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Player Competition #2

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Howdy folks, although the last player competition didn't have a great turnout I'm going to do another.


This months player competition i

will range from now, the 6th till Christmas day. The winnings is a whopping 50 dollars through paypal.


The competition is simple, make either a loading screen background related to SSTRP that will also be added to the queue of loading screens or just a simple SST related art piece that can be verified YOU made. Also, only one image can be entered to compete. 


If you have any questions feel free to PM me and good luck to competitors. 


PS: If this competition does not suit your abilities there will be a similar prized competition next time with a different criteria.

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4 hours ago, Whiplash said:

What size should it be, if we're going for a loading screen? 1920x1080?

I'm sure we can blow it up or minimize it for the purpose. But this is mainly player oriented.

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ok ok allow my post pls i spent like 60000 hours in paint on this and an addition 1488 hours in gmod to pose this


the fucken picture doesnt wanna tucken upload u pizz ashit i can send u the file later but heres a puush screenshot



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