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Tyron Marice Crews

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Crews in his snuggie.


-Basic Information-

Name: Tyron Marice Crews

Age: 29

D.O.B: April 4th, 2268

Gender: Male

Role(s): Infantry, Heavy

Homeworld: Brooklyn, New York, USA, Terra

Alignment: Netural

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Bown

Build: Bulky, Slow, Heavy Muscles.

Rank: Private First Class


Marital Status : Single


Next of Kin: Mother.


Character Backstory:

Tyron grew up in the middle of Brooklyn, in his early years he strive to play football; growing quite tall at the age of twelve, at the height of 6'3. He was naturally bulky and was several pounds heavier than the rest of his class. It was at the eighth grade he began to lift weights. Focusing mainly on his shoulders and arms, later on his chest; bench pressing was his main work out and doing bicep curls seem to be his passion. He played High School football and played College ball aswell; he continued pursing his dream of making it to the NFL but it was cut short due to his family not able to supply him with College semester funds and he wasn't good enough to get him some scholarships.

He was forced to drop out.

Tyron looked at the Federation Mobile Infantry as a way to coup with his missing life in Football, thinking it would give him the same feel and thrill as Football; he later found out he was going in over his head.

His first unit was a humanitarian unit, dealing with aftermaths of disasters and after battles of the main Mobile Infantry fronts; reaching to the rank of Corporal in his unit before he decided to transfer to a front line Unit, the 112th.


Character Description:

A bulky individual, he stands seven foot one and weight nearly three hundred pounds; every muscle on his upper body is bulging and several veins are popping out of his skin, almost comically. His lower body is another story, he refuses work on his foundation; he believes that his lower body needs to 'step up'. His facial features are quite intimidating but his fears of anything that could injure him has an opposite effect to that feature, his reactions are quite childish as comparable to overgrown baby. 



Trusted | Respected | Good | Alright | Neutral |Get out my face.
Jon Paul Bohannon - This boy is crazy, he a cool guy; wish he was in the infantry though, maybe we could have killed some nasty ass Seps and Bugs together. He makes a good lifting partner, buff as shit white guy I know.
Valerie Faust - She's nice and has a beautiful smile; probably my Mother would love to meet her, but hell - I'm thinking ahead of myself.
Katie Heartfilia - Another person on the ship that seems to be have caught my eye, she cute and short; just the way I like em. But hell, she always runs off when I'm around. Maybe, I'm too much of a man than she could handle. Shitt.
Pattie Stevenson - This boy boolin with the marauder suit, I dig that. He be mowing down bugs like it ain't no body's business. Crews likes when niggas know how to fuck up some bugs.


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