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Adam Taylor - The Father-Figure

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Name: Adam Taylor
Alias(es): N/A


  • Sergeant - 18th Rifles, Iskander PDF (Formerly)
  • Lance Corporal - 112th Mobile Infantry

Age: 32
Hometown: Vigil's Point, Iskander
Affiliation: Mobile Infantry
Specialization: Rifleman
Psychic Affinity: None

Awards Granted:

  • Purple Heart
  • Combat Action Medal




Father: Kyle Taylor (Deceased)
Mother: Jean Taylor 
Siblings: Eugene Taylor (Deceased)

Spouse: Siobhan Taylor (Wife - Deceased)

Children: Erin Taylor (Daughter)




Gender: Male
Height: 6'2'
Weight: 207lbs
Build: Athletic, Muscular
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

  • Complete Biotech Left Leg
  • Complete Biotech Right Leg




Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality Type: ENFP-A
Strengths: Mature, Strong-Willed, Educated, Practical,  Independent.
Weaknesses: Private, Sarcastic, Short-sighted, Bullheaded.





The Past: Don McLean - American Pie, Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling in Love , CHVRCHES - Deliverance , First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar, I The Mighty - Playing Catch With .22
The Present: Death Cab For Cutie - Little Wanderer, Florence + The Machine - Stand By Me , Mumford And Sons - Guiding Light, Thirty Seconds to Mars - Bright Lights, The Avett Brothers - That's How I Got to Memphis
The Future: My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade, Seatbelts - Gotta Knock a Little Harder , Ellie Goulding - Vincent, Linkin Park - Castle of GlassPassenger - Hotel California




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Shamelessly Stolen


- Friend   Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked Hated -


(#'d Left-to-Right)

1. Thoughts of you professionally

2. Thoughts of you in general

3. Relationship Status

4. Interest in you (Attraction, Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive)

5. Do you have a personal use to Adam? (Yes, No)

/ † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred

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