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Charlotte 'Morrígan' Byrd

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Charlotte Byrd


Call sign Morrígan, those close to her get away with Lottie.





Sexual Orientation:


Blood type:


Place of Birth:

Wick, Scotland



Marital Status:



Valentine Byrd (Mother), Russell Byrd (Father), William Byrd (Younger brother)

Known languages:

English, British and American Sign Language, tiny amount of French and German.

Mental Illnesses:


Physical Disabilities:

Two biotech legs, right leg is biotech just above the knee down, and the left mid thigh down.


She's hot headed, and quick to insult. It's difficult to get onto her good side, but when you're there she's a friend for life. She's loyal to a fault when you're on her good side, and quick to defend those she has decided are worth the effort. This isn't to say she's cold hearted, she's got a great, if not a little dark, sense of humour, and she's rarely vicious. Just... Brash. Maybe don't approach her if you're easy to offend.





Hair colour:

Brunette. Short cut, cropped at the back to no more than a couple of inches, front tends to be a little longer. Usually looks like she's suffering major bed-head.

Eye colour:


Other physical traits:

Her left arm holds a sleeve tattoo, the top of which extends across her shoulder blade at the back, and a little over her chest at the front. It's a mish mash of various designs, zodiac's, myths from her home, animals and a few quotes laced in.

Brief History:





She joined the MI at eighteen, as soon as she could, and never looked back. She often writes home, having a good relationship with her family, determined to make them proud out there. She never cared much for formal education, and whilst her grades were average, she never really excelled until she joined the MI. She's a practical lass, who just wants to get stuck in and get her hands dirty. She worked hard in her company to earn her rank, joining the Engineering division during her stay in the company. She adored the building and fixing, the technical aspects of the work she did, working hard to make her name in the company she served.


She often exchanges letters with her younger brother, who is deaf. She learned BSL to speak with him, but learned the differences between that and ASL out of interest. She's a skilled artist, and often sends drawings of various planets or experiences for her brother to enjoy.


She'd like to have people think she doesn't care for the 'girly' stuff at all, but she has got a secret penchant for cute things, keeping a collection of small stuffed animals and key rings in her footlocker. She cares more for her appearance than she'd like people to think, though it's definitely not her priority.








Love|Close Friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Dislike|Hate|


Jacqueline Melodie

The light of my damn life. I've loved nothing more than watchin' her grow and smile. She's overcome all kinds of difficult times, and I'd like to hope I helped at least a lil' bit. Plus she can bench press me, which is pretty hot. 


Sebastian Bently

I like him. He doesn't get all prissy when I ain't to serious around the place, and he has a nifty as fuck bandicoot, that wee thing is pretty sweet. Makes me wonder what kind of weird beastie I can get away with smuggling in... 


 William 'Bunny' Saint-Claire

This guy is awesome. He makes the -best- milkshakes, like holy -shit- the milkshakes. He's fast as a damn bunny, and he darts all over the fuckin' ship like no ones business. He's about the only person I'd believe can be in two damn places at once. He's a good guy and I definitely have his back. -Especially- if he keeps making those milkshakes. 


James 'Smurf' Wilkins

Smurfy is great. Guy actually has a sense of humour, which up until I came back for good seems to have been severely fuckin' lackin' around the place. He's a hard workin' lad with a decent head on his shoulders. He agreed to help me in my grape soda war with Triggsy.. Even if I have caught the sneaky smurf tryin' to drink the stuff under my nose. 

I'm.. gonna miss him. I've got to get his things sorted out.. get his stuff sent out to his family, get his suit sorted out... He was one of the most heroic Marauders I've ever had the privilege of workin' alongside. He was an absolute pleasure to hang out with, to work with... to just have in the team. He made simple things like workin' on suits or even jus' planning on drops.. He helped make it fun. 

I'm going to miss him. 


 Blake 'Nyx' Triggs

I missed Triggsy so much. It's great having her back on the ship, someone for me to goof around with. I will win the grape soda war, but I think she already knows that. Deep down. Really deep down. Deep down under a place where she still keeps fightin' me for the purple elixir.. 

What the -fuck-. Triggs has a fella! And -kids-. -Triggsy- has -kids-. I feel like I've gotta have some credit in this; there's no way she'd be any good at lookin' after kids without the practice I gave her durin' our years fightin' together. I deserve chocolates. Or more grape soda. 


 Patrick Stevenson

Damn fine 'rauder. Knows their job and knows it well. I know I can trust their advice when they come to me over anythin' regardin' our detachment. He has a damn good head on his shoulders, helps me keep the guys in line. 


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