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Chiyuki Asahi

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Asahi avoiding work either on ship or on a drop.

  The greatest fools are often more clever then the men who laugh at them. The men who get beat and do nothing but smile often are the real men. - Chiyuki Asahi "


(IDC what u say this is Asahi but no one gives him a chance ;-;...except the physical condition part. fuck that)





Basic Information


Name: Chiyuki 'Frog' Asahi

Place of Birth: Japan, Kobe

Date of Birth: September 22

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7



Physical DescriptionDriven, passionate, dedicated, none of these words describe Chiyuki Asahi. A man of Japanese roots stands before you. He stands at a very short stature of 5’7. He looks very young and thus weighs very little. At a weight of 120 pounds. He looks like he has an average build apparently not putting in too much work into his activities. His eyes have a dull look to them as if he’s looking for the next way to procrastinate. He stands at a constant slouch as well. His hair is black and his eye color brown. He looks generic and boring. He has a pair of Villain patches. He has a pink kitty cat Balaclava when in combat. Also in combat his slouch is pretty much doubled. Making him really hard to hit...That must cause back problems right?


Weight: 120

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Brown



Military Information


Rank: PFC.

Branch: Infantry.

Years of Service: 0

Certifications: DMR, Fragmentation Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Morita X, Peacekeeper side arm.

Medical record: Two stab wounds from a Firefly. Doesn't count fucker was already dead. Shot half his foot off. Doesn't count it was self harm. Cut multiple times by a gnome. Doesn't count it was friendly.





Veteran Combat Medal


Meritorious Unit Medal


Combat Action Medal

Personal Information

Family: Shikaku Asahi- Father. Yoshino Asahi- Mother.

Backstory: He comes from a normal family and he joined because why not. He has a plan for his life. This adds to it so he just kind of did it. This is the mindset for this man. Is it in the plan? Ok whatever. I'll do it.


Characteristics: Lazy. But when push comes to shove selfless to save his friends. Not used to compliments or being under pressure social wise he tends to take it very badly. Often avoiding eye contact, scratching his neck or his head, and he repeats his favorite saying. "Mendokusai" or in english. "What a drag." He prides himself on never being injured by an -alive- combatant. Often bringing it up around people that have been injured...Possibly sometimes at the worst time. He doesn't seem to get it. Major fucking trust issues. Like huge. Like only two people kinda trust issues.


Strengths & Weaknesses:

Weaknesses: Lazy? IDK rn.

Fear of "Small" bugs.

Fear of slimy things.

Not the strongest person.

After being worked very hard he is slow to recover. Often getting cramps or sore muscles. 

Has a tendency to throw up after copious amounts of work or motion.


Strengths: He very rarely gets mad or starts fights. He figures it's not worth the effort to get mad. Unless it's for a very good reason. 

Very good balance.

Surprisingly smart

Surprisingly good aim now.


Other Information: Glass jaw. Responds better to lectures using logic and reasoning and kindness. Rather then, hard work, PT, and yelling. Good vibes not bad ones. He got excited for a single drop when he got to use a Morita X.


Personal Relationships


Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

(Ask and I'll add you puny mortals Also put ur god damn first names as well as last. i cant be bothered to remember that shit)



Alice Vickers


*This relationship has been edited a lot. Changing the whole stuff that was written* Vickers...I'd do anything for her. I'd kill and give my life. She's half the reason I'm not super edgy and stuff. On an RnR I was raped. I confronted Vickers after she came to the med bay and gave me Marksman training. I asked her for shore leave for maybe a day to head down to Iskander to find the guy and kill him. I've already told you what happened. Surprisingly she didn't deny me. Or give it a moments hesitation. I also made an oath saying that I would serve until she deemed other wise. I don't regret it. I think she's why I'm here. I'm here to help her through...Whatever happens. I'm here to protect her and stuff. She granted me a wish that could have ended her career and had her hung. Dispite that she let me down there with out a moments hesitation. I know...It doesn't sound...Exactly right. But. I can't really explain it either. I feel like she'd do anything for me. Even as a Private First Class. Although I bet she'd do it for everyone. I wouldn't hesitate to kill for her. Or do whatever she asked of me. Even if it was some super fucked up thing...I don't think I'd hesitate for a second. No. I know I won't hesitate. I swore I'd serve as long as she deemed fit. But I'm swearing this to whatever god is listening. I won't let her die and I'll be there as long as she needs me.--I don't think she knows that either. That I've pretty much dedicated my life to her at this point. It doesn't matter though. Words don't change a thing or convince you. They lie and divert you. Action will prove what I feel.

