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Elaine May Asper

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AUG 15, 2298 - Recruited to Fort Baker for BASIC.

SEP 12, 2298 - TRANSFERRED to the 88th.

DEC 22, 2298 - TRANSFERRED to the 112th, from the 88th.

DEC 29, 2298 - PROMOTED from Lance Corporal to Corporal.

JAN 11, 2299 - Involved in Operation

JAN 12, 2299 - PROMOTED from Corporal to Sergeant.




Born in a family of three, being the only child - Her parents expected great things from Elaine, whether that being a Star Athlete, a famous music performer or even a well-renowned chef; Elaine's parents supported and funded all of her endeavors. In High School, she tried all sort of things, ranging from Basketball to Soccer teams, the marching band and even home-rec. She wasn't good at them at first, but once she saw how things are done, she would quickly adapt and have herself doing the task with such ease.

She decided to serve when her and a few friends headed for a recruitment office, simply peer pressured to join she was taken to the back room after further testing.


Elaine was transferred to the 88th Morita Company, she struggled at first but once everything was shown to her she had the knack to replicate it. She was considered a fast learner.. Rather an adapt database. She was promoted to Lance-Corporal soon after.



@Kris Kristina Sigrun ████

One of the first people I got to know on in the Platoon. She's the marauder in my first drop with the Platoon, where I lead as well; pretty unexpected since I don't know anyone in this Platoon. She seems like the person I would like to gather more experience from, someone that has seen and many things. Hopefully I don't have to depend on her too long.


@cat danny 25 Quinn Caffrey ███

Despite her position and her usual straight up demeanor when it comes to operations, Caffrey tends to remember my presence and includes me in social activities - Something that no one should overlook. Someone in her position and rank to do such a thing; I find that more less than a compliment.  She has given me several opportunities to lead a squad, I'll continue to iron out my flaws just to pay her back for the opportunity she given me. 


1/1/2299 -Thank god she doesn't have a stick up her ass, finally someone that is relatively normal on this ship. That doesn't mean I'm off the hook and able to slack off, I'm glad I don't have to; still got a job to do, but now I can have someone's honest opinion on things and I know it's all constructive. I might knock that bitch out though, if she ever brings up what I've said.


@StevieJr Patrick Stevenson ███ 

A marauder with a sense of fun, something that is rare to find in our line of work - He seems to be dependable around the Unit, seeing how I see him involved in every operation I've been. He's a capable drinking buddy.


@Rhode Angela Clark █████ 

Another person from the 112th I had a blast spending one of the rnr's with. Alittle quiet, don't really have much to go off of. I don't dislike them or anything.


@Tony Madoc Llewelynn ██

A Sergeant that took a big risk assigning me a Squad on my first drop with the Platoon, not sure what made her make that decision but it pushed me to not disappoint. I can respect the decision, compliment or guts or whatever made her do that. I won't slack, I won't disappoint.


@MasterMedicMan Scott Daby ███

A Corporal with a funny dislike of being the odd one out, he's a funny person when it comes to alcohol - His reactions are pure pay per view, something that can stick in one's memory.


@Silent William Saint-Claire 

I'm a stranger to this man and yet he had the comrade mentality to help me out while I was completely plastered, prevented me from dipping my head into a snowbank. Plus one for looking out for me, but I ain't no two-dimensional broad. 


1/1/2299 -He's a strange one; unable to hold conversations, and doesn't seem like a big social butterfly. From what I read, he was a former NCO; even an Officer.. Interested how someone with his social skills handled and communicated with the rest of the infantry at his time at the top. Probably something happened, I shouldn't really judge or try to dig into it out of respect.


1/12/2299 -Claire got hurt pretty badly today, his face was torn off pretty much - I hope he'll recover from this.. Of course he will, he's been been through worst; sometime he told me several times.


 Eva O'Casey ████

..She's tiny as hell, I can't believe someone her height would join the Mobile Infantry - Yet, I give her props for shattering my expectations of the average trooper. She's been in Unit for awhile, but yet.. In some cases, she's more lost than I. Not sure what to come of it.


 @Arrow Chiyuki Asahi █████

A capable trooper has the attention of the NCO roster, that could be a good thing or from what I heard, a bad thing. Only seen him a few times, talked to him a few times and from my current judgement. He is only average.


@nikb Niko Radkjovic ████

I don't know him at all.


@SvenPek Amber Nelson █████

A facade of a cute girl that running around with a rifle, unrealistic but you see a lot of people like this on this ship. Amber is a capable trooper, friendly but when pressure is on her and she's questioned; another side of her appears, not positive, not productive - Just destructive.


@rarewatch Vito Dominiko ██████

Not really much experience with him, he's a Sergeant again and has been with the Unit for some time. In the very few encounters I had with him, they were present - Enjoyable, he really knows how to stay down to Earth with the people around him.


1/11/2299 -I saw this man stand guard for more than thirty hours on the front defenses while the rest of us slept, he really takes his job seriously and much respect for that. He continued to work even when the work is done. I can get behind that.


@NorseTheNomadTzipora Bronson ████

A trooper that is relatively in the background; behind the scenes she does everything well, so well that it's nearly to straight from the book. Currently, she seems shaken from the comrade's being hurt in battle.. I can't say much on the subject, but.. I think I've getting to the point where I've lost that, she reminded me of these things.


Bon Sleptz███

Saw this man get his leg torn off, fought through the pain and continued to fire on those Progs. A true warrior, without a hint of fear in him.


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