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Elaine Asper

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Personal Details
Full Name Elaine May Asper
Date of Birth 01.27.2279
Origin Red Deer, Terra
Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Mobile Infantry
Years of service 1
Status Active
Combat Awards




Theatre Ribbons

Operation Spiritus Sanctus.jpg

Elaine M. Asper

Elaine Asper is currently a Master Sergeant with the 112th, Alpha Company First Platoon.

Former Mobile Infantry Lance Corporal with the 88th and MI-POD Operative, then reigning Master Specialist of the Mobile Infantry Psychic Operations Divison aboard the UCF-291 BC "Ulysses S. Grant".


Born in a family of four, being the youngest child - Her parents expected great things from Elaine, whether that being a Star Athlete, a famous music performer or even a well-renowned chef; Elaine's parents supported and funded all of her interests. In High School, she tried all sort of things, ranging from Basketball to Football teams, the marching band and even home-rec. She wasn't good at them at first, but once she saw how things are done, she would quickly adapt and have herself doing the task with such ease.


She decided to serve when her and a few friends headed for a recruitment office, simply peer pressured to join she was taken to the back room after further testing. 

Elaine was transferred to the 88th Morita Company, she struggled at first but once everything was shown to her she had the knack to replicate it. She was considered a fast learner.. Rather an adapt database with a Morita. She was promoted to Lance-Corporal soon after, even after some bouts with command.

Medical Record

  • MAR 10, 2299 - Gunshot wound to the left shoulder by a Minigun.

Military History

Service Record

  • AUG 15, 2298 - Recruited to Fort Baker for BASIC.

  • SEP 12, 2298 - TRANSFERRED to the 88th.

  • SEP 15, 2298 - PROMOTED from Recruit to Private.

  • SEP 27, 2298 - PROMOTED from Private to Private First Class.

  • OCT 13, 2298 - PROMOTED from Private First Class to Lance Corporal.

  • OCT 16, 2298 - PROMOTED from Lance Corporal to Corporal.

  • OCT 20, 2298 - DEMOTED from Corporal to Lance Corporal.

  • OCT 22, 2298 - DEMOTED from Lance Corporal to Private First Class.

  • NOV 11, 2298 - PROMOTED from Private First Class to Lance Corporal.

  • DEC 22, 2298 - TRANSFERRED to the 112th, from the 88th.

  • DEC 29, 2298 - PROMOTED from Lance Corporal to Corporal.

  • JAN 11, 2299 - Involved in Operation Spiritus Sanctus.

  • JAN 12, 2299 - PROMOTED from Corporal to Sergeant.

  • JAN 31, 2299 - PROMOTED from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant

  • FEB 2, 2299 - Awarded with the Mobile Infantry MI Cross by General Larsen.

  • MAR 2, 2299 - PROMOTED from Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant









████████ HATRED████████ DISLIKE████████ NEUTRAL ████████ NOTICED████████ GOOD████████ TRUST████████ ADMIRE



@OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZzSebastian Bently *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


A man that I pretty much owe my career to, he has given me a chance to show my worth and that is what I'll continue to do. I respect him with the utmost regard and I feel like I can trust him; I can't imagine that I am his right hand person, but I'm confident that I can soak in as much information and advice that he throws at me. If I can just be fifty percent of a leader that he is, I believe I could strive.


As a person, we don't really talk in that regard. Not sure if I want to, it might break or bend my image of the man; at this moment, I see him as a mere figurehead. Someone that I can't reach or catch up to, that is my drive as well as my goal.


@KrisKristina Sigrun *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


A woman that can rely on, she proved it from time and time again. She was one of the first people I've met when I transferred in, she had taken the time to show me the ropes and it seems like she's like that to everyone on the ship.. Though, I've notice she has only don't this with women. She's known as someone that is interested in that, but I can't judge her based on her sexuality.


She has taken hits for me and the team, a true image of what a Marauder is - Sadly, none of the other marauders have taken up this lifestyle and Sigrun is alone in a dying breed. Shame.


@LoFiSuicideArryn Falco *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


A veteran in this Platoon, a medic at that. I respect them for taking up such a rough set of duties on the daily, but it seems like the pressure has gotten to this old dog. She's talking to mice, keeps it in her pocket and now.. Has taken a liking to K-Pop dance groups. She's recently came pretty open to me, ever since our altercation involving her PDA. I couldn't bring myself to toss out something important to someone - She didn't deserve that.

