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MIPOD Classification C: MEMORY MAN

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Psychic Classification Type C :

Memory Man





What IS a Memory Man?


Memory Men are the ones who see into the past of an object, or into the thoughts of any man. They remember everything, and forget nothing. These operatives specialize in Psychometry.



What exactly can a Memory Man DO?


This classification of psychic is a professional in the realm of Psychometry. This is the ability to sense impressions and images from objects due to the psychic energies left behind on them. Now, this is far more than it might seem on the surface. This means that the operative can ‘feel’ the history of an object, and how it might have been used, or perhaps, how it may have lived and died.


In addition to this, Memory Men make some of the best interrogation experts in the galaxy. With their ability to retrieve information from a subjects mind second to none, this is incredibly useful to the Federation when Citizen’s lives count on precious Intel.


Adding onto this incredible list of feats, most Memory Men have eidetic memory. Now, what this means, is that an operative has perfect memory. One might read a manual, and be able to tell you every single detail of the manual, from entire paragraphs, to a simple stain or tear, or the slightest imperfection they might notice.


And to top this, Memory Men are, in essence, human super computers. They can take calculations and equations that might make Einstein himself pull out the pen and paper, and solve it in their minds in mere moments.


As the Federation pushes forwards in it's research, so does our knowledge of psychics. And in this knowledge, we find ways to improve. To adapt. And to overcome any obstacles we might face.


Do you think YOU are a Psychic?

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