Angela P. Clark


She's...She's probably the only one to help me out while I was in a rough spot. That's why I like her so much. Dispite that though she's fun to hang around. We have nice long chats and I admire her ability to care for others. I wish I had it. But...I don't think that kind of characteristic is meant for me. She gave me gifts and really pulled me out of the mud. I've known her for...Not that long but she's easily one of my best friends. Or at least she is to me. She's one of the two I'd do anything for. I mean anything. She's part of the reason I'm here as well I think.

Shay Callahan


Uh. Shay. The guy with the dog. He's pretty cool. We talk everyonce in a while and it's never really a bad talk. He seems like an alright dude. Dosen't really get mad at me too much. Is not a drag to be around. I like him a lot. Wish we could talk more sometime.-- He jokes around while he patches me up. I hate it, so much. We've talked a lot and he's again. A pretty cool dude. Having him around's not such a bad thing.

William Saint-Claire


Honestly he's pretty cool. He -also- knows where the vents are. I need those vents so bad. He's pretty chill but gets on me from time to time. We have an alright time talking to each other. Would like to get to know him better. You know. What has he done, His experience in the MI. -- I actually enjoy talking to him a lot. He's rather chill and fun to be around. Cool guy. We have some good moments.--He became a medic and jokes around much like Shay when he's patching me up. I also give him relationship advice because he's even more of a socially inept mongoloid. I like him a lot.

Niko Radkjovic


He's a pretty cool guy. He's been through a lot and we talk a lot about marksmen stuff. He brings up the civil war a lot. I think he's one of those die-hard military guys. Which I don't understand but everyone does them. He doesn't wave his veterancy around though, which is great. That's what a lot of Marauders will do. I think he's a pretty cool dude and we have some 'fun'.

Tzipora Bronson


She's one of those people who try to be friends with everyone. One could say she's a social butterfly. I don't really care though. People can be popular if they want. She's pretty fun though. We hang out a lot and she's good at what she does. I don't think she likes the lazy part of me. It's whatever though. I don't think anyone does. Except me that is. Also. I really think our ideals clash the most. We're almost like exact opposites. Personality wise and ideology wise.




Jackie Knoxx


Uh well. I don't really think she likes me. She yells at me for being lazy sometimes but I don't hold it against her. What a pain though sometimes. She seems kind of nice anyways. Forgiving maybe? Uh. Haven't had the greatest of contact with her but it's whatever. In conclusion "Meh". -- She got demoted after complaining about cleaning duty...I think it's partially my fault. I started complaining first. Mendokusai.

Mare-...Swede girl


Haven't seen her in a while.

Atichat Saiphan 


I've gotten to know him better a couple of times. He's pretty cool now that I've spoken to him. He's a pretty solid engineer too.

Max Valentine


She's pretty cool. Loud and tought me how to use a 3GL. That's neat I guess. She hasen't got on me for being lazy yet. She also ignored the fact that I commented on a cannibal Scottish Recruit several times...Like literally everyone in the bar. Is that normal?  -- I seem to be pushing too hard for trainings. Maybe I should cool it. Being a weapon avatar is cool but I think making the person who is able to take away my weapons is not a good idea. It doesn't seem like she'll do my training for a while. I guess I'll just chill. I'll bring it up once like a week has passed or something-- No longer a Gunny Sergeant. She's probably pissed. Can't blame her though. Wonder how she feels about continuing training and what not.

