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[IC] Time Trial.

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Afternoon, Infantry. The picture above is a layout of a new Time trial hosted by myself, Bently. Below are the times so far:


Spc. Stevenson: 0:48.31
Cdt. Bellingham 0:55.24
GySgt. Valentine: 0:58.45
Cpt. Bently: 1:00.75
Cpl. Volker: 1:05.70
Rct. Danyell: 1:07.66
Pfc. Asahi: 1:11.62
LCpl. Sleptz: 1:13.35
Pvt. Saint-Claire: 1:18.32
Pvt. Orion: 1:25.60
Cpl. Redbrick: 2:03.42


The best time will receive a reward. It'll be run every day at some point. 


- Cpt. Bently

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