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Hi! It's December so Christmas things are going on. Now, as a fun little game, we're gonna put together a little Community fuck around. 


If you want to partake, comment your name below. 


Here's how it works. You comment your name and you'll be given a PM by me showing the name of another person who has also commented. You are then tasked with finding them a Christmas present on Steam. 


Here's the catch, you have to find this person the most random, strange and all around shit-tier meme game on Steam. 

Here's some excellent examples of the games you should be looking for:




Everyone who partakes will have someone to gift a game to and someone who they will receive a gift from. Everybody wins! 


Simply comment with a link to your Steam Profile and await a PM from me saying who you are giving a "gift" to. 


You have until the 12th of December to comment, after that, PMs will be sent out. 

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