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Formal petition to add font size

Text font?  

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  1. 1. Should there be another text font for easy reading?

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Please xal add a 'medium large' font size

Large is too large and I can only see about 3 radio messages

Medium is too small and is hard to read.  I do not think my eyesight will be good for it.


This is large


This is medium



and this is small



I am not sure who small text is designed for.


This is a comparison of all three text sizes



I believe a text size between LARGE and MEDIUM would be ideal.


Another issue is that I cannot easily scroll up the radio chat, making the tiny radio box even more of a problem.  Sometimes it will not scroll and I have to click on a very small scroll bar bit to go up.

I understand if this is not possible but I do not want my eyesight to suffer nor anyone else's.

If this is due to my monitor size (1600x900) please tell me.


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I too have trouble with the radio box. Sometimes it won't scroll up and I am left having to look through console to find out what was said.


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I think another problem may be the font itself.  It seems too thick.  In a way the console is easier to read because the letters are thin enough that they look larger than they are.  Infact, the steam chat font and font size is perfect.  It has to be, since I read it every day. 

This looks pretty good


And this, while fairly small, also works well but I would not want to look at it all day in rp



Compare these to this


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