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Marauder Expectations

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Expectations for all marauders




Y Racks

Jump Jets







  • Out of your suit, I’m not overly fussy. Nothing extreme, please remember you are a member of a division that is supposed to be elite, and even without that fact, you are in the military, not high school.

  • In your suit, a few decals/stickers/SMALL stickers are permitted. Please do not go OTT with decorating your suit, bear in mind it’s a very expensive bit of kit. I’m happy to promote a view that you have a personality even in your suit, but be professional.

  • If you’re -desperate- to do something more extensive to your suit then it needs to be brought to me IC. Either my LT or my TSgt (Charlotte Byrd) is fine. I’ll treat queries on more than stickers and decals on a case by case basis.






From now on, Marauders will be expected to work with the same amount of health and armour as they spawn with when they enter the server. The idea behind this is marauders should not be standing and tanking damage, and you should be absolutely fine with the same health and armour as you spawn in with.


You shouldn’t be letting arachnids close enough to do enough damage to kill you with default health and armour, since their talons WILL puncture a marauder suit if allowed too. Even small arms fire will damage a suit if it’s sustained long enough without being dealt with.


The rough guide for this (and this should be on a case by case basis) is if you die once, depending on the circumstances, then you would be awarded damage to your suit. This could be a small thing that requires some RP with an Engineer to patch until you can get back to the ship, or damaged to the extent of needing to dump the suit. If your suit gets a patch job, this will require you to (if you can) rp with an Engineer back on the ship to get it fixed properly now the tools and parts are available.


If you die a second time however, (or of the circumstances of the first death are such that an injury is given then) then you must rp whatever injury the admin running the mission deems fit, however they choose to do it.




Y Racks



For the Y Racks we will be using the M9K M202 swep. You will be limited to four rockets, which is the same amount you’ll get with the swep anyway. Admins are not to give Marauders any more ammunition for this weapon. If you miss four shots, then tough.  The rounds will be similar to the HEDP, in that they will be high explosive rounds with armour piercing capabilities. These will be able to permanently close bug holes, but they actually kind of OP for this so only do this as a last resort. They’re best used for taking out buildings, armoured vehicles (e.g tanks), and have locking on abilities so can be used for things like drop ships and enemy aircraft. Y-Racks can be used by Spc and above. 



Jump jets 



The Jump jets have a four use limit for each drop. Typically this would be a couple of jumps and a couple of soft landings, but they can all be used for one or the other. The IC reasoning for this is simple; your battery pack would not be able to withstand you jump jetting all over the shop near constantly. OOCly this allows for more rp E.G having to use different methods to gain access to places, being able to place things out of easy reach of the MI on missions. 






From now on, Marauders will not have the LRR equipped. ICly this will be down to power for the suits. The suits themselves are not the fanciest in the Federation's arsenal, and therefore some limitations to what tech we can have on them at one time will work ICly. OOCly, it gives mission runners more flexibility. This is not to say that Marauders can't carry an LRR for troopers if asked to, or even use that LRR if asked to, they just will not automatically have one equipped any more. 




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I'll be reevaluating what weapons are given to what ranks in the coming weeks. At the moment Y-Racks are for SPC and above. 

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