Jodie Cutter


Um...She's pretty nice I guess. She's been assigned to mentor me. Squires was the previous one but he quit before even an hour. I wonder why Vickers keeps trying this. Anyways she seems to be taking this pretty seriously already scolding me but...She seems nice despite it. She puts her best in...Maybe that's why Vickers assigned her. Anyways uh...I guess I'll get to know her better over the next few weeks. Hopefully I don't fuck up. It's a bit of a drag training and stuff. -- Haven't seen her recently...I've been advancing on my own...Hope she comes back to take some credit for it.

Ffanci Jenkins


She's pretty cool. Met her not to long ago and she doesn't get on me about my habits. That's how you start off good in my book. She's fun to hang out with and talk to. She's good at making...Serving? Water? It's like premium H2O. Anyways she's pretty neat. Not a drag at all. She calls me a master of Zen because I made a joke once. It's kind of funny actually. She also says I have everything under control which...I kind of like. She's -real- easy going and I like it. 

Jack Alday


...........................................................................You!!!...................................................................................I think he's the one that almost got me killed by firing line! He's easily the one person I dislike the most on the ship. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.-- Dude's just strange. Bloodthirsty. He has a lot of knifes. I accidentally snitched on him .once. I felt really bad. He's not a bad dude either. He's just cruising along in his own way.

Veronika Harth


Uh. I haven't got to know her too much but she seems alright. I dunno'. I helped her out a bit on a drop. It was my sixth crash and her first. She didn't seem too rocked by the crash which is always good. I hope that I can giver her a good image of me and all that junk. She's alright I guess.

Vito Dominiko


I've never really talked to him. I've questioned his orders a few times. Like ordering a squad to secure medevac in the middle of an open courtyard with the only cover being a single tree. It's whatever though. No one got hurt luckly. It could have easily happened though. He's like an engineer and a sergeant or something. I dunno'.




Naomi Hawthorne 


God I hate writing in the yellow. It's so hard to see. Such a drag. Anyways uh Naomi...She keeps yelling at me about effort I think. She seems nice though. But it's like...Nah but lets talk more but...Nah. But it'll be fun. Type thing. -- Mostly no now though. 

Patrick Stevenson


My few of him is a lot like Dunn's. He tries to change me and talk to me all the time like he's an NCO. But he's not. Also, He personally over sees a lot of the PT that I get put through so my few of him slowly gets worse. He makes fun of me a lot and junk. Not sure if it's joking or serious. Either way it's a drag to dislike someone. So I don't really care.I'll just keep cruising along. -- For some reason he keeps saying that I'm not really lazy. Either he's blind, deaf, and dumb. Or he's trying to cheer me up and prove him right. -- I don't like him at all. I'm not mad that he beats me up, slams my head into counters, or strangles me. I'm mad about his attitude. He's so eager to throw away his life for the Federation. It's illogical and dumb. You don't -need- to throw your life away. No one does. He always talks about "Oh wow I can't wait for the next drop." Well the next drop was what got Dunn killed. I hope he stops asking for more drops. Just cool your jets. -- I can't say I liked him. But I didn't want to see him die. That was a huge shame. Even after we made up. Who's going to be there to kick the shit out of me every five minutes? "I'm what is between you, and whatever the fuck wants to kill you, Asahi." -  SSpc. Patrick Stevenson-- Ok so I though he died. But he came back. Eh.




Lachan Dunn


Honestly. My few of him is all over the place. He gets on me a lot more then most people. But he's also alright-ish? It's weird. Because he tries to talk to me so much about me being lazy. I don't know. Every time I try and talk to him usually it goes back to "Stop being a lazy piece of shit." Or something like that. -- He's getting better. We work well on the field...God saying that sounds weird. Anyways I feel I still need to talk to him some more. He has stopped getting on me as much.-- Uh. He died sacrificing himself for Stevenson. Poor guy. The operation it's self was honestly...Completely botched. Bugs saw us comming. I should have known too. They know we have ships and prefer to attack from urban areas. You know where we like to set up defenses. Anyways, Dunn was  a cool guy. We worked well together.




