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Suggestions vs Complaints

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Hi all,


As some of you may have noticed I have changed the name of the "Complaints, Ban Appeals and Suggestions" forums to simply the "Complaints & Appeals" forums.


This is not to say that we are hostile to the idea of suggestions - they would however be better suited to the General Discussion forum. Complaints & Appeals threads should not be treated as discussions - they are not topics where we should be exchanging opinions, they should be simple fact finding missions: player X thinks Y was a shitty thing to do, admin Z responds with why they did it, XA P may ask questions pertinent to the complaint and then XA P delivers a clear, concise verdict.


Once again, players (and now admins alike) are forbidden from responding to a complaint that they were not involved in.


Moving forward, XAs should be at least responding to any complaint or appeal within 24 hours - if this doesn't happen, please give me a shout.


This is not a slight against @Mack or anybody else who posted suggestions there - this is us finding a way to better deal with these kinds of thread without the staff team coming across as contradictory and chaotic.



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