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Marauder Suits - PAC URL

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Since finding a new model for the suits is something I'm working on (No promises, last time I tried this it proved much harder than I had anticipated) This PAC is definitely something that I'm SO happy to be able to give out, courtesy of @cat danny 25.


I think it looks pretty damn good, and so please make sure that you use it when you're on your Marauder. 


The pastebin URL for it is https://pastebin.com/m7NgdXHA





If you don't know how to use PAC, ask an admin but the basic instructions are as follows; 

- Hold down 'Q' and select the Utilities tab. 

- Go down to PAC3 and click it. 

- The PAC menu should then open. 

- Click on PAC in the top left corner, and select 'Load' 

- A text box will then appear, which will allow you to paste the Pastebin link into it. 

- Hit okay and wait for the PAC to load up. 

- Hit PAC in the top left corner again and hit 'Save' and then 'New file' 

- Give it a name you'll remember, and then the next time you load in on a drop in your suit, you can open Q and open PAC again to open the save file you've created. 


Thanks again to @cat danny 25 for making this PAC and sharing it with us, it definitely is an improvement on the current models. Feel free, if you know how, to alter the helmets slightly as it gives everyone a bit of character, but keep it recognizable as the current helmet. E.G don't change the major elements. I don't mind people changing up small pieces, as long as they are a similar style. If in doubt, best to check.

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