Video Journal Entries

 (These are physically stored within the Character's personal Terminal. Only those who have been given access can ICly see the logs, however it is mainly for backstory/info purposes) (P.S. Completely ripped this from Jodie Cutters bio. She made this. Even the font is stolen)


Personal Entry #1: Uh...Run down, I guess?



Chiyiuki Asahi is seen in laying down in his bed. He looks like he just got up from taking a nap. His eyes are watering and he yawns at the very beginning. He waits a couple seconds before speaking. 

Uh...So I got this idea from the staff. She was talking about how when people write books they speak from their subconscious so I decided to speak into a camera till I find out what I want to know about myself. It's like some zen monk shit. Anyways uh...Just going to start by describing my time so far in the MI and what others think about me. It's been about a week and I'm a Private first class. I've been on many missions already. Even the attempted assassination of the Sky Marshal. How do I sum it all up? I say it's all such a drag. Every single part. Although I have some people that don't yell at me for being lazy. I have one of the Staff Sergeants...Sleptz...The Swede girl...I don't have many friends do I? Oh! I have uh...'Lick' too! He's pretty cool. Anyways I already have like five corporal mentors. Or at least five different Sergeants have tried to get me mentors but the Staff Sergeant, Vickers, acted first. My mentor was supposed to be Sergeant Squires but he said something along the lines of. "Stop being a lazy piece of shit and I'll help you," Well isn't the whole point of the mentor supposed to make me not lazy? Anyways I got Jodie Cutter at the end of it. She's pretty cool. Oh also. I'm not changing. I'll be lazy till I die but that doesn't mean I'll slack off when we do shit. In training? Sure. In parade? Definitely. Me and my...Three friends getting shot at? No. I won't be slacking. Also this one time Vickers made me carry around 300 pounds of ammo and guns for four hours. Those four hours consisted of running, fighting, and then finally me collapsing. That was not fun. -Also!- Yesterday when the Sky marshal almost got killed I got mail right afterwards of my parents were heading to Iskander for the weekend starting Friday. The problem is mail gets around very slowly. That was sent around Monday. I get it after the drop and I start freaking out and I yell at the new Staff Sergeant because my day was already pretty shit...Literally. We walked through shit for about an hour, got blown up, -and- I over slept and missed the whole city RnR. So I yelled at the Staff and got kitchen duty everymorning for the next like three weeks or something. I -also- have dead-lift PT for slouching. Given by Vickers and Sorrentino. So now my scheduled goes like...Cooking, Nap, Talk, Deadlift, Nap, Drop, Nap, talk, Nap. PT, Nap, and possibly another drop. I need more naps man. Uh anyways. That's the rundown. Uh...Bye I guess. What a dra- He leans in and turns off the camera as he is talking. He leaves abruptly.

**End Recording.**

Personal Entry #2: Are you serious?



Chiyiuki Asahi is seen sitting in his bunk. His eyes are red and it looks like he's been crying. He sighs then speaks.

Uh...So good news and some really bad news...Good news is my family is ok from being in Iskander or whatever. The bad news is uh...My girl friend fucking died...He takes a long break and the camera cuts. Obviously he edits his videos. Uhm...She was driving along the high way and she got into a motor accident...He rear ended a fucking semi-truck. She apparently was reading some mail I sent her a while back...That's so dumb. I got the letter literally today. I uh...This fucking sucks. What a drag man... Another abrupt cut happens and he looks slightly better. So it's the next day...I got some more good news and some more bad news. I've been a SIC at least eight times now. The bad news is Alice...Vickers says she wants to promote me but she can't because her hands are tied. I'm not a good role model for the enlisted and what not. Which is strange because...Who would ever look up to me anyways. Plus they all look up to Sergeants and Staff Sergeants too. I dunno'. Being SIC is alight I guess. Maybe I'll forever be a SIC and just get -really- fucking good at it. It's such a drag though sometimes. Dealing with people who don't listen. Also! I got M55 certified as well. That's cool. I also gave Vickers an idea for tactics. I made a joke about proactive lazyness. That's why I learn to use all sorts of weapons. So I can kill them or deal with them in the easiest way possible. Say there's an MG nest. Instead of me running through MG fire. I blow it up and walk up there when ever I feel like it. So then she drew this whole thing of instead pushing in to kill enemies. Draw them out and let them come to you. I invented a fucking master mind tactic and I'm excited because I get to do the bare minimum and still get stuff done. It's quite literally a dream I've had before.

