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The Morita Mark Three

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After years of tests and production, the Morita Mark Three, which some of you may have seen used in the past in the form of an early prototype, have been reintroduced to the Mobile Infantry and thankfully, it's a lot smaller.


Starting today, the Mark Three will be available to any and all members of the 112th. To acquire one, simply ask an NCO or Gunnery Sergeant to be trained. Once done, the weapon is yours to take on drops whenever you see fit, just like any other weapon. 


We are hoping that this new weapon will be well received and will give us an edge in combat against our various foes. Files will be posted in the coming days detailing information on the weapon but for now, get down to the armory and try it out.



Captain S. Bently.


(OOC note: Textures and damage have been fixed.)

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