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[IC] M.I.M.A.P. (Work in Progress)

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Mobile Infantry Martial

Arts Program (M.I.M.A.P.)


Chapter 1. Overview


The M.I.M.A.P. consists of three disciplines: mental character, and physical. Each discipline is divided and presented systematically to troopers at each stripe level. Those disciplines taught at lower stripe levels are then reviewed and reinforced during following training and at the next belt level. Many skills specific to one discipline reinforce the strengths of other disciplines. Martial culture studies strengthen the mental character of troopers through the historical study of war, at the same time reinforcing the importance of character to a warrior and a martial society. What makes this a complete program is the synergy of all three disciplines, which are inextricably linked to each other, and to the advancement process within the stripe ranking system. Commissioned officers are required to certify that the trooper meets annual training requirements and the prerequisites of each specific belt level and possesses the maturity, judgment, and moral character required for advancement. This ensures that as a trooper develops increased levels of lethality with additional physical skills, he also develops a commensurate level of maturity and self-discipline.

Topics Included

  • The study of the art of war.
  • War-fighting
  • Tactical decision making training.
  • The tactics, techniques, and procedures of expeditionary maneuver warfare.
  • Mobile infantryman common skills training.
  • Force protection and operational risk management.
  • P.M.E.:
    • The professional reading program.
    • Martial culture studies.
    • The historical study of war.
    • The study of mobile infantry history, customs, courtesies, and traditions.

Stripe Ranking System

The M.I.M.A.P. consists of a stripe ranking system with five basic levels; tan, gray, green, brown, and black. The colored stripe levels are identified as user levels and are designed to progressively develop the physical skills and lethality of the individual trooper so that he becomes a stronger link in the mobile infantry chain. The user's responsibilities include participating in all technique classes, tie-ins, warrior studies, and sustaining techniques. Troopers must also participate in the appropriate belt-level drills and free sparring. Troopers are responsible at all times for their individual actions and conduct.


Tan Stripe | Conducted at entry-level training as part of the transformation process; requires proficiency in basic techniques and a basic understanding of mobile infantry leadership and core values.

Gray Stripe | Follow-up training after entry level. Builds on the basics with introduction to intermediate techniques; requires mastery of tan stripe techniques and proficiency of gray belt techniques along with continued mental and character discipline training.

Green Stripe | Skill level for the non-commissioned officers. Continued development of intermediate level training; requires mastery of tan through gray stripe techniques and proficiency of green stripe techniques. Leadership and core values development training and P.M.E. requirements.

Brown Stripe | Continued intermediate level training as well as introduction to advanced techniques. Master of tan through green stripe techniques and proficiency of brown stripe techniques. Develop ability to teach leadership and core values training.

Black Stripe; 1st Degree | Becoming a serious student of the martial arts; advanced level skills training begins in earnest. Mastery of tan through brown stripe techniques and proficiency in black stripe techniques. Proven leader and mentor.

Black Stripe; 2nd Degree through 6th Degree | Continue development and mastery of all components of the various disciplines. Proven leader, teacher, and mentor.


Personnel Roster

Tan Stripe | Literally Everyone

Gray Stripe | N/a

Green Stripe | N/a

Brown Stripe | Spc. Saint-Claire, William @Silent

Black Stripe; 1st Degree | N/a

Black Stripe; 2nd Degree through 6th Degree | N/a


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