**End Recording.**





Personal Entry #3: Mendokusai...



Chiyuki sits there. He takes a much longer break then the original two. He takes a deep breath and then speaks.

So...Wow...A lot has happened. Where to begin? We just got back from a pretty fun skinny drop. No sarcasm. I watched a movie type thing that flashed images into my head and I also watched the clouds for a bit. Although when I got back this dude named Alday made dinner. Which is fine except he didn't clean his shit up. So I had too. I complained a lot and hid as usual except...Vickers seemed extra...I dunno'. Strict. She looked at me and unclipped her holster. She then brought me down to her office and asked if I know what multiple accounts of 'insert something about refuseing orders here' Anyways I started to panic because of what she said over the radio. She told Sorrentino to choose four people and have them go to the firing range. I began to sweat and I started to doubt Vickers. "Was she really my friend. Can I trust her?" I decided I did...Until I got down there and she told me to jump into the firing range. Like -inside- of it. I refused and asked what she was doing. She told me that either we can do it -here- or we can do it in -there- I was dumbstruck. Horrified and confused. She pushed me in and Sorrentino literally dragged me the rest of the way. By the time I grasped what was going on I started to struggle and he punched me in the jaw. I took the hit like a champ and didn't even budge of course. But eventually Sorrentino was forced to retreat from my hand to hand combat abilities. By that time I looked at the firing squad and I panicked again. Like a deer in head lights I collapsed on my knees just  starring at the guns. I told myself to move but I couldn't. I repeated it and repeated it but I never even moved. They Vickers said to fire and I thought this was it. I thought I was dead. Except they were paintballs. I collapsed in fear and was dragged to the med bay. I passed out and several hours afterwards I talked to Vickers again. I requested her so I could get my head straight. I'm usually good with high pressure situations but even that one was a bit much for me. I talked to her and I asked her a few questions. "Would you shoot me like that?" Was probably the most important one. Then came a favor. "Tell me to quit instead of out right shooting me." She said if it's in my capabilities I would keep you off that firing line. Which was good enough for me but then she said I don't like seeing people get hurt and I could tell you were hurt by what I did and I feel guilty. Which was an amazing response for me but the icing on the cake was that she said if she needed to she would do something as horrifying as what happened today. That was what put my mind at ease really. -Then- I sent her some work related stuff that I need done by tomorrow...Uh oh. Then uh...I don't know why I said this but I told her. And I quote myself "Don't be afraid to take a break every once in a while. Stress and continued work wears down on someone sometimes. Even just chilling with the enlisted for an hour or two would help them and you." I think she liked that at any rate. Chiyuki takes another break and it cuts abrubtly. Also I felt really bad about this but I think I got Knoxx demoted because of how I act. I was complaining about the cleaning of the kitchen and she got demoted by Vickers because she said "He has a good point" In response to me. I feel like double shit after that...I don't want to be...That influential or...*Sigh* I hate to say it...I don't want to be that lazy if it means ruining others. Does that mean I'll stop it all together with the combination of all that happened today? No. Probably not. I'll still complain and sigh and mope around...But...I won't refuse anymore. I'll do the work asked of me on ship. But for right now I think a nap is in order. I'll start doing it tomorrow or something. Asahi frowns at his ending comment and goes to turn the camera off.
**End Recording.**




Personal Entry #4: Huh.



