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Adrian Kowalski

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Section A-01 - Document Information


(♪) (voice)


Personnel Information


LAST-MIDDLE-FIRST NAME: Kowalski, Mark, Adrian4ZIEjbYMZk1_bxYCdqTjphaBq07lbEDAX_eZKkkHlvgHtpP2zZVQvNSInDK0BVBDgPs_jUpECV_PJT6krmHQ-KvlVDsAu3SpxEX7suJiHOCcCYu6IRMFxUTfkdxza-tIES0zdoZY







CURRENT M.O.S: Marksman

ARM COMPONENT: 112th Mobile Infantry

STATIONED: Ulysses S. Grant

ACE(Active Combat Engagement): 3

DATE OF BIRTH: June 24th, 2280

PLACE OF BIRTH: Bloomington, Indiana, Terra

HEIGHT: 5’11” / 1.8034 m

WEIGHT: 162 lbs / 73.482 kg

EYES: Grey-Green

HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown


BUILD: Mesomorphic

RACE: Caucasian


  • Nicholas Kowalski (FATHER, DECEASED; CIVILIAN


Mental Information


PERSONALITY: Laid back to the core, Adrian distinguishes himself with rigid principles and unwavering self-respect. His past taught him to appreciate everything that comes his way, and to analyze the issues with a glimmer of optimism. He’s a natural problem solver, his intelligence encouraging him to be introspective quite often. Socially, he’s a mixture of introverted traits and extroverted traits, choosing to speak mostly only when necessary, but can hold a conversation in his own right.

Extended Physical Information



PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Personnel stands at 5'11", an excellent height for any member of the Mobile Infantry. His BMI is within acceptable ranges, and his body is largely made up of muscle mass due to what appears to be natural athleticism. Personnel appears young, only having just recently turned 18.

Section A-02 - Records

Mental Evaluation



[Report 41068-a, by Professor Edgar Tailor]

“Upon request from Second Lieutenant Malcolm Croft, subject 68, Adrian Mark Kowalski, was received at this facility to partake in voluntary psychological evaluations. Of the ones he took, his assessments seem to indicate that he holds a great amount of potential for life in the Mobile Infantry. His personality is a great fit for the job and he could become a leader if given the chance. Aside from personality, his brain and hormones appear to be in balance, no physical complications were discovered upon inspection.”

Final Notes: <Audio> Adrian’s personality is unique, but still falls into the typical MI mindset. He comes from a poorer district, an area wrapped up in oftentimes violent gang disputes. His mother was financially dependent upon his father, a wealthier man who was known for employing abusive tactics to govern his household. After a series of events, his mother managed to escape his father, taking a young Adrian and his brother elsewhere. Unfortunately, this meant that the newly divorced family was starting at zero, having just abandoned all of the support of Adrian's father. He grew up in poverty, hardened by a lack of necessities, barely living off of the Federation's meager welfare. He and his brother would join a gang at a young age, something Adrian attributed to as "a stupid and misguided rebellion". As a member of the gang he took part in a large number of muggings, vandalism, and other petty crimes. Drug use quickly followed the crimes, he found a brotherhood in a band of thugs who too had lost their fathers. But things changed whenever the gang started having standoffs with a rival group; as a result of one of the standoffs his brother was shot and killed. The death of Adrian’s brother had a profound effect on him, he quit the gang and quickly fell into extended drug use, losing himself in a world of pain and self loathing. Adrian reported that despite all of the criminal activity he was up to, he was never was pursued by the law. Failing school and more focused on wasting away at home, Adrian's mother kicked him out, which Adrian now applauds. He wandered around for a night or two before seeking refuge with his grandparents who lived in the same community. His grandparents allowed him to stay on the condition that he straighten himself out. A number of factors, including the fact that his grandfather was a veteran of the Mobile Infantry, would lead Adrian to enlist, seeking to rectify his life after having gotten clean. Boot camp would be just the thing he needed to straighten out. During his time at camp, where most would merely survive, Adrian seemed to thrive. The ridged structure of military hierarchy mixed with the newfound brotherhood of his fellow recruits was just what he needed to grow, eventually becoming a squad leader in his unit. However, boot camp wouldn't be completely without hiccups, as squad leader he was held accountable for the death of a fellow trainee who drowned during a training exercise, his punishment; administrative punishment, ten lashes. He would recovered quickly, but would never reclaim his spot as squad leader, a fact that made him bitter. At the conclusion of boot camp, Adrian would receive orders to join his new component, the 112th Mobile Infantry.


