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Stepping Away.

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I'll cut straight to the point here. I'm giving MI Lead to @Pilotfish.

Anyone interested to why, that's below. If not, you can click off now. 



I was given MI Lead following the departure of Franco, and I accepted it with one idea in mind. I was personally unhappy with the MI and where it was, I thought it was a mess with no real NCO Roster or any kind of want to be Infantry. I felt the prior leadership was too inactive and wasn't engaged enough in Roleplaying with people and being a part of the server. (Ironic since that's been me this last month or so.)


So, I took over the MI to try and get it running again. To 'fix' it in a sense. After a few months of leading it, I think I got there. The NCO Roster was healthy, the population on server was doing great and Infantry was looking really good. I was happy with how it was and I was looking forward to trying my best to make it even better. 


Then, my real life got in the way. About 2 months ago my life started to fall apart, home life is rough right now, real shitty actually. A few of my closest and most trusted friends know why, but the reasons aren't really important. This meant that my passion/drive for anything was gone, this, unfortunately, included the server. 


Luckily for all of us though, I had Pilotfish by my side. He has been leading the MI for me since Staff Sergeant, which is funny to me as some will remember I was doing the very same thing 7 months ago. So, it's only fitting that the same happen to him as what happened to me. I believe that I hit my peak as MI Lead a few months ago and because of my own life, I'm unable keep that level of performance,and commitment. I also feel that I can no longer meet the standard I am happy with, so I have chosen to step away and hand it off while it's at least still in a decent spot. My only goals were to make the MI the best it could be for as long as I could. But, clearly, that time is up.


My life has, for anyone curious still, started to get a little better and my passion for .Net is slowly coming back. I will still be here, still be playing Bently and offering my help to Pilot however he may need it, if he thinks he does. I have nothing but high hopes that Pilotfish will take the server to great places. 

It's been a long six months but I think I had a pretty good run. It was stressful, it was hard but seeing the server doing better made it all worth it. I truly did love my time running the MI but I'd like to quit while I'm still (somewhat) ahead, leaving things on a (semi) high note. 


Thanks for putting up with me, it was fun. 


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Appreciated, Optic.


Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I'm well aware I had a shitty reputation when I first got back here and it does mean a lot to me that you looked past that. I'll do my best to make good of the trust you're putting in me.


I don't doubt I'll be singing the same song in a few months, but I'm keen to have a stab at this. I'll put up a series of threads tomorrow about incoming changes to the MI, which'll coincide with my return from LOA and Vickers' return from OCS. 

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I'd like to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the community and the XA team for Optic's hard work over the course of the past six months. His excellent stewardship of the Mobile Infantry at a time when SSTRP was going through difficult times was in part what allowed us to emerge ahead of our competitors and for that I am very grateful. 

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Optic, you were practically leading the MI since you had Staff Sergeant.

You put tons of effort into getting the MI where it is now and as someone who played MI for most of my time on the server, I can rightfully say that you deserve all the rest you can get.

You have full filled what you were meant to do.


I have faith that @Pilotfish will take on your legacy and move the MI  forwards successfully.

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