Asahi starts out this recording by chilling in his bed. He holds the camera above him. The first thing he does is yawn and then he starts.

So what to do...What to do...I'll just go over this weekend I guess. So Friday nothing really cool happened. Saturday and Sunday though. Oh man. What a drag it was. Lets start off with Saturday. In the morning we had an FOB defense. It went alright nothing special. I've been SIC almost every drop for a while. I think they know that I'm a good leader. Anyways the drop. I was in Westervelts squad and it was nothing really special. I had an M55 and a pair of range finders. Then suddenly this royal appears and gets too close for nukes or CAS. So this guy Zander. With a Morita X decides to fight the thing with Scott. With no assistance they take it out. Zander gets swiped and a few broken ribs. Nothing too bad. Drop after that...I think. I don't know if I'm going in order any more. I think the FOB could have been friday but whatever. Saturday we went down to Terra and took back DC. It was my first time fighting progs and I did pretty well. Used a DMR and killed a lot of them. It was some WW1 type stuff. Trench warfare, infantry rushes after artillery. Stuff like that. We won and we took a picture. I woke up the next day and realised I was on fed net! Holy shit! I was right in the middle. I didn't mean to look cool but it happened on accident. I was yawning and it looked like I wasn't even surprised that we took DC. It was great. Afterwards we went back up and hung around for a while then I went to bed. Sunday was pretty big day for me. Also probably the worst day for me. First thing in the morning we go on a drop. Turns out they are cultist psycho people. It carries on. It was a bit of a cluster. The drop lead knew he messed up but it was a bit late to fix it. Anyways I'm providing support with the DMR and this guy comes out of no where with a machete. I pop two rounds into his chest but he keeps going. I shot at his heart too. He grabs my arm and tries to cut it off. I grab his wrist and wrestle him for a bit. All the while he was yelling stuff like. "I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR TOES! I'M GOING TO TAKE YOUR DICK AND TURN IT INTO A HOT DOG FOR DINNER." You know. Casual cult stuff. But then he tries to swing at my face and he succeeds. He hit the gas mask and his machete got stuck inside of it. Sleptz shot him and I got up and finished him off.  After I got over the fact I almost died and was slowly breathing in poisoned gas which didn't seem to do anything anyways I had a weird laugh about it afterwards. It's strange how someone yelling about eating your toes is funny. Then after that Sleptz decided to bring a cultist gas mask on board. Which was dumb. We were all fine. Then later on that day. About an hour or two we created an FOB. I was Second In Command again and I thought I did really well. There was a couple times where people didn't stay at their posts but it's alright. No one was hurt. Killed a tanker then left. Then...Get this. I FUCKIN' SAVED THE AROGONAUTS JUMPBALL TEAM! WOOO! I've never been more hyped in my life. I met, Hunter, Butch, and Dimitij...Although Dimitij was kind of mean. Anyways Hunter was fucking amazing and so was Butch. Hunter even said he might sign up. Could you imagine?! A pro JumpBall player being in the MI! He had a game tomorrow though so he couldn't leave. I tagged him on insta and stuff. I got a cool pose with him in MI gear. Fucking legend. We still talk some on insta and other social medias. He's so much cooler in person. My favorite player now! Butch is a close second. I got all of their signatures except one on my helmet. I'm carving a couple of them in. Hehe. That was the best. I usually don't get that hype either but I was so excited to meet them. I wish we could talk more, Hunter. I already miss you.

**End Recording.**



Personal Entry #4: What am I even doing anymore?



(Explaining what happened over the weekend. Skip for char development)

Asahi is sitting on his bed rubbing his hands together. He doesn't look at the camera. In fact he never looks directly at the camera. Always above or to the side. He claps his hands together once and starts speaking.