Medical Record



  • Common cases of flu and common cold as a child.
  • Mild drug use up to 14. (Cannabis, LSD, MDMA, Alcohol)
    • Subject has been clean since.
  • Blunt Trauma sustained during later teenage years due to gang violence.
  • 8/12/98 Ten lashes from administrative punishment.
  • 12/13/98 Pneumothorax (Right Lung)


Service Record



  • December 22nd, 2298: Imersvile- <Audio> "My first engagement... We got blasted by a plasma bug and ended up crashing into some buildings, I got pretty shook up but I was in much better condition than others. Lucky for me, there wasn't much downtime between the crash and moving out. I was assigned to Blue Team under Sgt. Henry Eley, who seems pretty competent. He ordered us out of the dropship, and to secure the surrounding area. I was placed under the jurisdiction of LCpl. Sleptz from there, and we seemed to be the guys always on the front. A couple worker bugs were scuttering around the ruins of the town, had a couple of close calls with 'em too... funny, the first bug I'd ever seen was relatively friendly, man that didn't prepare me for the storm that came next. We were eventually engaged by hundreds of arachnids, fangs-barred, screaming, nasty insects. We continued along with our objective, taking casualties along the way. Apparently the entire operation was a disaster. I suppose I'm lucky to be able to say all this."
  • December 23rd, 2298: Operation Newport Phase 3- <Audio> "And I got lucky again! From the beginning, I could tell that this particular operation didn't have an exceptionally high survival expectation. During the drop, I got assigned to Orange team under Corporal West', who I had received training from just a half an hour prior to being called. We landed in some bombshell of a town, immediately attacked by hordes of arachnids, which we repulsed with lots of small arms fire. Eventually, we made our way to a wall where we set up a small garrison, preparing for another arachnid attack. Shit got pretty hectic, I can still feel the vibration of my SAW in my hands now. After some prolonged fighting we eventually pushed through, plugging up a couple of holes along the way. Approaching the hive, we had to cross through what seemed like an endless tunnel of dead MI and bugs. Oh, and I should make mention of the little game the Lieutenant is having us play. Basically, each trooper was given a jar and asked to find a trophy and bring it back to the Grant in order to receive a new patch, pretty dope. Anyways, during our time in the tunnels we encountered a fucking tortoise. The thing probably didn't deserve to be gunned down by Esposito, who promptly cut the things head off for a trophy... which of course stirred the fucking hive. After some drawn out fighting on a bridge, we continued to push onwards towards the hive. It was here where we encountered Royals. They're beautiful in a horribly terrifying way. One of them practically crushed Stevenson, who was promptly evacuated out of the field. When there was a moment of down time, I managed to gut one of the Royal's eyes, barely fit in the jar. It was only about twenty minutes after that that I experienced my first grievous wound. Fucking bug got close, I'd just spent a clip from my SAW and nobody was shooting. The thing swiped out at me and I thought I was done for; felt the sword-like limb slice its way through my vest and a part of my chest, immediately I could barely breath. Luckily the thing was turned to swiss cheese after that. I think I got drug around for a couple of minutes after that, having been saved by the Corporal, then eventually evac'd the hell out of there. From what I've heard, the fight with the royals was a cake walk compared to what was in those caves."
  • December 24th, 2298: Earth - <Audio> "Third deployment went to Terra... Can't say I'm overly thrilled about the state of my home world. I swear, if I had spent any more time in that wasteland I might have choked to death on the ashes. It was truly horrifying, civilians, turned to ash figurines that fell apart upon any interaction. Kids and their parents huddled together for safety, all turned into ashes. The sun blotted out by what could only be described as a thick wall of ashy sot which clung to the air, making it impossible to see anything or breath properly. What did we do to deserve this? Why did it have to come to this? All this suffering, it's meaningless. I suppose that's one of the reasons why I have to fight, to find meaning for others. I was recently informed that my home town got attacked, and my family was wasted. Didn't even get a chance to say goodbye..."