She's an individual that seems to reached the end of her road, someone that has nothing else to prove and finding another goal has been a struggle for her. For all those she lost, she carries her burden; for all those that she taught, she's doing it for someone else. Falco has opened my eyes to the prolong exposure to war, the product of someone that served their entire young adulthood to the cause.


Whenever I look at her, she makes me second guess what I do.


@Mighty MouseAaron Holtz *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


A veteran Sergeant in the unit, far exceeds the average life span of a MI trooper within this Platoon. He tries to help out and offers it without much in return; a true NCO in my eyes. I have respect for those kinds of NCOs; someone that the enlisted can rely on, on the field and off.


@cat danny 25 Quinn Caffrey


Despite her position and her usual straight up demeanor when it comes to operations, Caffrey tends to remember my presence and includes me in social activities - Something that no one should overlook. Someone in her position and rank to do such a thing; I find that more less than a compliment.  She has given me several opportunities to lead a squad, I'll continue to iron out my flaws just to pay her back for the opportunity she given me.


@OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZzLeana Wells *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


A bit of a spaz, but good company. Relaxing to kick it and talk trash with this individual. I can tell she's abit off, but she does her job - Even though some enlisted don't like how she operates, but honestly. I feel like it's just because they got the shit end of the stick with her.


@nikbLowell Hartwick *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


Not sure how to describe him; he's quiet, doesn't speak much to the infantry - Not sure how people could connect to someone, even trust someone with their lives without even talking to people. On drops, he is a fine trooper, probably shows his experience. But that's only half the job.


@StevieJrBradley Tanner


A new trooper with abit of smarts about the field; probably a transfer. He has potential with us, I just wish he was more flexible, more patient. I might be judging him too hard, but that's my job.


@Silent William Saint-Claire *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


This man has bounced around the divisions of this Company for sometime, I've heard he was a engineer, medic and even an NCO. I feel like he is a man of many talents, master of none. He is quite arrogant, big headed and doesn't have a problem of showing it. In most things, he'll be right but whenever he's wrong, he lacks the humility to admit it.


He was one of the first people I was introduced to the Platoon when I transferred, figured because he had a thing for me. But, it's passed and I'm glad - Now, I can just focus on my craft.


@TheLynchSarah Redbrick
A veteran of this Platoon. She seems pretty well-versed with her experience, a few holes but everyone has those. The redeeming factor for her is that she's willing to accept her mistakes, only a few handful of people have that trait; the next thing to find out is.. If she's willing to fix it. From a personal standpoint, I think she's gets along well with the rest of the NCOs; as for the enlisted, I feel like her relationship with them can improve.. Make that, it has to improve.


@alright sassyJackie Knoxx


Still a mystery to me, but I've heard she's a veteran so I have to respect her on surviving. Not sure about being an NCO though, she's a Corporal now and I have yet to even know them in a personal level. All this second hand experience is unsettling to me as I've seen her just bending in a pool filled with 'excellence'; I think that might be a good sign.


@DeckChristopher Miller


A medic that is under the guidance of Falco, that being said.. That would mean that he'll turn out to be some strange individual that is really good at their job or something else that is unknown.. Seeing how things are going, only time will tell. He currently is pretty silent, looks like a female.. I hope I don't get a report about this in the future.


@aphasicRowan Burke


A medic that seems pretty serious with her craft, she seems rather dedicated to it - Once, stopping me from continuing on just to patch up a minor wound. I've seen her around the ship, always following Edwards around; no comment about that, she seems like a solid person to being around with though.


@LoFiSuicideAafje De lange


A airhead medic that seems to have a good work ethic, I respect that; even though half the time, I see her just doodling on the work papers. I haven't seen her in action yet, but she seems like good company to keep around.

Apparently she's a veteran as well, my ass. But I'll play along.


@Minyari Veronika Harth


A trooper, bubbly and upbeat. Too innocent for this platoon, or is she bottling something up. She has potential; probably a potential vassal for all the knowledge I know. The girl had some setbacks, two personal loses that I know off. I hope that doesn't halt her development. 


@LilypadLily Parker


A capable trooper, barely see her though; she recently was in some shit, unable to control her urges. But I feel for her, everyone was affected by the Progenitors - A mess resulted in something being discovered, a source of happiness for this individual. I couldn't tell her it wasn't worth it.


@StevieJr Patrick Stevenson *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


He's gone now and I'm not sure how to feel about it, looking at the roster it's strange not seeing him around. Another marauder gone.


