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Permakills (PKs), Temporary Kills (TKs) & Injuries

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A. Permakills (PKs)

A permakill (PK) is the permanent death - or at least something that means that they no longer are a playable character appear in our universe - of a character, meaning that they cannot be played anymore. There are four types:



1. Self-PK

A self-PK is when you choose to kill your character off yourself. Whilst this is your choice, there are still some rules in place - this is because we have had problems in the past with players choosing to PK their character, and then regretting it. 


IF YOU CHOOSE TO KILL OFF YOUR CHARACTER, THAT IS PERMANENT. THERE WILL BE NO TAKEBACKSIES. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY 100% CERTAIN THAT THESE ARE YOUR WISHES BEFORE YOU KILL YOUR CHARACTER. If you want to retire your character without permanently killing them, you can have them switch to another unit or request retirement.



2. Roll-based PK

Typically on missions, when you die (ie. hit 0hp and respawn), you will be asked to roll, and based on that outcome you may be injured, may receive a life threatening injury, or you may have a mortal wound inflicted. 


Admins can choose the boundaries at their own discretion based on the circumstances - however typically the guidelines for admins are:


50-100: Typically no injury - you simply respawn and carry on.

21-49: Some sort of significant but non-life threatening injury - a cut, a laceration, etc. - that requires treatment, but if treated has no chance of death.

6-20: A serious life threatening injury that requires significant medical intervention in order to be survivable; typically requiring a MEDEVAC. This can also lead to a temporary kill, which I will describe below.

1-5: A mortal non-survivable wound. War is hell, and sometimes there's simply nothing that can be done. Admins should, where possible, afford you the opportunity to roleplay a slower drawn out death, giving you time to tie up your character - however if you choose it can also be immediate and shocking if you would prefer it.


Again, these are guidelines. Admins can choose to increase the threshold - for example, if you were doing something particularly reckless, or you've received numerous injuries, they can choose raise the risks to match the situation. For example I have in the past PKed people with 17s because they refused to acknowledge the severity of their injuries, because they've refused to wear helmets, or because they have made a discrete decision to be in the field when they don't need to be (intel officers, fleet, etc).


** Friendly fire is as just a cause to inflict a PK as any. The only occasion where a friendly fire PK might be reversed is where there is CREDIBLE evidence that it was intentional deathmatch.


** Some admins (myself included) also choose to reward players who seek medical attention ahead of being killed and penalise players who ignore the extent of their injuries despite being notified.



3. Enforced PK

Admins can also choose not to use the roll based system at all and can simply inflict a PK if the circumstances merit it. Typically this might take place if your character has been patently reckless, cut off from the Mobile Infantry, with almost no chance of survival. The guidelines for admins are:

1. They were knowingly performing an act of heroism or stupidity outside the duties of a normal Mobile Infantry. Most frequently this is fulfilled by an act of heroism or similar. This isn't to say heroism is banned; only that with heroic action comes risk commensurate with the likely reward you will receive if you succeed.
2. They weren't simply following the orders of a superior officer.
3. Except in the most heinous of circumstances, they were given fair warning that their actions could lead to death.


4. Player-vs-Player (PvP) PK

A player can also PK another player under two circumstances: (1) with the approval of an Executive Admin, or (2) as an execution, either in the field, or as a result of a general court martial on ship. 




B. Temporary Kills (TKs)

A temporary kill (TK) is the temporary suspension of a character - there are two types:



1. Hard Temporary Kill (HTK)

A hard TK is a TK where your character is physically unplayable for a defined period - whether due to injury, imprisonment, etc.



2. Soft Temporary Kill (STK)

A soft TK means that your character's is limited in some sense but you can still play them in set circumstances - for example, they might be confined to the medical bay, the brig, or they might not be able to drop. 

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