So I decided to do one of these every weekend if something crazy happens. And guess what. It did. Obviously. Friday I got to use a Morita X! That was the only time I've ever been excited for a drop. Caffrey said she's going to use me as a sniper with the Morita X when she needs me. Uh that was pretty much it friday. Saturday. Nothing really important happened -but- I did get a set of medals. Vickers said she's proud of me. I feel like a little kid honestly. It felt good when she said that honestly. But oh boy...Sunday. I've never really been sc-Well no that's a lie. I've only been scared for my life one other time. But this time we decided to deploy on a psychic fucky place. Which would be fine if not for the fact that I shot off my own leg. I'll just go in sequence of events. We landed and already things were off. We went down and explored a bit and were clearing out rooms. I myself came across this room filled with bodies. And I mean -filled- like foot high. There were hanging ones too. There was also this book-Asahi pulls out a black book. It is completely blank except for page 72. But that's not the point. The point is besides throwing up at seeing the bodies, flayed and showing bones and fairly fresh, I didn't really react. I don't feel any worse after the fact. I was in there for a solid two minutes too. I didn't even freak out. We left and then all these shadows started to attack me and a freaked out because I felt like I was actually in danger. Then everything went black. Apparently I shot myself in the foot. Blew half my foot off. Asahi lifts up his right foot showing a stub wrapped in bandages. Which really doesn't count as an injury from an enemy because it was myself. Still uninjured. Anyways they stripped me of weapons and we carried on. Near the end of the ordeal something...Even stranger started happening. It was like I was possessed. I was forced to sing a song and punch people while calling myself Bruce Lee. The song was Kung Fu fighters.

(Char development below.)

Also. Besides my foot I'm actually feeling better then what I was going into the drop. For some reason getting possessed and thinking that I'm Bruce Lee has made me really want to work...I always thought the only thing that would actually make me change is some super depressing event like someone I liked as a friend died. Turns out all that was needed was for me to get possessed. But then it got me thinking. I never really reacted to the bad events after they happened. Remembering the body room doesn't really do anything to me. Just seems like another day. I dunno'. But thinking of that got me thinking more. Why am I even in the MI? I got this plan stuff right? But that was already known. I'm going to leave after two years. But...Why am I here? Am I already accustomed to the MI lifestyle to where I don't even react to room full of limbs stacked up a foot high? And being able to use the Morita X and keep my friends safer was...Refreshing. I really want to work to know why I'm here.   Saying all this stuff is so unlike me. Knowing why I'm here isn't even that important or useful and yet...I can't help myself from wanting to know. I'm not sure if it's even worth it. Changing and putting in the work. I've already dug myself a huge hole in front of Vickers -and- Caffrey. The Lieutenant and the Staff. I have Cutter mentoring me but she seems to have forgotten. Or I stopped complying or something happened in the back round. Either way there's no way to start out at a clean slate. I  got MIMAP going with Claire to get me better in CQC. That's about all I've done so far. After all. I'm still in the med bay. I've got this question rolling in my head still... "What am I even doing anymore?"

**End Recording.**



Personal Entry #5: Why's it gotta always be me?  Deleted, Reason: That was edgy as fuck and things changed.

Personal Entry #5: I promise.



Ashhi is sitting down and leaning forwards. He talks pretty calmly.