@Rhode Angela Clark


Another person from the 112th I had a blast spending one of the rnr's with. Alittle quiet, don't really have much to go off of. I don't dislike them or anything. 


@Troy HughesNaomi Reel


A reliable engineer that I can trust; don't know her that well personally; but I know, on the field she can do her job, and does it well she does. I hope she can bounce back from what happened recently, I'm compelled to stick out a limb for this individual; solely based on her usefulness to the Platoon.


@rarewatch Vito Dominiko


Not really much experience with him, he's a Sergeant again and has been with the Unit for some time. In the very few encounters I had with him, they were present - Enjoyable, he really knows how to stay down to Earth with the people around him.


@Tony Madoc Llewelynn


A Sergeant that took a big risk assigning me a Squad on my first drop with the Platoon, not sure what made her make that decision but it pushed me to not disappoint. I can respect the decision, compliment or guts or whatever made her do that. I won't slack, I won't disappoint.


@SilentOliver Graham


A capable trooper that's looking to learn, I respect him for coming up to me to ask this. I respect an individual's effort to learn, probably what makes this job so great for me. I'm really interested how he turns out.


5/2/2299 - I can see his work ethic, it's respectable. Merely looking at the records, he has done more and more to improve the Unit's knowledge.


@Arrow Chiyuki Asahi


A capable trooper has the attention of the NCO roster, that could be a good thing or from what I heard, a bad thing. Only seen him a few times, talked to him a few times and from my current judgement. He is only average.


@NorseTheNomadTzipora Bronson


A trooper that is relatively in the background; behind the scenes she does everything well, so well that it's nearly to straight from the book. Currently, she seems shaken from the comrade's being hurt in battle.. I can't say much on the subject, but.. I think I've getting to the point where I've lost that, she reminded me of these things.


@ValkraeAvacyn Moon


A medic that seems to be a veteran. She does good work on the field and on the ship, so I must respect that. Not sure about her personality, her small talk on the field seems to suggest she isn't one to panic under pressure, literal +1.


@SilentShane Emmett


A young boy with the gift or curse; whichever you want to call it. He seems abit immature to his settings, but I think it will all change in a few more months.


@NorthLillian Flowers


A new trooper that shows potential, but refuses to dig deep for it. If she was a little more careful, a little more serious, she could make something of herself.


@Gromborg Kaarlo Pehr


A medic with a good track record with his on-field actions. I hope he keeps it up.


@SvenPek Amber Nelson


A facade of a cute girl that running around with a rifle, unrealistic but you see a lot of people like this on this ship. Amber is a capable trooper, friendly but when pressure is on her and she's questioned; another side of her appears, not positive, not productive - Just destructive.


Bon Sleptz


Saw this man get his leg torn off, fought through the pain and continued to fire on those Progs. A true warrior, without a hint of fear in him.


@MasterMedicMan Scott Daby


A Corporal with a funny dislike of being the odd one out, he's a funny person when it comes to alcohol - His reactions are pure pay per view, something that can stick in one's memory.


@Flawed_HeroMichael Benson


A young man willing to learn; from what I've seen from him , he is an individual that is held back by the comments of his peers. Someone that lets thin thorns pierce him, he'll need to develop his own way for blocking those comments away from his potential.


@foxy Sofia Holloway


Quiet, but professional. She listens, she does, no complaints. Only seen her for a few drops, can't really gauge a valid opinion on her yet.


@Troy HughesTroy Hughes


A veteran from what I've heard. He seems to still be clinging to the old days, to his old rank and stature; I had a few run ins with his tendencies. Hopefully, we can mesh well together. Only time will tell.


Eva O'Casey


..She's tiny as hell, I can't believe someone her height would join the Mobile Infantry - Yet, I give her props for shattering my expectations of the average trooper. She's been in Unit for awhile, but yet.. In some cases, she's more lost than I. Not sure what to come of it.


@Commie NaziJenny Hoover *UPDATED 11/03/2299*


First impressions seems to blind me somehow, makes me look at the surface and see it how it is. She's troubled, but that's normal - A bit of a SJW, but once again that's normal. Too early to judge.


@nikb Niko Radkjovic


I don't know him at all.


@ColeisionHannah Zhao


I don't like her, she keeps sending me and my troopers to the shitty planet of Kredia; I'm sick and tired of that planet, I'm sick and tired of that Subject or Watcher, asshole mother fucker showing up. Fuck this bitch, I'll fight her.



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