Vickers to an immense degree. In Lachlan's eyes, the platoon commander is not only an incredibly capable leader, but has shown on multiple occasions that she cares significantly for the well-being of all of the MI, even those who have had tendencies to cause issues. This care combined with her capabilities as a strategist and commander have put complete confidence in her abilities at the forefront of Lachlan's mind. 


Vickers has, at times, caused some discomfort for Lachlan with praise he has believed to be unecessary, but he has appreciated her mentorship and her attitude in rewarding his work nonetheless. Lachlan believes there is a great deal he can learn from Vickers both as a member of the Mobile Infantry, but also generally as a person.


In short, Dunn would truly follow Vickers into hell without hesitation.




Eric Shepard:


So far, Dunn's interactions with Shepard have been limited, and he has not been able to get a measure of how Eric works in the field outside of the man's own words. He holds a respect for the length of Eric's career, and of the lack of desire or regards the man seems to hold towards the acquisition of higher rank. Simply put, Dunn finds it respectable that Eric is wholly satisfied in his position as a private first class, and simply devotes himself to being as good at that job as he can.


Outside of their professional relationship, Dunn finds Eric to be enjoyable if somewhat rowdy company, and is more than happy to relax and enjoy a conversation or sparring match with the man whenever the opportunity may arise.



Chiyuki Asahi:


Increasingly, Dunn has grown more and more concerned about Asahi, and the attitudes he exhibits regularly. Lachlan finds it especially draining to listen to Asahi's near-constant complaints regarding seemingly everything. Indeed, his concerns over Asahi have begun to extend beyond his own personal displasure with the man's complaints - Dunn has developed a genuine concern that should Asahi's attitude continue unchecked, the man could be at a serious risk of being fragged.


Lachlan hopes that with the proper assistance, mentoring and potentially, even friendship, Asahi might be able to improve his attitude, as Lachlan does believe there is a great deal of potential within the man. However, this remains to be seen.



Ffanci Jenkins:


Similarly to Shepard, Dunn has had limited opportunities to see how Ffanci operates on a drop, considering how new she is to the unit. Regardless, he has been able to interact with her on a fairly regular basis on the Grant, and has come to enjoy the woman's company reasonably. Dunn has noted that Ffanci seems to be something of a 'social butterfly' - capable of adjusting how she approaches conversations and individuals on the fly, based upon how those individuals themselves operate.


This capability in social situations has garnered Dunn's interest, and he has taken to watching how Ffanci interacts with others with a kind of morbid curiosity - he believes that should the woman be able to utilise the skill to her advantage, she could one day make a strong leader, but that remains to be seen.



Patrick Stevenson:


Stevenson is the most present Marauder that Dunn has been able to work with since his transfer to the 13th Marauder Division, and he has been impressed at the capabilities of Stevenson as both a fighter and a Marauder. Stevenson's veterancy has impressed Lachlan, instilling an idea in Dunn's mind that the man's breadth of experiences only further his skills as a combatant.


However, Dunn has noted a few aspects of Stevenson personally which cast doubt and concern over his mind - he believes that Stevenson's long service in the MI has created a view in the man's mind that he perhaps has become stuck in his ways to a degree, and he senses an ambition behind Stevenson's actions which cause some concern for the Specialist.


Regardless of his concerns, Dunn holds a high view of Stevenson, and believes him a firm and capable ally, perhaps even a friend.




William Saint-Claire


Dunn has a comfortable, albeit not particularly close or lengthy relationship with Saint-Claire. Lachlan believes that William is a capable engineer, and enjoyable company to be around. However, he has yet to notice anything of William that particularly sets him aside in his mind from other members of the MI. There is no negative aspect of Lachlan's view of Saint-Claire, there is simply nothing outstanding in his mind regarding the Engineer.


Regardless, Dunn remains content to have William as both an ally on the field of battle, and an acquaintance to share a drink with off-duty.




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2 minutes ago, MasterMedicMan said:

aesthetic/template from previous forums where it'd normally look a lot better than this. this doesn't look bad tho. keeps stuff concise-ish. condensed, it's probably a better word. @El Excellente

more like clickferno

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01:44:03 - Pfc. Chiyuki 'Frog' Asahi[LOOC]: the temptation to say. "He's Dunn with life" Icly is immense
01:45:04 - Pfc. Chiyuki 'Frog' Asahi: He's Dunn with life.
01:45:06 - Pfc. Chiyuki 'Frog' Asahi[LOOC]: void
01:45:13 - Pvt. William 'Trashman' Saint-Claire[LOOC]: i don't consent to the void
01:45:17 - Pfc. Chiyuki 'Frog' Asahi[LOOC]: damn
I guess you could say he Dunn got got

He's Dunn for

I guess you could say he Dunn goofed

It was already Dunn. There was no chance 

He dunn got stabbed in hte back. His suit was Dunn

I guess you could say I'm Dunn with puns.

Dunn died

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