Ok so things happened. I messed up and I'm changing. I got raped two days ago and it was...It rocked me up a bit. But I got the opportunity by Vickers to go down there and...Do things. I went down and the guy was already dead...To be honest. I'm glad. Don't know what would have happened to me. Anyways that's not the point of what this journals about. The point of the journals is to find out why I joined up. Why I'm here. Why I'm doing all this. I think I found it before I left. I confronted Vickers after she came to the med bay and gave me Marksman training. I asked her for shore leave for maybe a day to head down to Iskander to find the guy and kill him. I've already told you what happened. Surprisingly she didn't deny me. Or give it a moments hesitation. I also made an oath saying that I would serve until she deemed other wise. I don't regret it. I think she's why I'm here. I'm here to help her through...Whatever happens. I'm here to protect her and stuff. She granted me a wish that could have ended her career and had her hung. Dispite that she let me down there with out a moments hesitation. I know...It doesn't sound...Exactly right. But. I can't really explain it either. I feel like she'd do anything for me. Even as a Private First Class. Although I bet she'd do it for everyone. I wouldn't hesitate to kill for her. Or do whatever she asked of me. Even if it was some super fucked up thing...I don't think I'd hesitate for a second. No. I know I won't hesitate. I swore I'd serve as long as she deemed fit. But I'm swearing this to whatever god is listening. I won't let her die and I'll be there as long as she needs me. I plan to stop being lazy and to work. I plan to stop complaining. I plan to work. Show everyone they're wrong. Although...I don't trust any of them anymore. Not even the ones I thought were cool. Vickers, Clark, and...No. That's it. I hope I don't let them down. I don't plan on it anyways. The reason I don't trust anyone else is because they treat me like shit and would prefer to see me dead. Even the ones I thought were cool pointed and laughed. I saw people die and when I threw up on ship they laughed and jeered. "Stop being such a baby. You're not cut out for this work." Well let me ask you this. Why are you so eager to die for your country? So eager to throw your life away for a greater cause. I don't know. I'd do it. But I wouldn't be happy about it and it better be a good reason. I wouldn't risk my neck to save anyone else than those two. Because if I do. I'll miss my chance to save those two. Ashhi sighs and gives a slight smile and looks away. I dunno'. The point of these journals is to find out why I signed up. I think I found it. I hope I can back it up. 

**End Recording.**



Personal Entry #5: Can't out run karma.



You know...I keep messing up. It keeps getting worse and worse. On the campaign this weekend I managed blue on blue. With my Morita X even. Jesus man...I killed a guy. He was the second platoons runner too. I-...I think I would be hung if it was someone from first platoon. Everyone is saying it's not my fault and junk. Well some people are. Also I made that promise and that's what I'm going to talk about for a bit. I made it and I'm standing by it. But it's hard to break these habits of mine, the laziness--mainly. I'm still working to help Vickers though. It's going alright. But I need to more. I have to do more. I haven't made it up yet, I can't hide from karma. I'll just make it up by helping her. Make it up by giving it my all. So that guys death won't be in vain...Asahi rubs his face. I don't know. It's harder then I thought it was going to be but I'm not there. I can't quit yet though. I'll keep at it and stuff. I've made progress though. Stopped complaining about everything. I'm volunteering. I just need to...Stop? I'm going to ask people what I'm doing wrong when I finish. Anyways I hope the upper staff don't find out. Although most the platoon knows I think. I hope they don't tell people. If they wanted they could straight up blackmail me...But yeah. That's that. Also it's only a matter of time until karma catches up with me. Either other people die or I do. Or worse. Who knows? Hopefully karma is fake but there's always a chance. I fucked myself this time. Asahi takes a moments break then it cuts to him talking again. Master editor.  I guess I should talk about the people I've met since the beginning. Vickers and Clark, I've talked about them. I owe them my life and then some. I just need to make their dreams come true then I can focus on my own. Deal. Shay, Claire, and Tzipora. I wouldn't give my life for them. They're my closest friends on the ship but...I won't give my life for anyone besides those two. I won't risk my life for anyone but those two. Either way I enjoy their company. Weird bunch but who's not weird anymore. Everyone knows I am. I think this is going to be a short one then. Not much major has happened. Asahi gives a wave.

**End Recording.**




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when i told you to change the name because its the same name as a character from one of the most popular animes of all time, and that does a good job of jolting people out of the experience, that's probably not the best idea to make him a carbon copy of shikamaru anyways


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1 minute ago, Orwell said:
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when i told you to change the name because its the same name as a character from one of the most popular animes of all time, and that does a good job of jolting people out of the experience, that's probably not the best idea to make him a carbon copy of shikamaru anyways


Welp ever since i changed the name no one has rly commented on me being a carbon copy of shikamaru its a fun character to play anyways (at least for me)

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