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Saturday Meetings

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At 15:00 every second Saturday, there will be an NCO meeting in the NCO barracks, and an enlisted meeting in the lecture hall.


The NCO meetings will follow this format:

  • Notes and new orders from the Lieutenant.
  • Combat effectiveness reports from the Sergeants.
  • Discipline and morale reports from the Corporals.
  • Any other business.
  • No later than 15:45, the Lieutenant will leave to join the enlisted meeting.
  • Ten minutes to organise new duties to handle issues raised.
  • No later than 16:00, the NCOs will change to dress uniform (feat. moustache) and depart to cook for the ceremonial dinner.


The enlisted meetings will be conducted by the enlisted themselves. Lance Corporals will be expected to keep things organised and productive, but not to silence opinions or throw their weight around. This is expected to be a communal meeting to raise issues and discuss potential issues. Organisation will be left to the enlisted themselves.


  • No later than 15:50, the Lieutenant will arrive to be briefed on issues raised and be given some form of meeting minutes (back of a napkin will suffice).
  • No later than 16:10, the enlisted will change to dress uniform (feat. moustache) and depart to attend the ceremonial dinner.


[[These times are EST. The meetings will be at 21:00 GMT. Notes raised in these meetings will be carried through to form the report on the MI in the admin meeting on Sunday. If you have anything OOC to raise, feel free to spend some time during the meetings discussing it as well.)

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Troopers, minutes for our weekly meetings will be posted here.


Expect them to be a little vague or even incomplete in parts, as not all issues are appropriate to be listed publicly. 


-Lt. Vickers



NCO Meeting:

  • NCOs are to do more daily activities, especially certification training.
  • Fire lanes have been 'dog shit' lately, and troopers are at risk of getting shot on account of it.
  • Fire and movement has been exercised badly or without clear purpose.
  • Troopers must be trained to stand stationary when firing unless actually moving in a specific direction.
  • Morale is high. Discipline good with a couple of notable exceptions - being handled.
  • More clubs and activities for people to engage in.


Enlisted Meeting:

  • Intel is shit (confirmed).
  • Fleet are pompous assholes (information routed to Intel, as they're the only people oblivious enough to not know already).
  • Troopers hate cleaning things. Local officer floored by shock.
  • Serbian music is 'shit'. The MI has no official position on the quality of Serbian music.
  • Lances are poor quality and see few consequences. Part of this is because good lances become corporals. However, a more cutthroat policy on lances keeping their ranks has been adopted.
  • Progression in weapon specs is slow. This is being addressed by Sergeant Eley, who will oversee continual specialist training.
  • Squad leaders to be more flexible in combat. Noted and being addressed.
  • Unnamed members of MIPOD are undermining discipline and morale through promiscuous behaviour. Being addressed.

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NCO Meeting:

  • There are now less sub-par lances (less lances overall since we demoted some. We’re looking for more.)
  • Friendly fire still an issue (Because no NCOs have done training for it…)
  • Marksmen isolating themselves (NCOs will speak to marksmen and update corkboard when they’ve done so)
  • Useless comments on the radio (The dividing line is whether they provide useful information/advice, or whether the comments are just designed to make leadership look stupid.)
  • Medical okay. (Medical continues to strive for and achieve a mediocre standard.)
  • Engineering needs more people. (Now they’ve got some. Press-ganging is in place.)
  • Not enough flame troopers and more training added (Westervelt responsible for doing this)
  • Zielinski doing weekly training on different topics.


Enlisted Meeting:

  • There should be a pond in the hangar (Will forward to Fleet Cpt. if she ever emerges from female reproductive system of coworkers)
  • Fleet are elitist cocks (See above)
  • Techs in Fleet and TAC pilots are ok though (Begrudgingly accepted)
  • Getting bitched at for firing lanes when there still are few trainings (There will be trainings)
  • Stop shooting marauders in the back (See above)
  • NCOs not being assertive enough/undermining each other (Acknowledged and will be dealt with)
  • The Villains skull has hair but is just a skull (the moustache is adhesive)
  • Fleet dicking the MI by sending evac to the wrong place (NCOs are to tell Fleet where to stick it if they dick the MI over on evac)
  • Intel is bad at gathering Intelligence. (Yeah.)
  • Medical is good (Good.)
  • Engineers are extinct (Sgt. Zielinski and Cpl. Volker are now engineers. Others will be press-ganged.)
  • Marauders can be mouthy (So are we.)
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