Section A-03 - Relations and Personal Notes


28bae57c8f.png(credit Litcoins)


 @Pilotfish Alice Vickers ████

A CO that I see around a lot. She's probably taught me more about soldiering than any other person on the Grant- aside from Henry Eley, maybe. I have a lot of respect for her as a CO, she's good at what she does. Also thankful that she gave me and Asahi a chance to prove ourselves to the unit during a counter-sniping drill.

 @Arrow Chiyuki 'Frog' Asahi ████

A fellow marksman, maybe not the most admirable human being, but a good partner. Got to know him a bit better during a training sesh on Christmas, looks like he might be able to save my ass if I ever need it.

 @Pacer Henry Eley ██

Hell of an NCO. He was in charge of me on my first deployment, got wounded; and was still leading. Hell, he even helped finish up my training to be put on the roster for Recon. Really knowledgeable guy. I've got nothing but respect.

 @TOGII Johann Clauswitz █████

Swiss bastard dropped a fucking cup of coffee on me during a training session. At least he had the courtesy to clean it up.

 @Appetite Ruining Kebab Pauline Westervelt ███

A pretty badass NCO, I think it was my second deployment that I was put in a squad under her. She seemed fair and pretty cool under pressure. Best part about her is probably the fact that she dragged my ass along after my lung collapse in the field. Overall, a good woman.


Personal Notes



  • December 25th, 2298: <Audio> "What looked like a standard training sesh with Lieutenant Vickers turned out being something dope. Vickers decided that, after having acquired some new Marksmen, she needed to test them while also teaching the rest of the unit how to pursue a sniping team without the aid of ordnance; those new marksmen were me and Asahi. Asahi got a massive fucking sniper rifle and I got stuck withe spotter duty- not that I'm complaining, I did pretty well. The both of us got to move into the hangar to plan our defense against the assaulting infantry, we both shot ideas back and forth before settling on what seemed like a pretty solid strategy; however, we weren't exactly prepared for the infantry to come rushing out of the armory like idiots when the drill started. Asahi died almost immediately and I was left to relocate and defend on my own. I managed to take out two and wound a couple more before I got boxed in and wasted. We repeated this drill a couple more times, the strategies on both sides seemed to be getting each time, but Asahi and I were still struggling, despite taking out a bunch of targets- until the last drill. Phew, the last drill was intense. We decided that we needed an all-together new strategy, something that would throw the infantry off immediately. We decided to use the doorway to the armory as a chokepoint, to not even let them out of their damn starting area. I popped a smoke in the frame and Asahi laid down a couple of warning shots, after which I sprayed a mag into the smoke. After they started counter smoking, we relocated south towards some particularly defensible crates; that's where the fun started. Asahi climbed up high on the crates, getting into position with the rifle and firing away, I took up position on the left flank, an area that overlooked both angles of approach while preventing any infantry who got the bright idea to rush us from behind. We held our ground for a good while, Asahi was nailing NCOs and it was showing in the strategy of the grunts. A few of the stragglers attempted to flank us, but they weren't prepared for me. I dropped a bunch of infantry and continued to maintain overwatch. It was around that time that Asahi got nailed in the head; he was out, and it was up to me to win the drill. I was fairly certain I was going to lose after Asahi 'died', the odds were definitely not in my favor, but either through the grace of god or just dumb luck, the infantry continued to push me in groups of one or two, never more than that. I just kept switching sides and blasting them down, eventually dwindling their numbers down to just the one guy who had checked the northern edge of the hangar (we were both situated in the southern edge). After I took him out, the drill concluded and I had almost single-handedly decimated an entire unit. Didn't know I had it in me. I returned to the armory for both a hero's welcome and a collective 'fuck you' from the losers. Felt great."


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